Tired of running and in need of stability, WHY not trust your Mother Nature.. SEE HOW...

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  • Updated On Mar 24, 2020
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Tired of running and in need of stability, WHY not trust your Mother Nature.. SEE HOW...


The Goddess, Mother Gaia holds the power of Earth, as Earth is her abode. According to Feng Shui, our mother earth is one of the five elements and plays a part in completing the energy cycle. The bestow powers of the Earth is too predisposed to balance our lives and present stability to the restlessly moving spirit. All elements including Earth Element, as per Feng Shui are assessed to proffer equilibrium and tranquility in life along with the homes by yielding calmness in the aura.

Since ages and in traditional cultures, Earth's energy is known to provide stability as well as promote patience in the inner heart and intellect to balance self within the continuously changing environment. It too foster honesty in addition to the resourcefulness to open up the path of success and opulence. Further, the potential power of the earth energy is pondered as our home energy or the base of the home on which we reside. Moreover, this energy is too suffused in the vigor of mountains as well as in the plains, shores, and valleys. EARTH energy is our power center, a powerhouse or our holdfast. Earth to possess the strengths that break the coldness of the universe and the inner self.

The brown energies indicate the energies of the Earth, the reverberating energies of the brown color help to enhance the resting space of your house as well as your intellect. Furthermore, the vibes of the brown gemstones firmly control the negativity and obliterate it out to bring protection and safety to life. Earth energy is related to the North-East and South-West corners of the house or your room. The areas are too associated with the skill, learning, understanding and knowledge as well as love and relationships. Gemstones in addition to light brown clusters work well to stabilize the inner self and enhance the earth's energies.

wood energy

In today’s culture, Feng Shui holds an eminent place in life as it helps to cure the troubles scientifically. Brown color a signifier of the Earth energy augments the skills as well as knowledge by boosting the power of the knowledge area of your house. Thus, blue ems too works well for augmenting. In enhancing the love and relationship in life the heart energy is the need to be stimulated, so for this pink color gemstones is used.

Choosing traditional hues or modern tints is completely your wish. When you want to use traditional color then using the energy of the brown shades and the brown color gemstones in a particular area are best. Choosing blue hue is your modern choice and selecting the brown color to develop your skills and knowledge is your wish, both work well.

Since ages, we have heard that pink is the color of love as well as building healthy relationships. Thus, the energy of pink to evoke and infuse the feeling of love in life is majorly used. But, brown color too does same and is clearly stated in the historical writings. Now, the choice is what color you wish to pick.

Earth energy is supported by the brown energy of the stones as well as by adding the gemstones supporting fire energy and wood energy. Red, violet-tinted gems or garnets placed on the beige rock would work perfectly. Red color gemstones bring fire energy to balance the energies of the brown color gemstones for activating and suffusing Earth energy.

The place with too much of wood energy needs earth energy to get balanced and maintain the energy cycle of the elements, mentioned in the Chinese Bagua tradition. It is whispered that Earth energies reduces the water energy and improves the metal energy, thus, light tones of the brown color is used to release too much of water energy and increase the metal energy.


Laguna Lace Agate

Laguna Lace Agate calm down as well as stabilize the aura by infusing the grounding energies into the inner in addition to the spiritual soul. The vivacious and pulsating vibes of this charismatic agate inspire eagerness along with the keenness for leading a present phase of life tranquility.

laguna lace agate

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Turtle Agate

Turtle Agate is presumed to bring prosperity and wealth in addition to health. It is likewise supposed as a charismatic stone that attracts friends and love in an existing relationship. The stone of abundance enhances attention along with diligence, endurance, and achievement in one's life. It turns out to be profitable and a relief stone for the people who face sensitivities to weather and contamination.



turtle agate

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Botswana Agate

A stone of change, it holds the mystic powers that help to accept the twists and turns of life in an optimistic way. It too speculates as to a comforting gemstone that helps to alter the behavior according to the situations.

botswana agate

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Scenic Dendritic Agate

Dendritic Agate is an ideal gemstone for introspection of self, as it too assists to focus on our forethought imposed limitations and patterns that makeup one's life experiences. As an amazing variant of Agate dispels all the negativity and resentment that the heart holds, by fostering love, pacifying anger, and providing the audacity to start yet again.

scenic dendritic agate

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Leopard-Skin Jasper

The supremacy of the Leopard Jasper is predisposed to hold the propensity to protect the soul from the negative things and appease the emotional pressure that helps to move forward in life. The effectiveness of this charismatic stone supports the inner spirit of the soul at the time of strain as well as aid to regain the lost harmony along with the sensitivity of an entirety. It is assumed that the healing properties of this enthralling Variant of Jasper coalesce the facet of life.

leopard skin jasper

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Rocky Butte Jasper

Rocky Butte is regarded to espy the hidden meanings of the situations. Furthermore, it possesses the propensity to allow the soul to enter into the state of deep consciousness. It also accelerates the ability to see the prophetic dreams and broaden the mind's eye to hold on that significance. Rocky Butte is linked with the spiritual soul and life to infuse nobility in every action taken.

rocky butte jasper

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Noreena Jasper

Noreena Jasper is speculated to support the ageless life in addition to the tenacity to accept the changes that life offers. Moreover, it is acknowledged to help to seek the new experiences which life unfolds in the front. A mesmerizing gem, Noreena Jasper allows developing the natural instinct that helps the soul to take decisions accordingly. 

noreena jasper

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Plum Wood Jasper

Plum Wood Jasper is a valuable gemstone that is known to purport the stabilizing effect on life. Since ages, it is known to be worn and used by the shamanic people to bring protection to their spirits. The radiant hues of the Plum Wood Jasper serve to show the path of spiritual in addition to astral travel.

plum wood jasper


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Rosetta Jasper

The vital eminence of Rosetta Jasper is supposed to restructure the physical health and infuses the potent energies to rectify wrongs. It likewise offers the dexterity to settle down the emotional stress and face the irksome situations of life.

rosetta jasper

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Owyhee Bruneau Jasper

The potency of Owyhee Bruneau Jasper is assessed to hearten truthfulness with the inner self. Distinguished for its brazenness, it is an alluring gem that suffuses the guts to handle the tricky situations appropriately. The prominent talent of Owyhee Bruneau Jasper abets on the spot thinking. Further, it enhances the administration skills and abilities along with the quality of imagination.

owyhee bruneau jasper

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Picture Jasper

Picture Jasper is a reckoned as a gem nugget that possess the potential to serve the soul to procure the desired meditative state. It is the stone that too allows the soul top be a real self and shows the universe his thinking and capabilities. These influential aptnesses of Picture Jasper are known to bring joy in the span of life.

picture jasper

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Porcelain Jasper

Identified as a gemstone of Earth, it is deeply rooted with nature’s energies in addition to the powers of Mother Earth. Multitudes of the ancient civilization speculate it as a  possessor of the magical abilities. It is believed that shamans use this stone for protection, as it holds the power to soak effectively up the off-putting energies from the surroundings.


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Snake Skin Jasper

Snakeskin Jasper contains the potent as well as conspicuous forces that assist in stimulating sexuality along with the fertility. It is acknowledged to augment the beauty in addition to grace. Recognized for the protective traits along with the grounding qualities, it is considered as a warrior’s stone.

snake skin jasper

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Kambaba Jasper

Kambaba Jasper aids the soul to be honest and true to self to appreciate and understand the reality of life and act accordingly. The potent forces of the vibrant gem nugget work successfully on the base chakra and awaken the spiritual force in life. It too clears the aura of the within in order to strengthen each chakra of the body.

kambaba jasper

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Imperial Jasper

Imperial Jasper is regarded as a royal Jasper that extrudes out the high percentage of egg-like projections. It nudges the soul to remind him that remove all the illusions and accept life as it is.

imperial jasper

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Coffee Bean Jasper

The mystical chocolaty brown hue of Coffee Bean Jasper helps to draw the fiery energies of the mother earth into the life of the soul. Further, it is believed as a stone that attracts luck and opulence in life.

coffee bean jasper

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Coco Nova Jasper

Coco Nova Jasper is supposed to bring constancy in life to bring balance within self and the surrounding aura. It too heals and align the overall torso that plays a great role in restoring and stabilizing the aura of within and the surrounding.

coco nova jasper

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Mexican Laguna Jasper

The earthy stone, Mexican Laguna Jasper is presumed to warm the soul as well as clearing the mind. Close to first, second and third chakras of the human body, if it is located in the South- West area, it brings love into the hearts and strengthen the marriage.


mexican laguna jasper

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Bumble Bee

Bumble Bee speculates a stone that helps to dole out tension and stress from the emotional and intellectual torso. It is alleged as one of the varieties of the Jasper, thus is predisposed to hold the propensity to provoke the instinctive and intellectual psyche of the soul. In traditions, it is regarded as a gem that not only protects but too rectifies the uncontrollable circumstances of the life. It is gem nugget that dole out all the negativity along with the stress from the aura and torso to make joyous and loving. An energetic stone, Bumble Bee accredited as a boosting gem that proffer inspiration to lead a spiritual living. Its grounding energies too evoke the meditative capability to balance life and self.


bumble bee

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Brecciated Mookaite

A holder of brown, brownish-yellow or somewhat red tones, It helps the soul to possess the optimistic vibes and positive energies of the earth.

brecciated mookaite

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Australian Pilbara

An exclusive magnum opus, Australian Pilbara holds the slow and the constant frequency of the mother earth.

australian pilbara

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Stromatolite holds an eminent property of medication that helps to meditate for releasing the physical and emotional stress from the torso. Physically, it is speculated to restore the vitality of the life in addition to the overall torso.


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Garnet is considered as a lucky stone for love that too brings success in life by fulfilling all the desires. Garnet is often known to increase popularity as well as positivity amongst others.


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Ammonite is a magnificent fossil that heals the emotional body in addition to the intellectual torso. Traditionally, it is too believed to root out the negativity and infuse in the smoothing positive flowing energy into the surrounding aura.


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Cat’s Eye

Cat’s Eye also known as Chatoyant holds the vivacity that is speculated to calm down the disruption as well as lighten the surrounding aura by releasing the off-putting energies. It too suffuses the positive energies into the overall soul and balances the body chakras.

      cats eye

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