Angelite Jewelry


Like Azurite, Angelite is also a very soft mineral. But this one converts itself into Gypsum when immersed into water. Angelite is the colorless, white, bluish white, violet and dark gray in color. It is for the Aqaurians and helps those who wear it to strengthen the organs and converts fear into faith.

Angelite raises the state of consciousness. The stone is believed to raise and build our connects with the Angels and illuminate our chakras. Angelite is the stone that is filled with great compassion and helps you to express and communicate better.

Angelite, reason to purchase?

Spellbound with the beauty and the colors of the precious gemstone Angelite, people purchase it because of its ability to heal deeply and with intense compassion. The crystal has some medical connects in terms that it supports the throat, reduce inflammation and balance the thyroids and the parathyroids.

Angelite is also useful for tissue repair and helps to correct blood deficiency. Each stone has its Spiritual, Medical and Healing properties.

The History of Choicest and Valuable Angelite

Angelite was discovered not very early. In the year, 1987 it was discovered in Peru during the Harmonic conversion.Angelite is a solid pale blue form of calcium sulfate which loses properties when placed in water.

 The crystal is known for its beautiful colors and properties. The great calming stone which is good for your three Chakras :Throat Chakras, Eye Chakras and Crown Chakras.

Angelite from around the Globe.

The authentication and the origin of the gemstones and crystals have always been a point of contention for Gemexi as well. We promise to serve and deliver best. We bring to you the stone all the way from the Northern Territory of Australia, Arizona, Morocco, Namibia and many other places.

Angelite, the precious stone and its availability at Gemexi

At Gemexi ,you will find the great collection of stones at galore.  The vastness and the varied collection of stones dates long back as the family is indulged into the gemstones and jewels. Being into the jewelry profession for years, we promise to bring you the most precious and the designer jewelry.

All the craftsmen at Jewelxi are skilled and trained enough to bring our the best of the jewelry. The rare collection of Angelite jewelry is liked by one and all due to its colors. The range of jewelry includes pendants, rings and earrings. Mostly, the jewels are made in 925 Sterling Silver that enhances the beauty of the jewelry. 

Excellent Work and Craftsmanship by Gemexi

The adept and skillful craftsman at Gemexi brings us the classic and timeless range and designs of jewelry. All the craftsmen are extremely proficient and very well know how to please the customers. We proclaim to make the jewelry with no defects at all.

It would not be a hype to say that customer appreciation has brought us a long way into the jewelry business..Each item at Gemexi induces deeper attraction that will surely motivate you to buy it. 

Personalized Jewelry at Gemexi

Jewels forms great love and attraction for especially in girls. With scaling love, it definitely forms a good item to give as a gift as well.  A jewel or a gift with personalized touch is always a great idea.

The Gemexi brings to you the option to order personalized jewelry.You may then wear the designs and type of jewels like pendants, rings, earrings and many other things. The team at Jewelxi can also assist you and caters to your demands of the best possible designs that can be created with the semi precious stone -Angelite. 

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