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Jade - Color, Facts, Power, Mythology, History And Myths

Jade is said to have that Midas-touch in it that has made it popular in mankind since ages. It is the stone of symbolic energy, and there are a number of mystical myths cling with this stone, which makes it more inimitable.

Jade belongs to the category of semi-precious stones, and it has derived is the name from Spanish word called ‘Piedra De Hijada’, which in its exact meaning refers to the “stone of the lion”.Jade gemstone is one of the curative stones that has been used extensively in prehistoric times, especially in the older Eastern civilizations. This stone is therefore considered equally as a modern remedial tool and an ancient ornamental mineral.

Jades are stones of harmony and tranquillity, and due to their excellent characteristics they stand aside diamonds which are known as the most resourceful gemstones of all. Jade is also treated as a royal stone in some of the cultures and civilization in the world.

Where is Jade found?

Most of the fine-quality Jades that are found in the market originates from USA, China, and Russia. However, the deposits of Nephrite have been found in New Zealand, Guatemala and the Swiss Alps. Dark green jade, alleged as Canada jade, is also found in Western Canada.

Jadeite is found in Guatemala as well other than Russia and China, but the ultimateJade stones come from Myanmar.

Healing Properties

Benefits of Jade

Due to the mystical and unique qualities that Jade encompasses, it is believed to be beneficial in various aspects.

  • Attracts love

Jade is considered to be effective in drawing love towards the wearer. In China, Jade is carved into a butterfly, which is a potent symbol that is used to attract love.

  • Protecting stone

Jade is a protective stone which is considered to be a guard against misfortune and accidents. It is believed that before carrying the stone, one should purify and charge its powers by placing a jade stone in between two purple candles for a while.

  • Emotional healer

Jade is an excellent healer for assisting emotional issues, like depression and extreme defeatism.

  • Heals chakra

If Jade is wearing in a silver or gold studded ring, and contacts with your skin, it is believed to unclog the “sharara” or crown chakra of the body. Crown chakra defines the identity of the person and enhances self-awareness and reverence.

  • Cure ailments

Jade is moderately a prevalent and respectable stone when one talk about its capabilities to cure diseases and infirmities. It has been perceived to be very effective in giving therapeutic cures for diseases related to kidney, heart, and stomach.

  • Brings fortune

Astrologically, Jade is considered to be the stone, which after wearing leads a person to the positive attitude, confidence, stability in life, a pleasurable love life, and good luck in abundance. It also confers one with intelligence and abilities for managing things in a better way and making a resourceful use of their finance.

  • Other benefits

Jade is also associated with fertility and childbirth as it is considered effectual in healing these conditions. It is also considered superlative in removing toxins from the body, cleansing the blood, and calming the nervous system.

Jade Facts

Some facts about Jade

  • In China, many figurines of goddess Quan Yin are made of Jade. She is considered as the goddess of love and mercy, and her Jade statues are believed to be helpful in repelling negative energies especially dispute, misunderstandings and fights. 
  • Being a stone of travel, Green Jade thwarts illness while a person is on holidays. It is beneficial for those who love to travel alone, and protects children and pets from wandering away or being injured while on an expedition.
  • Green Jade and red Jade are believed to nurture chi i.e. Life Force energies.
  • Some Jade is mined, otherwise most of the Jade is found in streams.
  • When banged hard with the hammer, Jade sounds like a bell.

Metaphysical Properties

Jade is acknowledged as two stones, Jadeite and Nephrite, and it reports to the subtle and refined ambiances of planet Neptune. Consequently, many people who are born in the water signs of the horoscope, like Pisces particularly fascinates strongly to this gemstone.

On Moh’s scale of hardness, Jade weighs in between 6-7. However, Jade is tougher than steel, but when it comes to carving, it moulds itself without trouble.

Jade In News

Jade Color

The color of this astounding gemstone ranges from light to dark green, grey, cream, etc., and it is also founded in rarity in colors, like purple, black, pink, and yellow.

Jade Colors

  • CleavageNone
  • Other Names
  • Crystal Habit
  • StreakWhite
  • Refractive Index
  • DiaphaneitySemitransparent - Opaque
  • Mohs scale (hardness)6.5 - 7
  • SourcesUSA, China, Russia, New Zealand, Canada
  • Chemical formulaNA
  • LustreWaxy, greasy
  • ColorGreen, Grey, Cream, Purple, Black, Pink, Yellow
  • Chakra HealingCrown Chakra
  • BirthstoneMarch
  • Zodiactaurus


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  • Denial
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    I like Jade but it is not a birthstone nor suitable for any Zodiac. So, how should I choose it?

  • Gemexi
    Nov 15, 2014, 4:15:13 PM

    Hi Denial, yes you are right that Jade is not specifically a traditional birthstone or a Zodiac charm. If you want to wear it then you should take an advice from your astrologer and show him your horoscope. Most of the astrologer recommends a gemstone after reading this horoscope deeply. So, you may also go for it. Best of Luck!

  • Maira
    Nov 25, 2014, 3:53:30 AM

    Jade is a traveler’s stone that protects the person while travelling. I want to gift it to my brother as most of his time goes touring. I want his journeys should go safe and secure. So should I buy this talisman for him? Please suggest.

  • Gemexi
    Dec 1, 2014, 3:39:50 AM

    Yeah Maira you may go for it but before that you should also have some words with your astrologer so that you may get the best. The gemstones do not suit every person so it will be good if you could consult first.

  • John
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    yeah Jennifer....you may try this gemstone after your astrologer recommend. I have also tuned this gemstone and for one year...it is quite beneficial for me...i am happy with it...so you may also move on...Best of Luck!!

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    hello Jennifer, if you have any query related to gemstone or any other problem, you may share it with us on our new section "Ask Mittens" where you ask free questions or may discuss your problems and our experts will be there with an apt answer for you.

  • Sofia
    Jul 2, 2015, 1:57:16 AM

    In healing Jade can be placed on the Heart Chakra and is thought to calm the nervous system, cleanse the blood, and to remove toxins.

  • Sankha
    Nov 30, 2016, 7:13:59 AM

    Hello My Date of birth is 29 November 1979, can you tell me what type and what colour JADE is better for me\n..

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