Ultimate Emerald Guide: What, Why & How to wear Emerald Stone?

By Gemexi Team | Gemstone Healing
  • Updated On Jan 10, 2022
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Ultimate Emerald Guide: What, Why & How to wear Emerald Stone?

What is the Emerald Gemstone?

When we talk about Emerald, the picture of a bluish-green colored gemstone comes to our mind, doesn’t it? This gemstone belongs to the beryl mineral species (note that Aquamarine is also a part of this family).

The depth of the green color indicates the quality of Emerald. In other words, the color is proportional to the quality of this gemstone. Other than the striking green color, Emerald comes with beveled corners. Moreover, the cuts in the Emerald gemstone have generated concentric facets in it.

Did you know the depth of the green color differentiates the Emerald gemstone from the affordable Green Beryl gemstone? Emerald is considered the gemstone of spring. In addition, it comes as a perfect option as the birthstone of May.

Moreover, Emerald is also an ideal choice of gemstone for the 20th and 35th marriage anniversaries. Emerald Gemstone Jewelry sets are extremely popular in the market due to their lavish appearance and picturesque looks.

Experts leverage the power of multiple techniques to modify the clarity and color and boost the robustness of Emerald. Do you know Emerald has been considered as the benchmark for green-colored gemstones for ages? Let us check out the factors that determine the quality of the Emerald gemstone:


The most preferred Emerald gemstone comes in the range of bluish-green color to pure green color. Moreover, this gemstone shows clear color saturation.

Emerald Rings  Emerald Rings  Emerald Rings


Emeralds come in a crystal shape, so they are mostly cut in rectangular step cuts (also known as Emerald cuts).


You can expect inclusions in an Emerald gemstone, which is called internal “jardin.”

Carat Weight:

Since Emerald comes with a low density, you can expect a one-carat Emerald to be a large gemstone as compared to a one-carat diamond.

Why wear an Emerald Gemstone?

One can consider wearing an Emerald gemstone due to its excellent set of benefits. A bright green-colored Emerald gemstone comes with a spellbinding aura and unmatched beauty.

Many experts believe that wearing an Emerald gemstone can bring wisdom, good health, prosperity, happy conjugal life, and creative skills to life. It is time to discuss a couple of benefits of wearing Emerald:

Boosts Financial Condition:

One of the worth-noting benefits of wearing emerald gemstone lies in its power of attracting growth and energy to the wearer’s life. Did you know wearing a best-in-class quality Emerald gemstone can help the wearer to achieve excellent income scopes? In other words, Emerald helps to bring financial growth so that the wearer can soar high.

It is believed that Emerald is an ideal gemstone for individuals working in finance, banking, bookkeeping, etc. However, it is a must to consult an expert before opting to wear Emerald.

Acts as a boon for Creative Endeavors:

Emerald is believed to improve the creativity and imagination of the wearer. Moreover, it sparks the power of imagination to help to take the career of creative professionals to the next level. As a result, Emerald can be a perfect gemstone for media representatives, artists, writers, PRs, and so on.

Emerald Earrings  Emerald Earrings  Emerald Earrings

Boosts Physical Health:

Do you know alternative healing therapies consider Emerald to be beneficial for individuals experiencing eye, skin, or ear-related disorders? Moreover, Emerald also helps to address speech-related issues, a few types of allergies of the respiratory tract, and so on. In short, the benefits of emerald gemstone are incredible.

Improves Speaking Skills:

Emerald can boost the oratory skills of the wearer. According to Vedas, Emerald is considered as the significator of Speech. The incredible healing power of Emerald helps wearers to achieve confidence.

Thus, they can express themselves better and move forward in their life. In short, Emerald is beneficial for people in professions, where oratory skills are a must (PR, mass communication, and media).

How to wear an Emerald Gemstone?

Do you wonder how to wear emerald? Yes? Then, check out the following points:

Note that the Emerald gemstone comes as the planetary gemstone for Mercury.

If Emerald suits you, you have to wear it on Wednesday.

The Emerald gemstone can be worn in times of sunrise as well as the sunset. Note that the ideal time to wear Emerald is between 5-9 AM as well as between 5-7 PM. 

Emerald is compatible with all metals. That means one can wear it in gold, silver and other metals too.

Moreover, one should wear Emerald on his/her little finger of the right hand (for men) and left or right hand (for women). One can also choose to wear Emerald as a pendant.

Wednesday is the day that one needs to choose to wear Emerald. However, purification and cleansing of gemstone should be done well before wearing it. You can do so by cleaning the gemstone with warm soapy water and then drying it off with a soft jewelry cloth. 

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  • Nova
    Aug 5, 2022, 6:57:13 AM

    When it comes to which gemstone is my favorite, Emerald is one of my favorite gemstones. It is believed that it could be a talisman for good wealth and finance.

  • Jeniffar
    Dec 14, 2022, 9:33:28 AM

    Emerald helps with speech-related issues and a few types of allergies of the respiratory tract.

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