Cats Eye

Cats Eye Gemstone - Meaning, Properties, Color, Facts, Power, Mythology, History And Myths

Extracted in various tints, Chatoyant can be seen in white, grey, and bottle green, furthermore in brown and yellow. Pulled out from the region of Sri Lanka in addition to Bavaria and Burma, this captivating gem too can be seen in the shades of greenish-grey or jade. The gorgeousness of the sheen seized in the stone disseminates its golden flashes.

The vivacity of Chatoyant contemplates calming down the disruption caused in the span of life, moreover helps to lighten the surrounding aura by obliterating out the off-putting energies. It too infuses the positive energies into the internal aura along with the external to make the emotional and intellectual torso serene. This Chatoyant Quartz is often acknowledged as a cat’s eye, in French recognized as Chatoyant. The hardness of this eminent mineral on Moh's scale measured 7 on 10. Further, the composition of this charismatic gem is formulated with sio2 (silicon dioxide).

The brilliance and vividness of life are captured in this compelling Chatoyant that too help to align the overall torso along with the chakras of the living soul. Resonating energy of cat’s eye triggers the Sacral and Solar Plexus chakra in addition to the Third Eye chakra. The potency of this gem holds the grounding propensity, as its energies root the scattered energies of the torso to the ground to align it as well as utilize it in the right direction. The vitality of Chatoyant too proffers strength as well as enhances the personal will to work on the gifted talents. Its energies to provoke the intuitive abilities to read out the future prospects and save self from the distressing situations.

The preeminence of the stone to aligns the physical torso along with the emotional and intellectual to lead a peaceful life ahead. The vividness of Chatoyant likewise heals the wounded emotions in addition to the physical troubles. The intellectual distress can too be cured by releasing the down beating energies and imbibing the positivity from the surrounding of Mother Nature.

The aptitude of Chatoyant brings aim in one’s life to grow and prosper for a better living; it too augments the telepathic powers along with the meditative skill to offer a clear vision. The rare skill of this stone too helps to experience the spiritual journey and understand the divine meaning of life as well as the creation of the universe.

The typical golden sheen of cats eye when contrasted with the deep dark colors like green, blue or else with grey and brown gives it an alluring touch.

The appropriate cut in the cabochon of Chatoyant makes it an of reflection, as it helps to see the inner self clearly. It too helps to understand what is the hidden desire, furthermore it too help to understand the intention of others. The refractive index of Chatoyant measured between 1.54 to 1.55 and had the specific gravity of 2.65.

Chatoyant often regarded as a cat’s eye seems like the fascinating eyes of the cat. In fact, the light that passes or the golden sheen is same as that of the cat’s eyes. Often termed as Cymophane, its name is derived from Greek vocabulary meaning appearance or wave. Since ages contemplated as a tempest stone, it holds the strong vibes that heal the soul in a proficient way.

Where Is Cats Eye Gemstone Found?

The topmost sources of cat’s eye are countries, like Burma, Brazil, Zimbabwe, India, and Sri Lanka.

Healing Properties Of Cat's Eye Stone

In traditions, it is regarded as a gem that holds the potential to open the gates of heaven and receive the energies of the cosmic powers. The prowess of this nugget too has the impending skill that mends not only mends the physical torso but likewise heal the emotional and intellectual torso. This chatoyant gemstone, since ages are acknowledged to cure the physical troubles permanently, moreover fuel up the pineal gland to stimulate the ventricles of the brain. It too boosts up the intuitive skill as well as insight for leading a composed lifestyle. The enhanced abilities and evoked willpower help to attain the desired spiritual life, furthermore meditative goals for spiritual living.

The power of Chatoyant often assessed as cat’s eye, not only fuse the strength but too heal the wounded emotions by letting go the hurtful memories of the past. It too brings the suppressed distressing emotions on the ground and eradicate them completely from the intellect for setting ahead and begin a future life with a brand new start.

The energies of the stone likewise protect from the evils to make the journey of the spirit comfortable. The vigor of this ‘hot in nature’ gem boost up the self-confidence as well as help to find the solutions to life in a creative way.

Cat’s eye too helps to achieve the desired meditative state for experiencing the out of body experience as well as accomplishing the spiritual desires of life. Cat’s eye likewise clears all the blockages to bring light to the subtle bodies. The energies of this captivating cats eye roots out the confusion from the intellectual body and release exhaustion along with the headaches.

Cat eye is great for the people who are in the field of medicines, science and technology, entertainment, engineering, writing, printing, pharmacy, architecture as well as administration. It too helps in the career like meteorology, hypnosis, yoga and meditation, acting, directing, business, painting, psychology, music, art, and those who are involved in dealing with liquids. Moreover, politicians can make revolution after wearing a good quality cat’s eye.

Physical Healing : Cat eye in unification with other stones can benefit a person in curing mouth cancer, a blood cancer, bone cancer, and gland cancer. Furthermore, it is also helpful in caring for people suffering from asthma, paralysis, fainting fits, skin diseases, insanity, mental worries, etc. People who bear from the reverence of an unknown, and who are under stress can bring effective relief from wearing cat’s eye. Cat's Eye too contemplate improving night vision and various other issues related to eyes.

Emotional Healin : Cat’s eye holds magical properties not only heals the wounded emotions but too stimulates the intuition along with the instinct to feels the beauty of the gifted life. This gem proffers fortification and disperses negative energy that tries to enter into the internal aura to make the person weak from inside. Cat’s eye brings happiness, optimism, confidence, quietude, and luck. Cat's Eye too contemplate improving night vision and various other issues related to eyes. The enhanced intellect along with the emotions help to restore the lost esteem as well as a position in the society. It too helps to attract wealth as well as all the riches that help to lead a joyous lifestyle.

Spiritual Healing : Wearing a good cat`s eye stone makes one healthy, wealthy, strong-minded, erudite, and provides good and obedient children, contentment in the relationship with children, and security from competitors and opponents.It safeguards one from the secret enemy, and keeps away the wearer from prison, alcoholism, and drowning. The energies of the stone arouse the sensation to attain the spirituality in life for leading a satisfactory life ahead. Furthermore, the reverberating energies of cat’s eye gem connect the energies of the self with the energies of the cleric to understand the divine purpose, goal of the creation.

It brings affluence and fortune for businessman and people associated with speculative endeavours.  It gives the miraculous result by bestowing wealth by secret means like gambling, stock exchange market, horse racing, and speculations.

Heals and Balances Chakra : The energies and the resounding vibes of the cat's eye are whispered to trigger the Solar Plexus Chakra along with the crown Chakra. These activated chakras then conceived to raise the kundalini energy to cleanses the aura. The radiance of magnetic hues turns on the crown chakra, which helps to see the conscious self and make as well as understand the unseen connections with the mother nature. Both these activated chakra, furthermore rekindles the spiritual vigour to achieve the sense of self-power that leads the sensations of independence. The tints of cat’s eye set on the Sacral Chakra to eradicate the negativity from the torso as well as control the flow of energy to activate the gut feelings. The mustard yellow shades of this jewel boulder, switch on the Solar Plexus Chakra that helps to construe the world in his way. 

Cats Eye Facts

Some facts about Cat’s Eye

  1. Wearing a cat’s eye with settings or webs can put the person behind bars.
  2. A dull or opaque cat’s eye causes ill-health.
  3. If the cat’s eye has black or dark spots in it, it can lead to the wearer’s death.
  4. If the cat’s eye is without any gleam, it can take away the fortune.
  5. Cat`s eye is associated with the zodiac signs of Sagittarius.
  6. Cat’s eye also has the capability to start again a closed business.



Metaphysical Properties Of Cat's Eye

The value and quality of this gemstone are judged by its presentation of the ray of light that runs, or passes through it from one end of the stone to the other. The chatoyant effect is formed by a hollow tube-like inclusion or a parallel needle inside the gem. When this stone is rotated while a flash of light is falling on it, it exhibits an image of closing and opening of an eye, which truly justifies its name.

On Moh’s scale of hardness, Cat’s eye measures 8.5. It is mainly found in a milky appearance, and a transparent form of it is never found.

The natural and rough chrysoberyl is cut in a manner that noticeably highlights the cat’s eye effect, which means that the chrysoberyl gem must display the opening and closing of the cat’s eye when the gem is rotated, and the light is thrown on it.

The needle-like inclusions in the stone must be perpendicular to the stone, and thus a very experienced and skilled lapidarist is required to cat’s eye the effect of cat’s eye. The gem should be cut in an oval or round shaped dome-like structure, which is known as ‘cabochon cut”, and is polished in a way, which clearly exhibits chatoyancy.

Cats Eye Color

A range of colors of this unique stone is available in the market, like blue, green, red, purple, pink, greyish green to brown, yellowish green, yellow, and brownish-yellow.

Cats Eye Colors

  • CleavageDistinct on {110}, imperfect on {010}, poor on {001}
  • Other NamesCymophane
  • Crystal HabitCrystals tabular or short prismatic, prominently striated
  • StreakWhite
  • Refractive Indexnα=1.745 nβ=1.748 nγ=1.754
  • DiaphaneityTransparent to translucent
  • Mohs scale (hardness)8.5
  • SourcesBurma, Brazil, Zimbabwe, India, and Sri Lanka.
  • Chemical formulaBeAl2O4
  • LustreVitreous
  • ColorVarious shades of green, and yellow,
  • Chakra HealingNA
  • BirthstoneMay
  • Zodiactaurus
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