Learn to regulate your interaction skillfully in just one click

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  • Updated On Mar 23, 2020
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Learn to regulate your interaction skillfully in just one click

The heart chakra situated near the center of the breastbone of every human soul serves to modulate the interaction with the external world. Heart chakra holds the propensity to control what the heart and mind embrace along with what it resists. The ballsy energies of the heart chakra proffer the inner soul the balancing ability that makes the individual feel neither too aloof nor too involved in the world. In short, the energies of the triggered and equilibrated heart chakra align the inner energies of the soul with the environment. When the heart chakra is in the balanced state, a person with the poised heart chakra feels relaxed, stress-free and accepting the world as it is without any complaints. Since ages, Heart chakra assessed to soothe the sad heart and allow to interact confidently with others. Further, keep up self strong enough to face the demands of the world. It too teaches the soul to understand the hidden desires and the needs, if compromised then too find a balance easily between the external needs and the requirements of the inner soul. Aligned heart chakra with other chakras of the body too contributes to dealing with the ebbs and flows of emotional heart along with the emotional relationships by understanding the cyclic nature of the humans. Aside from making soul potent enough to accept the changes of life, it too permits the soul to seek the inner self and understand the changing emotions. With the balanced chakra, the heart and mind become capable of sustaining self in the unstable environment and draws happiness from the other sources. It too makes the surrounding aura healthy, vibrant as well as nurturing.


When the Heart Chakra is off-balance, the soul might find restlessness and stress in the intellect. In this case, the soul will find self, caught in something unknown that forces the mind to still ideal with a lost ability to think and take decisions. Individual with out-of-balance heart chakra find self-sitting ideal and confused. It makes the soul a person who do not know what to do next as if have no goal in life and no direction to choose. A person would not enjoy social gatherings, meetings, handshakes and things that make you a social human. Unbalanced heart chakra too forces the soul to be either controlled in a relationship or controlling the relation too much that partner will start feeling controlled and uncomfortable. The soul with imbalanced heart chakra too finds self having incongruously strong emotional reactions to everyday external stimuli.

Immediately the question comes up what should be done to balance the unbalanced heart chakra, thus the simple solution to this question is, using green colored gemstones holding green color energy roots out the stops (blockages) and brings back the vibes of the heart chakra to its original country.



Analcime speculated as a great meditative stone increases the clarity of the mind and stimulates the heart chakra. Often assessed as a Barrier Filter, Analcime obliterates the weaknesses. It holds the incredible abilities that assist the soul to focus and boost the effort to keep the upsetting events out of the life. The energies of the stone proffer its strengthening energies in all directions that act as a barrier against the negative energies. It too soaks up the positivity from the surrounding and aligns the heart chakra with the other chakras of the body.



The green tints of the Dioptase aside from healing the heart chakra too balances the off-balanced chakra. A Seeker Energizer Crystal, the greenish Dioptase proffers the energy that builds a shield around the soul and protect the heart and intellect from the off-putting energies of the surroundings. Further, its potent vibes that bring the universal life force of the soul determine the changes of the circumstances in addition to the desires of the life. The charismatic tints of the stone make the wearer more flexible and stronger. Since ages, the stone holds the prestige of a talismanic gem that attracts constructive and profitable energies from all around.



The olive hues of the stone help the wearing soul to enhance his efforts to seek wisdom as well as lighten up the path of understanding. The powerful olive rays provoke the unity in addition to the innovative abilities that assist the soul in shining in the external world. Further, its proficient color helps to search the path that leads to enlightenment and gain the spiritual knowledge. Acknowledged as a Dispeller Bonder Crystal, it roots out the intellectual and spiritual troubles and serve to live productively. Prehnite releases the worry along with the feelings of anxiety and fear to save self from losing the self confidence. It too makes the relationship stronger.



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Cyrilovite Kidwellite

Cyrilovite, a protective amulet that contemplated as meditation aid also connects with the energies of the Mother Earth. A barrier gem, Cyrilovite Kidwellite helps to focus on the goal and keeps the unconstructive energies out of the aura. The greenish tints of the Cyrilovite evoke compassion and respect that too teaches humanity.

cyrilovite kidwellite

Aqua Aura Quartz

A stone of peace, Aqua Aura Quartz’s turquoise color energies brings tranquility in the heart and the mind to guard the soul against the undesirable circumstances of the life. The turquoise hue too acts as a barrier that shields the spirit and brings joy in life. Though a possesser of the blue or turquoise color energies, it balances the heart chakra along with the throat chakra and aligns the energies of each chakra with the powers of the mother nature. Often avowed as a powerful Seeker Transformer gemstone, it helps to acquire peace of mind and heart to keep the inner spirit away from the stress of the stressful world. Further, the beautiful and soothing icy blue shade of the stone helps to restore the lost vitality as well as calm to move ahead in life to gain prosperity. It also serves to overcome conflict and deal with fury.

aqua aura

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Lemurian Seed

Lermurian seed gemstone noted as a seeker transformer gemstone and a talisman assist the soul in finding his way even in the darkest nights of the life. It too supports the man to take his life to the direction that leads him towards his goal of achieving his desires. Further, it shows the unseen path that allows the wearing individual to gain the undiscovered and unknown happiness by balancing the heart chakra.

lemurian seed quartz crystal


The green tints of the green Flourite make it a dream gemstone, as it frees the soul from the stress of the daily life and allow the mind to explore the world in his dreams. Further, it allows safe travel without any interference of the evil spirits and any fear. It makes the wearing individual more confident and more energetic. The potent vibes of the gemstone help the spiritual soul to focus on the efforts made to enhance the opulence. Triggering the heart chakra, it roots out the negative energies in addition to the afflictions of the internal soul.


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Preseli Bluestone Obelisk

A talisman of personal protection, Preseli Bluestone often assessed as a stone of joy and draws the positive energies from nature. A powerful guardian, it guards the soul and proffers the physical security along with the security to the loved ones. The bluish-greenish energies of the stone bring the wearing man the blessings in addition to the protection from Gaia. A Guardian Harmonizer gemstone, Preseli Bluestone protects your inner soul as well as attracting luck in life.

preseli bluestone obelisk

Rainbow Obsidian Star

The star of the Obsidian Star refreshes and revitalize the heart of the wearing soul after an emotional turmoil. It is strong stone, thus since ages contemplated as a talisman of love and affection. People wearing this gemstone can find a way to transform their lives into a more desirable state. Its various shades of green triggers the heart chakra and help to find love, the heart is longing for.

rainbow obsidian gemstone

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A beautiful stone, Vesuvianite heals the emotionally wounded soul and emotional heart recover from the distresses faced in the past.Further, it helps to understand the actual desires and needs of the heart as well as proffers the ability to express love. As an attractor and a unifier gemstone, Vesuvianite makes the wearing soul more attractive, charismatic to magnetize what you are seeking for. It helps the soul to gain recognition along with the wealth by activating and balancing the heart chakra.

olive green vesuvianite

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A seeker energizer gemstone, Emerald holds the energies that boost up the emotional heart and allow to go the past traumas. It too brings the Universal Life Force that assists the wearer to determine that path that leads to success and seeking the path that changes his life for positive. In general, Emerald is a stone of love that enhance the charisma. It makes the wearing soul stronger and flexible enough to adjust self in any situation.


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An excellent meditative stone, Malachite connects the wearing soul with the energies of the Mother Earth and protects him from the physical heart. The prominent green hues of the Malachite evoke compassion in addition to the feeling of respect and humanity. The green tints of the stone revitalize the soul by aligning the heart chakra with the other chakras of the body.


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The energies of the Poldervaartite contribute to getting rid of the intellectual and spiritual troubles as well as proffer the strength to withstand the challenges of the life. It makes the life enjoyable and more productive by helping the wearing individual to obliterate stress, worry, and anxiety from the mind. The pink ray of Poldervaartite infuses love and excitingness in the existing relationship. It too helps to get rid of the feeling of loneliness and isolation.

poldervaartite crystals


Moldavite since traditions assessed as a stone of connectivity that assist the soul in making connections with the cosmic powers and gaining the spiritual knowledge.


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Often acknowledged as a study stone, it is used as a personal and protective talisman that helps the soul to concentrate on the new learnings, skills that lead to success. It rebalances the heart chakra and as a dispeller gemstone, it contributes to getting away from the things that are no longer needed in the present life. The powerful olive ray of the stone strengthens the overall torso along with the intellectual mind and emotional heart.


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An amulet of protection, Variscite is worn to soothe and calm the upset heart. It too balances the off-putting energies that distress the life. Further, it strengthens the heart and soul that helps to focus on the Universal Life Force that makes life smooth and beautiful to live. On the physical ground, it serves the soul to get rid of the prolonged illness and pain.


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Primarily worn as a talisman, Mimetite kept the wearing individual in harmony and centered by maintaining the demands, needs of the external world. Furthermore, it heals the heart chakra and equilibrate the heart and mind by promoting harmony from the within. Known as a seeker buffer gem nugget, it re-centers the lost self by balancing the unbalanced energies of the heart and intellect. It shows the right path to the person that leads him towards prosperity and opulence as well as let go the tempering shocks of the daily life. It too proffers padding to the emotional heart to face the challenges of the demanding world. The nurturing energies of this green color stone keep the wearing person close to his family, more involved in his relationship as well as get into new business deals. A stone of manifestations, it encourages growth and development.

green mimetite


Unakite, a stone that heals the emotional turmoils too assist the soul to recover self from the past emotional traumas. It too renders the ability to express love as well as works as an excellent aid in protecting your loved ones.


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Morrisonite Jasper

Also being a great collector stone, Morrisonite is well fitted for bringing a sense of easiness to your spirit. Moririsonite Jasper is a Seeker Transformer Stone. Seeker Transformers are talismans used when the desire is to ascertain a way to translate a piece of one's life to a more desirable state.  Seekers are used when we ask some helper to recover a fresh way, a new approach, or in any quest to derive that which we desire but do not even have. The unique shapes and colors of Morrisonite can offer useful specific energies and forces.

morrisonite jaspe


Seraphinite is believed to be an energizing gem nugget that can be used for all the chakras, but mainly it is supposed to stimulate the Heart Chakra. This magnificent stone provides balanced the ability to the wearer, which helps him to balance all the emotions of the heart. The green colored crystals of this rock lead the person to deal with the flows of emotional relationships and accept the changes that take place in the wearer’s life.


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A stone of peace and tranquility, Amazonite protects the emotional heart from the undesirable elements of life. It protects the spirit from the unconstructive energies of the surrounding and allows to enjoy the beautiful moments of the life.


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Samadhi Quartz Cluster

A bewitching and beautiful Samadhi Quartz carries a soft, feminine energy of public security and compassion. Further, a tender stone that too heals and nourishes the soul as its pink color brings the energy that is pure and comfortable. The pinkish and bluish color powers of the Himalayan Samadhi Quartz convey the stylishness and refinement that may simply rival all crystals. The resonance of purity in addition to the virtue provokes a sense of sparkling novelty as if the stone is the natural instinct of the Mother Earth. The beautiful radiating color of the stone too radiates love and makes the wearing soul charismatic and warm. Samadhi Quartz release out the stress and bring a sense of calm contentment to the emotional torso.

samadhi quartz


A Seeker Transformer, Chrysoprase is a talisman allows the wearing soul to find the way to transformation and make life more comfortable and desirable. It too helps to acquire new approach to attain growth in life. Chrysoprase imbues the earth’s Life Force energy such as birth, growth, expansion, creation and maturity that allows the person for constant renewal to lead an appealing life. The apple green color of the stone is a potent hue that is nurturing in its nature and grant the individual to enter into a serious relationship.


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Atlantisite protects the well-being of the wearing individual as well as preserves the beliefs by calming down and shielding the spirit. Often acknowledged as a strong meditative aid, Atlantisite eases the passage of the day to day hectic life. In the spiritual world, Atlantisite will guard the wearers beliefs against doubt. Everyone at some point starts to question some of his or her most cherished feelings. Doubt can grow and strike the spirit of the wearing person, thus  Guardian gemstone, Atlantisite can help hold faithful to the wearers ideals and feelings. Atlantisite can also protect the spirits. If a wearer anticipates difficult and stressful future, Atlantisite can be very effecting in aiding the wearer’s efforts to maintain his disposition, sense of humor, and respect for others.


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A talisman of a personal protection, green Jade brings the wearing soul a joy of nature. It protects the person from the evil spirits and help to listen to the good spirits of the cosmos. Jade protects the soul of the wearer as well as his loved ones and possessions. In the spiritual world, Jade has several special functions.  Jade first serves to guard the beliefs against doubt along with the most cherished feelings. Green Jade is a talisman of protection and luck.


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Shark Tooth

Shark Tooth, a fossil is both Oracle and the incarnation of primal life. It enhances the primal instinct and help to remain calm in the relationships, especially with the subject of faith and intimacy. It is thought to help one to transmute negative thinking into positive also shift beliefs and actions so the wearer can experience the safety he deserves. It starts its working at the unconscious and energetic level and facilitate people to feel supported. It leads the wearer to the track not taken and feel the zeal residing within. It allows to dwell on the future and liberates the happiness.

shark tooth

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Qigong Quartz

Heart and Spirit Quartz, Qigong improve the vitality of the overall torso along with the spirit. It cleans and strengthen the intellect to achieve the desired meditative state. The primary function of this stone is to enhance the flow of Qi into the Heart as well as into the Spirit to align them with the energy of the body, Mind, and Soul. It too balances the Yin and Yang energies and soothe, invigorate the life-bringing Qi into your daily life.

qigong quartz


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