Kambaba Jasper

Kambaba Jasper - Color, Facts, Power, Mythology, History And Myths

Kambaba Jasper conceives as Crocodile Jasper for its green patches on the surface. This Jasper like all other Jaspers is an exotic boulder and is conceived to be pulled out from the regions of Africa. The calming eminence of this nugget mystically soothes the upsetting emotions of the sentimental torso of its carrier. In traditions, it is exercised in the day to day activities for its grounding distinction. Kambaba Jasper is analogous to other Jaspers’ for its protective superiority. Further, it is purported to be a jewel boulder to implant the seed of growth, riches as well as health in the lifespan. By cleaning the toxins from the overall torso, kambaba Jasper stabilize the diet as well as assimilate the vitamins in the physical torso well. It is a precious nugget that too imbibes the minerals to maintain the perfect health. It is a stone that is conceived to bring in the prosperity in life by expelling the hardships from the pathway of the gifted life. The spins of green in this kambaba Jasper make the life path interesting and creative which further allows its carrier to invent the newness. Known to fetch abundance for its carrier, it is a jewel that inflates the psychic vision for powerful observation. It promotes patience to eradicate anxiety from the span of life. It offers insight into the tricky situations of the life so as to handle it effectively. The grounding excellence of this crocodile-like Jasper helps its carrier to absorb all the negativity from his aura and save him from the panic attacks. People of historic age tend to wear this Jasper to hold the protective shield of the solar energy. As a meditative boulder, it is highly utilized in the rituals of the shamanic journeys. Further, it holds the propensity to align all the chakras of the torso according to their activation as well as clean the whole torso to guard its carrier from the environmental harms. The permanent mending of this jewel boulder makes it renowned and demanded. It infuses the power to poise the emotions accordingly in the stressful situations as well as maintain the perfect health. It advances the rational thinking to foster adore in the kinship and balance the mood swings. Furthermore, it teaches its carrier to have the feelings of empathy for others. Kambaba Jasper helps its carrier to be honest and true to self so as to understand the reality and act accordingly. The vibrant energies of this stonework effectively on the base chakra of its carrier and awakens the spiritual force in his life. It clears the aura of the within; it tends to strengthen each chakra. On physical grounds, its healing ability will efficiently mend the circulation of detoxified blood as well as helps to maintain proper digestion. Being a jewel boulder of peace, it invokes and maintains the quietude in the lifespan. Kambaba Jasper holds the energy of the nature in its green hues that comfort the carrier’s soul and torso. The greenish swirls of this jasper relax the overall torso of its carrier that serves to cool down the troubled emotions furthermore mind. It is a nugget that is known to restore the balance of the spirit. It is a remarkable supporter for achieving a higher meditative state. Further, it grants its carrier to release the negative thoughts from the mind as well as from the surrounding environment. The green tints trigger the vibes that in turn invigorate the Heart chakra. The peregrinated heart chakra opens the window of love which allows the carrier heart to love self as well as others.

Where is Kambaba Jasper found?

The rarely found exotic Kambaba Jasper pulled away from the regions of Madagascar and South Africa. It due to its huge demand it is also shipped to different regions of the cosmos, so can be easily gained from United States, Brazil, France.  It too found in Germany,  Belgium, Netherlands as well as from India.

Healing Properties

This out of the ordinary Kambaba Jasper tends to hold the potent mending orbs. It is one of the most intense Jasper among all other Jaspers as it holds the eminence to direct the special and delicate personal energies down towards lower chakras.  These delicate personal energies then are blended with the zips of the nature’s art, called Earth. It whispered that the soul of the holder that pulled out and fused with the zestful energies of the nature. Like all other Jasper, kambaba too exterminates the feelings of confusion created in the day to day life. It step forward in the spiritual work and also act as an only gem nugget that is highly commended by the traditionalists. It is predisposed to guide its carrier with a sensation of safety along with the sense of protection. Kambaba Jasper heartens the courage that instills strength in the torso of its carrier to face difficult situations as well as stay calm in under pressure. Kambaba is a jewel that tends to alleviate the stress as well as negativity from the mental torso of its carrier. Further, it promotes the stabilizing aura that soothes the nerves of its carrier. It is moreover recognized to keep its carrier focused to achieve the desired goals of life. The vibes of this green swirls wipe out the harmful thoughts from its carrier’s mind and conduce a peaceful intellect. People if feel rejected and gets their heart broken in love are advised to carry this Jasper, as it highly conceives to resolute the emotional desperations. On physical grounds, it is conceived to raise fertility in the women’s and overcome impotency in males.

Physical Healing:

Kambaba Jasper holds the potential to cleanse all the toxins of the torso as well as renew the organs by promoting the essential growth to the areas needed in the physical torso. It is conceived to mend the troubles related to the gall bladder and liver along with the troubles of spleen and stomach. Further, it is regarded to abet the circulation of the detoxified blood. This gem boulder assimilates the vitamins along with the minerals in the torso, so as to stabilize the carrier’s diet. Kambaba is acknowledged to boost the immune system of its carrier, so called immunity along with cell enhancement. Further, it is regarded to mend the DNA issues of its carrier. It for its curative property conceived to deal effectively with the troubles of digestion by curing the digestive system. It is too celebrated for its enhancing eminence as it augments the state of the dermis, hairs as well as the shine of the nails. Furthermore, Kambaba is believed to mend its carrier’s issues related to the jaw and teeth. It soothes the digestive track that serves to mitigate the feelings of nausea and regurgitation.

Emotional Healing:

Kambaba Jasper, which also known as Crocodile Jasper or Stromatolite Jasper due to the appearance of fossilized algae, is termed to calm down the stressed emotions as well as soother the emotional upheaval. The vibrant energies of this magnificent Jasper are believed to create an aura that proved to be special for its carrier as it radiates the pleasant feelings through the torso. Further, it is known to invite the feelings of compassion as well as the feelings of generosity. Kambaba for its vibrant green energies is acknowledged to unfold the heart and heart chakra to increase love and passion for others also to self. The green tints of this jasper are believed to radiate the calming effect on the intellect that in turn helps to promote inner peace in the torso of its carrier. Moreover, Kambaba is relied on to reduce the fear of losing something that is close to the heart. It is too recognized to raise confidence along with the feeling of self-worth.

Spiritual Healing:

Being a stone of spirituality, Kambaba is believed to pass upon the wisdom of ancestral energies to adjust the inner serenity in the intellectual torso of its bearer. Further, it is renowned to hearten the happiness as well as activates the ability to attract the riches in the span of life. It brings abundance to its carrier’s life; it is relied on to offer an excellent grounding state to the mental torso. The greenish tints make this gem valuable as it links the energies of the holder to the grounded energies of the nature. Earth connects as well as absorbs the negativity radiated out from the carrier’s torso. Further, it is conceived to ward off the evil from the surrounded aura of its carrier.

Heals and Balances the Chakra:

Greenish tints of this Kambaba Jasper are known to disperse out the vivacity of love that in turn put on the heart chakra. The chakra associated with the heart is believed to be located near the sternum where the heart found. The triggered chakra activates the loving vitality of the heart to regulate the dealings with the outer world. Heart as an organ is believed to preserve all the feelings of the person. When the chakra activates, it helps its carrier to control the sentiments by letting him know what to embrace as well as what to resist. The greenish hues allow the carrier of the kambaba to balance him in the ever changing environment. Further, it serves its carrier to understand the feelings of the self clearly so as to act accordingly. It is a gem boulder that offers its carrier the capability to deal with the flaws of the emotional kinships as well as accept the turns of the life.

Kambaba Jasper Facts

Some facts about Kambaba Jasper:

  • Kambaba Jasper termed as Stromatolites.
  • This jewel nugget is a colonial structure of blue-green algae and is conceived to be the oldest fossils on the planet.
  • Madagascar is among one of the few places where this magnificent boulder found.
  • Blue-green algae often termed as cyan bacteria are known to form the swirl like the pattern of green color.
  • Being a mineral of the composition of Sio2 its hardness is 6.5 to 7.

Metaphysical Properties

  • Kambaba Jasper is acknowledged to confer the harmony as well as completeness in the emotional and mental torso of its carrier.
  • Further, it is conceived to unify all the facets of its carrier life
  • It is a boulder that is conceived to remind his carrier about the notion of union 
  • Kambaba is often utilized to facilitate the shamanic journey of his carrier.
  • It is believed to align the overall torso of its carrier that includes emotional, mental as well as the physical torso.

Kambaba Jasper In News

Kambaba Jasper Color

Kambaba Jasper often found in multi-colors and is solid. They can be extracted out in yellowish or Orange but commonly occur in tones of green, black with brown.

Kambaba Jasper Colors

  • Cleavage
  • Other NamesCrocodile Jasper, Stromatolites
  • Crystal HabitMassive micro granular quartz
  • Streakwhite
  • Refractive Index1.54
  • DiaphaneityTranslucent to opaque
  • Mohs scale (hardness)6.5 to 7
  • SourcesUnited States, Brazil, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, India, South Africa, and Madagascar
  • Chemical formulaSiO2
  • LustreVitreous to greasy
  • ColorGreen, Brown, Black, Yellow, Orange
  • Chakra HealingHeart chakra
  • BirthstoneMarch
  • Zodiacpisces
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