Coco Nova Jasper

Coco Nova Jasper - Color, Facts, Power, Mythology, History And Myths

Coco Nova Jasper is highly renowned for its healing qualities, as it is a stone that is a believed offer its protective shell to its carrier. It is believed to be helpful in mending the physical, emotional as well as spiritual torso of its carrier. The nurturing eminence of this magnificent gem piece is acknowledged to heal the carrier’s life by providing him courage also to wisdom. It holds an earthy color that is known to deeply connected to the home of humanity or living race, called earth. It is further recognized to mitigate the strain of life which may get induced due to earth’s geographical changes or due to haphazardness in life. It is too whispered to get rid of negative opinions that are deep-seated due to the biting taste of past life experiences. Coco Nova Jasper is too believed to bring constancy to life which in turn helps to balance the surrounding aura. It is further known to heal and align the carrier’s emotional, mental as well as physical torso which would play a great role in balancing the aura of within as well as of the surrounding. This gemstone with its high resonating energies lends a helping hand to open deep meditative state. Recognized for its eminence, it grants admittance to past lives for karmic amending. The iron content present in this mineralized gem protrudes out the earthy tints. The tints may appear in a form that may set out from chocolate brown that may further be deep in its shades. This charismatic stone may found in golden radiance shades to reddish-brown or copper brown. It is thought that other impurities to generate artful bands as well as veins. It is recognized to be a jewel piece of utmost treasure for its high grounding energy. It is too branded to offer placate along with potency and healing. It is further known to balance the aura of the surrounding to bring wholeness and Concord. It is too branded to composure the physical state of its carrier, which in spell serves to bring ecstasy to life. In traditions, it is highly recognized as a stone of excitement as well as fortitude, as it upholds the quality of righteousness and protection. Traditionally, it is believed that this charming stone can increase the fertility as well as the injuries. A stone of endurance is known to be a gem of vitality which in turn helps its carrier to get along with the life force energy of the torso. It is predisposed to bring physical, mental strength, so as to boost up the focusing ability to achieve the desired goal. Its soothing frequency has the propensity to bring peace in the life of its carrier along with it; it is too known to calm down the emotional torso. It tends to improve the overall health and heartens the courage to facing the challenging or bitter situations of the life. It is too recognized to be a stone of truth which helps its carrier to face his wrong decisions taken in the life path. It is further whispered to hoist the potency by activating kundalini vigor right the way through all the chakras. A stone of passion, Coco Nova Jasper is useful for restoring zest that further manifests the artistic ideas of its carrier. It is too utilized to strengthen the surrounding aura along with the internal aura of its carrier. 

Where is Coco Nova Jasper found?

This fascinating gemstone is very popular and found in all over the world. The major localities where Coco Nova Jasper can found are Australia, Mexico, and South Africa.

Healing Properties

Coco Nova Jasper is believed to root out the stress from the mind along with the physical torso that helps to maintain the overall health of its carrier. It is exceedingly renowned for its grounding eminence as it reconnects the energies of the carrier’s torso with the vitalities of the earth. It is further known to cleanse the aura by pulling out all the negativity from the surrounding as well as from the mental and emotional torso. It is further believed to stabilize the oomph’s of the carrier’s torso along with the living aura. It is too believed to be an ideal stone to remove all the worries, anxiousness from the life of its carrier. It is helpful to restore the balance of the self by soothing the nerves to clear the mind at the time of meditation. It is further branded to increase the concentration to set up the new spiritual disciplines. Its high spiritual vibrations help to open the gate of the cosmic empire, thus as to enjoy the astronomical expedition. Known to be a valuable stone of fortification, it guards its carrier against physical menaces. The electromagnetic vibes of this charming jewel piece further help its carrier to shield from the psychological disturbances occurred due to the bitter experience of the life. It is moreover known to be a stone of passion that in turn helps to control the sexual aggressiveness of its carrier. It is a stone that is utilized largely to promote sexual compatibility that in spell assists its carrier to overcome the feelings of jealousy in love and kinships. It furthermore serves its holder to acquire the overall health. It is in traditions known to infuse harmony with the self-energies as well as with the energies of the surrounding aura. This gemstone with highly branded qualities to help its carrier to conquer his bad habits along with his bad behaviors.

Physical Healing:

Coco Nova Jasper is famous to normalize the metabolic vitalities of the torso of its carrier. It by providing the strength, vitality and stamina help its carrier to beat the long-standing illness. It is further known to advance up the resilience, as it holds the ability to generate muscle tissues of the torso of its carrier.  It is whispered to shore up the circulatory system by detoxifying the blood and getting rid of blockages of the liver and bile ducts. It fortifies the spirit along with the heart conditions and may be useful in treating anemia, debilitation. It further Aids in the recuperation of the nerve. It is too recognized to promote full-bodied growth, fertility as well as an aid to trounce from the stomach troubles. Made out to be a proficient gem in stopping up the blood flow at the time of injuries, this gemstone is further known to trim down hemorrhoids. It is too believed to soothe epilepsy and gout issues along with the sensory organs of the torso. It is furthermore whispered to boost up the immune system by cleaning all the toxins from the physical torso of its carrier. It is additionally used to maintain the body minerals, which in turn serve to fortify stomach as well as intestine troubles. It is fruitful in healing chronic issues of the physical torso, including the skin of the carrier.

Emotional Healing:

Coco Nova Jasper marked for its note of authority, as it is thought to get intensity to its carrier to come up from the tortures faced in the life. It if further identified to be helpful in surmounting the violent sexual occurrences faced in the kinship. It is assumed to be an audacious stone, as it infuses the confidence in its carrier. It is moreover recognized to re-activate an ardor for living when its carrier is feeling sensitively low. It is doled out to maintain the equilibrium in all varieties of feelings whether it is a desire for sexual pleasure or some other spirit. Known to of great support, this gem is used at the time of stress or adverse situations. It allows its carrier to be firm and strongly face the adverse situations which he comes across in the life trail. It is deliberated to tone up the emotional torso that in turn mitigate stress as well as fabricate calm stability. It's powerful but quiet vibrations help to create a special aura that runs the pleasant sensation. It further invites the feeling of love, compassion along with generosity.

Spiritual Healing:

Coco Nova Jasper is believed to bring sacredness in life also to the spiritual wisdom in the mental torso of its carrier. It furthermore unites the energies of the earth along with the vitalities of the carrying individual. It is too believed to bring the beauty of nature in the living life of its carrier that in the spell encourages its carrier to celebrate the beauty of all moments. It is further known to encourage its carrier to find harmony within the self, and with others. It is believed to be a great meditative stone that unlock the power of the divine to live life spiritually. It is moreover known to be a remarkable gem to turn on the vigorous kundalini that in turn strengthens all the chakras of the torso. It is too used to infuse those activated chakras with the life force energy. It is further known to attune the regularity of justice with the spirit of self to rectify the unjust situations of life.

Heals and Balances Chakra:

Coco Nova Jasper is believed to trigger base chakra of the torso that in the spell of life helps to connect the energies of the earth with the self to stabilize and invigorate the physical torso. It is moreover known to balance the yin/yang forces to align physical torso, emotional torso as well as the mental torso. It too connects the overall body of its carrier with the earthly empire. The base chakra is acknowledged for its gigantic quality to control kinaesthetic feelings also to these kinesthetic movements that turn out to lay a firm base for physical and spiritual energy of the carrier’s torso. It is further known to offer spontaneity in the life. The marvelous color of this Coco Nova Jasper is known to hearten cheerfulness in the living aura. 

Coco Nova Jasper Facts

Some facts about Coco Nova Jasper

  • This stone will help out the living beings to remain self-effacing at the time of stress.
  • Coco Nova Jasper employed as an amulet for rekindling love
  • Well recognized for its grounding eminence.
  • It is well-known to illustrate the reality of the life to its carrier and accept the changes patiently.

Metaphysical Properties

  • Coco Nova Jasper is known to regulate the mineral content of the torso that in turn helps to keep the overall torso intact.
  • It is sad that the darker tints of Jasper varieties possess more grounding energies than others. The gemstone is recognized to be a stress release.
  • Coco Nova Jasper is branded to bring revolution or change in static life.
  • According to Feng Shui, it is believed to be kept in the southwest direction to maintain hearty and loving kinship. West is a direction for kids as well as kept in an east direction just to maintain healthy aura and healthy relations with the community.
  • It is a member of sio2 quartz, and the colors it shows up is due to the impurities found in it.

Coco Nova Jasper In News

Coco Nova Jasper Color

Coco Nova Jasper found in brown, brownish-red or brownish-yellow. It further holds some stripes of red and yellow color. 

Coco Nova Jasper Colors

  • Cleavage
  • Other Names
  • Crystal HabitMassive micro-granular quartz
  • StreakWhite
  • Refractive Index1.54
  • DiaphaneityTranslucent to opaque
  • Mohs scale (hardness)6.5 to 7
  • SourcesUnited States, Idaho, Oregon, California, Utah, Wyoming and Washington
  • Chemical formulaSiO2
  • LustreVitreous to greasy
  • ColorRed, Brown, Yellow
  • Chakra HealingRoot or base chakra
  • BirthstoneNovember
  • Zodiaccapricorn
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    Hie!! Coco Nova Jasper is really good in stimulating stamina. it helps in producing more energy within the body and results in high metabolism, higher energy to work and a strong physic.. Those with lean body and low in energy can start wearing this stone for bringing higher changes..

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    one of the best stone with good physical,emotional healing properties.

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