Emerald Jewelry Tips & Trends

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  • Updated On May 9, 2020
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Emerald Jewelry Tips & Trends

Emerald is one of the most precious stones available on this earth. This green shade stone attracts everyone by its color. It can be called "Panna" and "Zamrud" The emerald stone is commonly known as 'Stone of successful love.' Mainly this stone found in the mines of Colombia, Brazil, and Zambia. Among all these places, Columbia deposited one of the most beautiful emeralds in the world. This Gemstone looks exceptionally beautiful. It also has lots of healing properties and powers which make this stone more precious. This stone is a royal stone, and Kings & Queens proudly set this stone on their crowns. Emerald is the birthstone for the people who born in May.

As Emerald is associated with the heart chakra, it helps to cure the heart, lungs, spine, and muscular system-related diseases. It also supports recovery after an infectious illness, helps sinuses and ease eyes, enhances vision. It helps in detoxifying the liver and reduces diabetes and rheumatism. The healing power of Emerald can aid in balancing eye pressure and cure problems related to digestion. It also helps in regulating blood pressure, lower the inflammation, and protect from infections. This stone used to reduce many other health problems. Emeralds also use to cure issues related to fertility.

On the astrological point of view, there are also lots of benefits by wearing the emerald gem. It can help issues related to the respiratory system, allergies, and nervous systems.

Natural emeralds are great remedial Gemstone for a person who is facing trouble with power to focus. Highly demotivated, restless people are capable of bringing comparatively more stability and concentrate on their lives by using an emerald.

Following are further properties which emerald has:

  •  Increase the concentration power, which leads to a person more focused.
  • This gem proved as an immunity booster which makes it easy for a person to recover from a disease.
  • It helps the person to make their relationship more reliable with their beloved ones.
  • Emerald enhances their physical abilities and encourages them to use most of their mental capacity.

Emerald is only stone, which has been view as a desirable stone for 100 years. Emerald is not only looking beautiful but also very trendy in the world. Nowadays, people love to wear emerald in their engagement rings, as it looks lovely when it pairs up with diamonds. As well as has lots of healing properties that are beneficial for their love life. Emerald is the stone that quickly paired up with any attire, whether it is Indian or western, it looks gorgeous.


Many actresses complete their look with emerald jewelry in Golden Globes, 2018, including Debra Messing, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Zoe Kravitz, and they look gorgeous. As per demand for emerald jewelry increases, Designers and trendsetters are making beautiful and different jewelry pairing up with emerald.
It is equally important to store emerald jewelry in the right way as it easily got scratched when it got contacted with other fine jewelry. Make sure that you carry your emerald jewelry wrapped individually in a tissue or soft clothe like Muslin stored in a different jewelry box to keep them safe.

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