Gemstone Jewelry For Relieving Stress

A famous quote says – “It’s not stress that kills us, it’s our reaction to it.” Well, it’s a bitter truth that we all know this fact and yet we don’t know how to react to stressful conditions and how to deal with stress! Hence, before we discuss the gemstone jewelry for stress, it is important to know and understand stress. 

The stress or tension can arise from small everyday problems and situations to the more rare and complicated ones. Let us now take a quick glance at how stress can lead to more complicated physical conditions.

The Harmful Effects of Stress 

The mental and emotional stress invites many physical diseases too. The prolonged stress results in following risky conditions that prove hazardous to our health and body:
  1. Increased or irregular heartbeat
  2. Hypertension
  3. Cholesterol problems
  4. Obesity
  5. Feeling of exhaustion
  6. Severe headaches
  7. Muscular pain
  8. Sleeplessness and yet more!

It is worthy to mention that all the above conditions can result in hazardous health issues. 

Wearing the apt crystals for stress and negativity can help deal stress in an easy and effective way. You will be glad to know that there are various crystals for stress and negativity. If you are looking for a suitable gemstone for stress, we give you a whole list of amazing crystals that will surely reduce your tension. 

Discover the Best Gems for Stress:

  1. Labradorite: 

Reduce your stress with the help of beautiful labradorite! It comes in shades like greyish green, dark grey or grey white. The gem is popular for its unique mystic powers. It stimulates your brain for better perception and help lessen the tension and anxiousness. 
  1. Agate: 

Agate jewelry doesn’t only look exceptionally captivating but it also gives you immense calmness, thus, helping you deal stress in a natural and strong way! It calms down extreme anger and instils a feeling of protection so that you feel safe and relaxed. Moreover, you can choose agate jewelry from many lovely shades. It is also said that agate crystal invites success and opulence in its wearer’s life. 
  1. Amethyst:

While the unique purple shade of this gemstone will mesmerize you, the amazing powers of amethyst will absolutely delight you! The gemstone is known to provide significant amount of energy to its wearer. A birthstone of February month, amethyst is also known to give a sense of satisfaction and serenity. Due to its amazing healing powers, amethyst is often recommended by the crystal therapists for dealing tension and anxiety. 
  1. Onyx:

Onyx is regarded as a beautiful crystal with layered black and white Chalcedony. The best quality of onyx is that it absorbs all the negative vibes and helps one feel better. Remember, the negative vibes lead to stress and if you ward off the negativity, you can surely reduce your stress level. One can keep sorrow and depression away by wearing the exquisite onyx jewelry as onyx is also a good gemstone for depression. 
  1. Peridot: 

You must surely be aware of this nice green crystal called peridot that is often called the best substitute of emerald. The peridot crystal created a protective shield all around its wearer so that he or she remain safe and secured from any type of negative vibration. Apart from fetching best results in stress and anxiety conditions, the gemstone is also known for providing an amazing healing effect on liver and gall bladder. 
  1. Oregon Sunstone: 

In case, you are looking for the best gemstone for depression and stress, the Oregon sunstone comes as one of the finest options. This crystal can be found in mnay lovely shades. It is popularly known as the Stone of Inspiration as it instils very positive and optimistic approach and thought procedure in its wearer or user. The stone helps deal stress, phobias and depression. 
  1. Topaz: 

Looking for a crystal that doesn’t only help tackle stress and anxiety but also aids in gaining self-confidence, intelligence and better mediation? If yes, you ought to try the beautiful topaz. It will give you all the aforesaid benefits and undoubtedly, will look unique and attractive on any occasion! 
  1. Rhodochrosite: 

Wear the unique and charismatic rhodochrosite jewelry and achieve the positive and comforting energies that will immensely contribute in dealing stress and will reduce it to a significant level. The crystal is known to promote forgiveness and sensibility in its wearer and is strongly believed to possess superb healing abilities. 

While our list of beautiful gemstones for tackling stress ends here, the choice of multiple options in gemstone jewelry remains infinite! Gemexi offers a wide range of gemstones submerged with dazzling jewelry patterns. Our gemstone jewelry will not only give you superb looks but help you deal your stress in a natural way. Buy the most mesmerizing Jewelry for Stress with us.
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