Emerald Gemstone - Benefits and How to wear

By Gemexi Team | Gemology
  • Updated On Oct 13, 2022
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Emerald Gemstone - Benefits and How to wear

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Benefits of wearing Emerald stone

If you want to experience the brilliance of a gemstone, then visit the Emerald Gemstone store. You can find wise and ultramodern selected Emerald jewelry pieces here. 

However, Emerald gemstones are the best stone to upgrade a person’s logical thinking and arithmetic skills. It is also called Panna in the Indian language.

Likewise, it is a Mercury planet-related stone and is a member of the Beryl mineral family. Therefore, it has other advantages for human health, such as-
  1. Give positive effects on creativity and imagination power
  2. Foster financial growth
  3. Obtain intellectual properties and wisdom
  4. Improves confidence and expression skills
  5. Confer matrimonial consonance
  6. Brings physical health
  7. A holy stone that bears good luck
  8. Evades from emotional toxicity
  9. Improves focus and concentration
  10. Best stone for IT, Astronomy, and Nuclear field people

How can Emerald Stone bring positive change in your life?

The Emerald stone is related to the Mercury planet. Though, people consider it as the symbol of good luck. Additionally, this gemstone is thought to be highly beneficial for married couples. 

Additionally, it brings several positive changes in your life, such as the precious green gemstone or Panna escalates creativity, grows artistic talent, and successfully ideates their thoughts.

Similarly, the wearer obtains positive thought and potent intellectual power that aims for the business, education, or any artistic field. Likewise, it brings name and fame if the wearer puts effort in their particular direction. Moreover, the Emerald is a magical stone for those who are weak in their studies. 

However, the wearer should be self-motivated in tough and tremendous situations. Additionally, it is a positive vibe for those struggling with clear speech or who face difficulties in decision making. Therefore, green Emerald gemstone brings positivity to human life from every direction.
The positive vibes of the Emerald gemstone give prosperity and success in life. Likewise, people with Mercury planet consideration n their zodiac sign have seen their luck soar up soon. Speakers also get confidence and effective positive results for their speaking after wearing the Emerald. 

All in all, it is a good luck symbol for the Virgos and Gamines zodiac sign people. Similarly, a pregnant woman who wears a green Emerald gemstone has fewer hours of labor pain and has a successful delivery. Now, get your pure Emerald Gemstone at gemexi

How to wear Emerald? 

However, to get the divine powers of Lord Mercury or Mercury planet, Emerald s the best option. In addition, it should be worn under the guidance of an expert astrologer so that he can check the positive or negative alignments of Mercury in your horoscope or birth chart.

 Likewise, as per the astrological predictions, Emerald Gemstone can wear as-
  1. Day- Wednesday morning (Shukla Paksha)
  2. The best metal for Emerald embedding- Gold, Silver
  3. Which finger emerald should wear? - Suitable finger to wear Emerald Little finger of their hands.
  4. Purification- Wash in unboiled milk or holy water and wrap in green cloth
  5. Mantra to recite- “Aum Budh Budhaye Namah Aum,” or “Aum Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaaya.”
  6. Purchasing- Buy Emerald gemstone from a certified seller.

Who should wear Emerald stone?

Mercury is the ruling planet or Prince of the Emerald gemstone. Therefore, it should be optimal for the zodiac signs born under this planet or have a major world as Mercury in their birth charts or horoscope. 

Besides this, it is encouraging for the-
  1. Virgo
  2. Leo
  3. Gemini
  4. Taurus
  5. Capricorn
  6. Libra
  7. Aquarius
Similarly, people with other zodiac signs than Gemini and Virgo should consider an astrologer to check Mercury’s house positions. Likewise, Cancer and Scorpio are not supposed to wear this glamorous gemstone. You can wear it as a ring or necklace. 

What is the correct procedure to wear Emerald Gemstones?

Emerald gemstones should also follow certain steps before wearing it like other precious gemstones. Now, lets’ have a glance at these primary facts-
  1. Firstly, buy your glittering Emerald gemstone from a certified dealer.
  2. Wash it or make it pure by dipping it in unboiled milk or holy water. Now, wrap it in green cloth.
  3. Sit in the northeast direction before wearing this stone.
  4. Recite the mantra continuously and feel the positivity.
  5. Embed it in Gold or Silver only.
  6. Select the morning time on Wednesday.
  7. Wear only on the little finger.
  8. Women can wear it with both hands, but men can only wear it with the right hand.
  9. Consult an astrologer if you are not under the Mercury zodiac sign.

Which metal is best to wear emerald stone?

Unlike other stones, green Emerald Gemstone has its specialty in joining with specific two metals: Gold and Silver. Without these, no other metal brings its positivity and prosperity. 

What is the best time to wear emerald?

According to the experts and Astrological predictions, the morning time on Wednesday is the best time to wear Emerald stone. Likewise, it is more effective f wear under Shukla Paksha on Wednesday early morning because those positive rays give more power to this stone’s vibes of creativity and financial growth. 

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  • Nicole
    Jul 25, 2022, 6:03:50 AM

    Sit in the northeast direction before wearing this stone. I always follow this step after reading this article. I believe in this site because it has reliable content.

  • zuliya
    Nov 16, 2022, 9:27:28 AM

    Emerald gemstone gives the wearer a positive aura.

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