Backes & Strauss Unveils Million Dollar Emerald Green Watch

By Gemexi Team | Fashion accessories
  • Posted: Sunday, October 11, 2015
Backes & Strauss Unveils Million Dollar Emerald Green Watch

Backes & Strauss, as part of its Piccadilly Princess Royal collection, recently unveiled a stunning emerald green watch for a price of $2.27 million in Dubai. The world’s oldest diamond company revealed the watch which is made of 245 Zambian emeralds in 10 different cuts weighing 31.91

Backes & Strauss has collaborated with Gem fields to release this Piccadilly Princess Royal Emerald collection watch. It is the third of five unique timepieces that were previously launched at the Piccadilly Princess Royal Colors in 2014 and Piccadilly Princess Royal Blue in 2015.


According to media reports, the timepiece has been released to commemorate the 225th anniversary of the world’s oldest diamond company, Backes & Strauss. The particular watch is said to be inspired by London’s Regency Era. London’s natural landmarks and green parks that were particularly prominent during that era are believed to be the inspiration for the timepiece.

The emerald timepiece is currently available at a mall in Dubai at a price of US$2,271,275.

The CEO of Backes & Strauss, Vartkess Knadjian said, “A shared dedication to environmental and human rights responsibility along with a commitment to high-quality cut and polished stones are what have encouraged us to continue a partnership and create another masterpiece with Gem fields.”

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