Handmade Gemstone and Birthstone Jewelry

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  • Updated On May 14, 2020
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Handmade Gemstone and Birthstone Jewelry

The craftsman uses their creativity and comes up with their jewelry ideas and designs that make you stand out. Every handmade piece is made with utmost love, care, and devotion and has a meaning behind it. The material that is involved in making handmade Jewelry is of superior quality. Artisans create beautiful pieces of Jewelry with rare and loose gemstones to give them an exquisite look and finish that machine-made pieces lack.

With their unique and intricate designs, these pieces are made in small quantities, so you are likely to found any similar pieces of Jewelry in the market. They are easily affordable and are available at various online stores with much lower prices as compared to conventional stores. Handcrafted Jewelry is of high quality and is produced on a small scale, which results in the conservation of resources.

Gemstones have a unique structure and meaning. The beautiful pieces of gems are used as a birthstone and incorporated in creating stunning pieces of Jewelry. Birthstones are those gemstones that are associated with the birth month of an individual. Being associated with each month of the year, they carry a special meaning and significance. Birthstone are said to bring the Goodluck and fortune in the life of the wearer and protect them from bad vibes. 

Birthstones are connected to your astrological signs and help in aligning your energies. They help in healing your mind, body, soul, and bring clarity to your life. Carrying a birthstone can make you feel connected from the spiritual world. It can provide you inner strength and guidance to deal with stressful situations. Here are the list of some birthstones according to their correspondence month.

Garnet - It is a symbol of love, faith, constancy, and is considered a stone of passionate devotion. It guides in the time of darkness and is the birthstone of January.

Amethyst - Being considered as the stone of spirit, these stones help the wearer from negative energies and bring inner peace. Its purple color resembles peace, serenity, and royalty. It is the birthstone of February.

Aquamarine - It protects the wearer from danger and is associated with Good health, love, and hope. It helps in aligning your chakras and boosts your immune system. It is the march birthstone. 

Diamond - Known as the King of Gemstones, it is the birthstone of April. Diamonds are a symbol of love and purity. It embraces the faithfulness, strength, character of a person and is considered as the master healer as it harmonizes the energies.

Emerald - It is the birthstone of May, and it signifies wisdom, patience, and growth. Being called the “stone of successful love,” it opens and nurtures the heart chakra.

Pearl - It is the birthstone of June and is a symbol of purity. It is worn to control anger and calm a restless mind. They promote overall well being and help in aiding various health issues.

Ruby -  Ruby brings harmony and life. It is the birthstone of July. The red color of ruby signifies love and passion. It is associated with success, contentment, and enthusiasm. Ruby is said to remove negative energies from the path of the wearer.

Peridot - It is the birthstone of August and symbolizes strength. It is believed to cure heart diseases and strengthens the immune system.

Sapphire - It is known as the “Gem of Wisdom” and is a birthstone of September. It stimulates the Third eye chakra and symbolizes loyalty, purity, faith, and wisdom.

Opal -  It is the birthstone of October. Opals are known to protect eyesight and is a symbol of faithfulness and confidence. Opal is known as a protective stone and enhances intuition and consciousness. 

Topaz -Topaz promotes truth and forgiveness and brings joy and generosity to the life of the wearer. Wearing topaz can increase your strength and intellect. It is the birthstone of November.

Turquoise - It is believed to protect the wearer from any harm and is the birthstone of December. This stone is believed to relax the mind and is a symbol of good fortune.

It is believed that wearing gemstone jewelry according to your birthstone can have a positive impact on your lifestyle. These gemstones carry positive and mystical attributes. They are said to increase self-awareness and bring positivity into the life of the wearer. Birthstone jewelry can be handcrafted according to the demand of an individual and is made with love, dedication, and passion of artisans. Each Jewelry is unique and has something different, which you will cherish for years to come.

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