Peridot - Color, Facts, Power, Mythology, History And Myths

Peridot gems have been used since ancient times in the world of gems and jewelry. Earlier they were called Olivine. This is a striking gemstone for the manifestation of all desired things which connect with the divine mind.

These lovely stones are available in fresh lime-green color, which gives them a natural and subtle summer look. The color of the Peridot ranges from yellowish-green to greenish-yellow. Peridot Jewelry pieces are attractive and affordable.

Peridots date back to early Egyptians when they used to be the favorite and preferred of the royals and the clergies. Peridots were used in the adornment of everything from the crown of the queen to the sword of the knights. Moreover, they were one of the gemstones present in the jewelry box of the Egyptian queen Cleopatra.

Where is Peridot found?

In the present times, the most vital deposits of Peridot are found in the Kashmir region of Pakistan, and on the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan. The other deposits of Peridot are found in Vietnam, Myanmar, China, Kenya, Norway (north of Bergen), Brazil (Minas Gerais), Mexico, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Australia (Queensland), United States (Arizona and Hawaii), and Tanzania. Most recently, China has turned out to be the largest producer of Peridot.

Healing Properties

Peridot is helpful to its wearers in the following ways:

  • Physical Healing

Peridot is a stone of buoyancy and splendour. Only religious or clear-minded persons are able to understand the efficiency of Peridot. The person with too many material problems will not be able to appreciate and comprehend the beauty of the Peridot. The very spiritual person must wear a Peridot pendant that constantly touches the throat and gives it a soothing effect.

Peridot, when worn in the neck, protect against negative emotions. It heals the liver and gall bladder as well.

  • Heals Emotionally

The vibration of these exquisite green stones can be compared to as a stimulant for the body, as the Peridot stones will help you to restore to health, both physically and emotionally. On the emotional grounds, Peridots have an outstanding action that supports the wearer and makes him feel good and comfortable.  They will help you to set free from yourself the feelings of irritation, anger and jealousy.

  • Cure Health Issues

The energy that Peridots holds in them works towards healing the chest, gut, stomach, and duodenal ulcers. These crystals are thought to help out the body to repair health issues, such as problems in the heart, spleen, lungs, and intestines. Peridots are considered valuable stone for too many health issues.

  • Heals Chakra

Peridots are considered as a curative remedy for healing Solar Plexus chakra and Heart chakra. It heals the chakra by giving them deep strength. By cleaning the Heart chakra, Peridot protects a person from the influences of negative thoughts and emotions.  It spreads love and compassion in the heart of the wearer and makes him stay away from the feelings of hatred, envy, and revulsion. The Solar Plexus chakra, on the other hand, is the chakra that inculcates creativity, power, and self-esteem in a person. Peridot, by cleaning the solar plexus chakra, enhances these powers.

Peridot is a well-known crystal for Attracting Money, Prosperity and Luck

Peridot Facts

Some facts about Peridot

  • The largest cut Peridot olivine is kept in Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C., which weighs 310 carat or 62Kgs.  
  • Peridot olivine is the birthstone for the people born in the month of August.
  • Napoleon used Peridot to promise Josephine of his everlasting love and appreciation for her.
  • In former times, National leaders who publically used to wear Peridot were thought to be moderate, reasonable and wise.
  • Recommended for the 16th anniversary.

Metaphysical Properties

The term Peridot is believed to have been derived from the Arabic word “Friday”, which means “gem”, and from the Greek word “Peridona”, which means “something that provide richness”. Peridot is a magnesium-rich variety, which was earlier called as Olivine. Olivine is a silicate mineral. On Moh’s scale, the hardness of Peridot ranges in between 6.5 to 7.

Peridot In News

Peridot Color

Peridot is individual of the few gemstones that emerge in only one color, which is olive green. The tint and intensity of the green, conversely, depends on how much iron does the crystal structure of the Peridot contains. Hence, the color of single Peridot gems can vary from pale yellow to lime to brownish-green. The most prized shade of Peridot is the dark olive-green.

Peridot Colors

  • CleavagePoor
  • Other NamesChrysolite, Hawaiite
  • Crystal Habit
  • StreakWhite
  • Refractive Index1.654-1.69Â
  • DiaphaneityTransparent
  • Mohs scale (hardness)6.5–7
  • SourcesChina, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Myanmar, Kenya, Norway, Brazil, Mexico, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Australia, United States, and Tanzania
  • Chemical formula(Mg, Fe)2SiO4
  • LustreVitreous
  • ColorGreen, Greenish Yellow, Brownish Green
  • Chakra HealingSolar Plexus Chakra,Heart chakra
  • BirthstoneAugust
  • Zodiaclibra
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