10 Crystals You Should Keep Around For Boosting Mood & Happiness

By Gemexi Team | Healing Crystals
  • Updated On Jul 23, 2021
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10 Crystals You Should Keep Around For Boosting Mood & Happiness

Let’s ask you a simple question - what’s the one thing that every single human is hopelessly seeking? What’s so much value yet cannot be put a price tag on? Yes, you guessed that right - it’s the feeling of happiness. If there’s one thing that each of us crave yet none can buy, that’s joy. Sounds cliche, right? But we all know how this fact stands true even in today’s world where nothing can anymore be labeled as a “pie in the sky”. However, we have some good news too - although money cannot buy you happiness, it can very well buy you some divine crystals that possess the ability to boost your mood and make you feel in the seventh heaven. Want to know more about these crystals for happiness? Check out this blog and find out which are the 10 best crystals for positivity:

The Best Crystals for Happiness and Positive Energy

Here are 10 Happiness Gemstones that can help you attain more happiness, joy, and positivity in your life…
  1. Turquoise

Also popular as one of the greatest stones for happiness, Turquoise is the soulmate you didn’t know you needed. This crystal is believed to shield its owner from all kinds of negative energy, resentment, and despair. So if you are looking for a boost of positivity, carry this stunner with you.
  1.  Amethyst

If lilac is your color, Amethyst is your crystal. Harboring serene and calm energies within itself, this stone is a no-brainer for all those who are struggling to find peace of mind. Wearing amethyst is sure to lift your spirits and make you feel elated!
  1. Rose Quartz

Who doesn’t like being showered in love? Isn’t that something we all need to feel authentically happy? That’s why we say - Rose Quartz isn’t a luxury, but a necessity. Known as the crystal of “universal love”, rose quartz is the crystal that fosters self-love, friendship, and positivity. Dayum!
  1. Jade

On the hunt for crystals for positive energy? Your quest is over, all thanks to Jade. This stone is colloquially known for amplifying positive energy and making the person feel all calm and relaxed. And oh, innately happy too!
  1. Fluorite

Do you feel your life is circled with profound desolation and disappointment? Despite all the effort the chips never fall into place? Well, maybe you need crystals that absorb negative energy, and what better than Fluorite! This marvelous crystal neutralizes negative energy and disperses big-time positive vibes.
  1. Celestite

Gone are the days when blue depicted void and misery. Celestite, the gorgeous blue-colored stone is one of the best crystals for healing. Infused with “celestial” energies, this crystal invokes feelings of happiness like a cakewalk. No, that’s not an overstatement - try for yourself.
  1. Carnelian

We’re pretty sure - this whole pandemic must have taken a toll on all of your enthusiasm and hope. So, why not allow crystals for an energy boost to charge you up with joy and pleasure? Carnelian is an amazing crystal, particularly known for invoking passion confidence, and abundant joy. Orange is the color of glee? Darn yes!
  1. Tiger’s Eye

An encounter with a tiger may not be the happiest thing to happen, but trust us on this - a tiger’s eye stone is all you need to feel instantly jovial! This crystal is believed to bring fortune to the wearer. It wards off feelings of anxiety and stress, sparing the individual with optimism and cheerfulness. Voila!
  1. Black Tourmaline

Whoever said black is the color of depression clearly forgot about this exquisite stone! Among the many crystals for peace and harmony, Black Tourmaline is exclusively coveted. Why? Well, this crystal carries tremendous positive energies. It is sure to make the owner feel delighted and buoyed up!
  1. Citrine

Finally, how can we even think of wrapping this list of positive energy crystals without mentioning the ever-charming Citrine? This pale yellow-colored crystal holds the power to transform negative energy into positive ones. Isn’t that mind-blowing?

Crystals aren’t your everyday stones. Packed with immaculate energies, a crystal that changes your life also has the ability to make you feel a range of emotions - from happy to positive, and even confident. So go ahead and try out these crystals, if you are lacking the right vibes in your life.

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  • ally
    Aug 30, 2022, 8:34:04 AM

    Happiness is the most beautiful thing in this world. Everyone should live happily. Turquoise, amethyst, and rose quartz are my favorite stone for the happiness factor.

  • annam
    Sep 21, 2022, 6:17:09 AM

    If a gemstone helps to make me happy, I will definitely wear it. Can you please tell me which gemstone is suitable for me?

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