Bumble Bee

Bumble Bee - Color, Facts, Power, Mythology, History And Myths

Bumble Bee is believed to be a unique artistry in itself, as each stone erupted from the volcano shows different design patterns. It is recognized to have impurities of Sulphur, Anhydrite as well as ash that are too erupted from the volcano. Bumble Bee is acknowledged seizing the attributes of both sulphur and hematite, so as it is conceived to be a stone of protection. Recognized to be erupting from the volcanoes of Indonesia, it maintains the strong inclination to relieve emotional tension from its carrier’s torso. It is auxiliary alleged to be one of the varieties of jasper; therefore it the propensity is grabbed in to provoke the instinctive and intellectual psyche of its carrier. It is traditionally considered as the best protective charm to rectify the unmanageable situations of the lifespan. It is further deliberated to be a jewel piece that serves its carrier to take away all the negativity along with the stress leading behaviors from the life.

An energetic stone, Bumble Bee further acknowledged as a boosting gem that provide inspiration to its carrier throughout his living life. It is too known to evoke the meditative eminence in the carrier’s mental torso, thus as to develop telepathic communication with the cleric. It is equally identified to wipe out the off-putting thought from its carrier’s mind, so as to permit him to move increasingly ahead in the upcoming life. It is furthermore known to mend the emotional torso of its carrier by providing the grounding eminence to him. The strong vigour of this stone helps its carrier to gain strength emotionally as well as mentally. The yellow brilliance of this charismatic gem helps its carrier to remove negativity from the mind as well as also help him to classify out the things in a right way in his scholarly head. It is further whispered to press on the communication sciences, creative thinking along with the practical know-how. It is supplementary supposed to nurture the head in order to get it sharp which in turn endorses a calming milieu aura all around. It is branded to be a jewel nugget of growth and love which balances the yin-yang energies along with the vitalities of the overall body. The yellow radiance of this magnificent gemstone is known to link with the vitalities of the sun, which in turns helps to reinforce physical, emotional as well as the mental torso of its carrier. The dark energies are known to import out the danger which in turn invokes mastery in the work. Historically, it is whispered that it is a stone which is predisposed for both the physical and pious monarchy of its carrier. It is set up to be reliable to nurture the life of courage along with the wisdom. It is further known to heal and align the torso vitalities. It is further assumed to be safe to use at the time of spiritual expeditions. It is recognized to possess grounding qualities which offer great insight into a meditative state furthermore in spiritual study. It is additional believed to turn on the Solar Plexus Chakra which in turn blow up dignity, pluck in addition to it; it serves to bring liveliness moreover fervour for its carrier’s life and kinships.

Where is Bumble Bee found?

Bumble Bee Jasper mined from the watery mine is known as Papandayan. This charm originates at Mount Papandayan. This mount is at an elevation of approximately 15 kilometers from the town of Garut in West Java, Indonesia.

Healing Properties

Bumble Bee is known to be a remarkable gem that helps to eliminate out the feelings of jealousy as well as heaviness from the emotional heart of its carrier. It is furthermore known to infuse the power of self-consciousness in its carrier. It is further believed to bump off all negativity from the emotional heart along with the logical mind to infuse the plant of positivity within the torso as well every bit in the aura. It helps to cheer up the brooding life by infusing enthusiasm and liveliness in the kinship as well as in the society’s relations. It is likewise known to be a great jewel piece for maintaining a healthy friendship. Identified as a stone of understanding, it spells help to hearten the achievement of goals. It lends a helping hand to its carrier to fend for his emotional distressed life. It believed as an excellent diet stone that in turn helps its carrier to strength self-discipline in his routine life. It is further known to boost up the physical power of its carrier. The slow but constant vibrations of its healing vigors is identified to spurn limitations additionally persuades doggedness. Bumble bee is further whispered to line up the energies of the chakras to smooth the progress of the cosmic voyage. It is moreover thought to magnify the effectiveness of the Solar Plexus Chakra along with the heart chakra. Recognized as an exceeding protector, it is a gem to infuse grounding energies to its carrier.  It may too serve to recall the past life of its bearer, as it carries the strong meditative force. It is further whispered to mitigate stress from the torso while, on the other side, it is acknowledged to bring equanimity. It is a stone that is taken to get rid of the negativity that further doles out to stabilize the surrounding aura. It is too utilized to overcome fears as well as to heal injuries or sickness. It is known to carry the earth energies with it. Thus, it serves to bring gradual strength and renewed vitality. This gemstone in its spell of life help its carrier to comprehend furthermore tolerate the painful experiences which life shows to them. In traditions, it was used and is still used to overcome bad habits. It is assumed to be better for women, as it is advantageous to happy pregnancies.

Physical Healing:

Bumble Bee is known to wipe out all the torso toxins as well as impurities that help to keep the immune system intact. It is further known to mend digestive issues either gastric troubles or constipation. It further helps to soothe the bloating problem, gall bladder, and kidney troubles. It is believed to cure liver, nausea, and pancreatic disorders. It is well-known in the traditions that, it helps to balance the mineral content of the carrier’s torso. It is further acknowledged for its restorative quality, as it restores the tissues of the internal organs efficiently. It is too known to cure the problems related to sensory loss either of the nose (smell) or of taste bud (tongue).

Emotional Healing:

Bumble Bee taken as an emotional cleanser stone that helps its carrier to handle his kinships as well as relations with the surrounding society. It further assists its carrier to understand the situation clearly and react accordingly. It is known for its realism, as it helps its carrier to look for the realistic solutions at the time of stress. It is too known to endorse inner vitality in its carrier that in turn helps him to stand the negative and bitter experiences of the life. It helps to relieve the worries as well as mitigate the negativity, the pain of the past bitter experiences. It is known to set the holder free to see the positivity in the world all around. It further helps its carrier to taste the fruits of happiness which magnets the vigorous and gracious relations. It is too known to attract likeminded people for beautiful relationships from all around the globe. It soothes the emotional torso by providing calming energy that in turn invites the feelings of generosity and adore. It guides its carrier to be honest with him always and also with others around.

Spiritual Healing:

A  part of mainstay earth, it is whispered to possess the forces of the mother earth, Mother Nature. Its linkage with earth helps its carrier to strengthen its connection with the cosmic world. It further helps to enhance the spiritual wisdom that in turn leads him to enjoy the small moments of life merely. It helps its carrier to find the self along with the beauty of the self that leads him to live in harmony with self as well as with the pious globe. It heartens profound meditation to unfold the truth that ultimately opens the gate of divine.

Heals and Balances Chakra:

The yellow tints of this bumble bee are ideal for turning on the Solar Plexus Chakra; this chakra is known to be a center of energy distribution as well as the chakra to maintain healthy relationships. It helps the carrier to freely and logically interpret the truths of the world along with the self-thoughts. It is known to root out the negative emotions from the core heart. It is too believed to remove all the fears from the mind that might have arisen due to bitter circumstances of the past. By reducing toxicity from the body of the wearer it resonates within the Sacral or Navel Chakra as well as the reproductive organs and infuses the aura with full spectrum Light for healing.

Bumble Bee Facts

Facts about Bumble Bee:

  • Bumble bee is s Jasper because of its sandy composition. It occurs in tints of sole yellowish, orangish and blackish.
  • This gemstone originates in the volcanoes of the Indonesia.
  • It is considered to be protective, as it shields the torso from any allergic reactions.
  • It is unearthed and acknowledged in around 500 BC.
  • Bumble bee grants base and firmness which in turns serves its carrier to understand true self.
  • It guides its carrier to be true to self.
  • Since the past, it is exceedingly stipulated for its gentle properties.

Metaphysical Properties

Bumble Bee beautiful stone composed of varied minerals occurs from the same volcanic eruption. Known as Angelite, to hold grounding forces, Sulphur for its magnificent healing eminences as well as Orpiment.

It is extracted out from the volcanoes of Indonesia.

It is known to cure emotional torso of its carrier along with the mental and physical torso effectively.

Bumble bee, widely known for its choice making a reputation, as it constantly directs its carrier to make choices and choose what is best for the situation. It is further believed to instill devotion towards divine.

It is believed to be a great stone for enhancing one’s communication skills.

Bumble Bee In News

Bumble Bee Color

This trinomial crystal system is pulled out from the deep crust in the tints of sallow yellowish, dark Blackish, russet Brownish, carrot or ginger orangish as well as scarlet Reddish.

Bumble Bee Colors


  • CleavagePerfect on {010}, imperfect on {100}
  • Other Names
  • Crystal HabitCommonly in foliated columnar or fibrous aggregates; reniform or botryoidal; granular or powdery; rarely as prismatic crystals
  • StreakWhite
  • Refractive Index1.54
  • DiaphaneityTranslucent to opaque
  • Mohs scale (hardness)6.5 - 7
  • SourcesIndonesia
  • Chemical formulaSiO2
  • LustreVitreous To Greasy
  • ColorLemon-yellow to golden or brownish yellow
  • Chakra HealingSolar Plexus Chakra,Sacral chakra
  • BirthstoneSeptember
  • Zodiacvirgo
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