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Formerly known as Fluorspar, Fluorite is a natural mineral that occurs with a wide spectrum of enchanting and brilliant colors. This is one of the most vivid and varied colored minerals the variant of which are extremely intense and stimulating.

Generally known as the “Stone of Discernment”, Fluorite is a powerful gemstone known for promoting intuitive and logical abilities. 

Fluorite has derived its name from the Latin noun “fluo”, which means the flow of water. In chemical terms, Fluorite is a halide. These crystals are amongst the most radiant gemstones in the mineral kingdom. It is said that the brighter these stones are the brightest in your life. The brightening Fluorite Jewelry is good for our lives as it add zest and meaning to our lives.

Blue John often contemplated as Fluorite is known to be elicited from the Derbyshire region of England. It is theorized to be dragged out in a diverse range of colors mainly in purple or purplish-red, navy blue as well as in yellow. The French miners name this charismatic gem nugget a “bleu-jaune” which means blue with a combination of yellow. Thus, today we all know this gem as a Blue John. The energies of the stone to help to guard the person against indulging in any leisure activities that are reckoned in bad habits. Blue John is acknowledged to bring the energies that renew the effectiveness as well as the potential to augment the health of the soul. It too proffers the personal growth to explore the world and experience the riches of the mother nature. Further, the reverberating vibes of the stone aid in interpreting the real significance of life so regarded as the potent teacher. The potency of this enthralling gem nugget too helps in learning to attain the desired state of spirituality.
The vitality of the colorful tints of the Blue John is speculated to activate the third eye chakra of the soul along with the solar plexus chakra. The triggered chakras help to understand and gain effective learning to lead a serene life ahead. It is a wisdom stone and contributes in facing the challenges of the life confidently, furthermore quickly get the solution of the problem. The quality to bring ebullience in the spirit, Blue John help the soul to grow and prosper it too brings clarity in the thoughts to funnel out the negativity to take the right actions. The vivacity of the stone helps to know the outcome of each step taken thus contribute to choosing the correct path. It too infuses positivity and let the negative emotions out of the torso.

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Where is Fluorite found?

Fluorite is an extensively occurring mineral which has large deposits in a number of notable areas, like China, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Germany, England, Switzerland, Norway, Mexico, and in the provinces of Newfoundland, Ontario, and Labrador, in Canada. In the United States, the deposits of Fluorite are found in Illinois, Kentucky, Colorado, Arizona, Ohio, Missouri, Oklahoma, New Mexico, New York, Alaska, New Hampshire, and Texas. Hefty deposits of these vibrant crystals also occur in the Kerio Valley area, in Kenya in the Great Rift Valley.

Healing Properties

Benefits of Fluorite include :

Physical Healer

Fluorite enhances and boosts the immune system and helps in the regeneration and restructuring of the deteriorated and waning cells, as well as the DNA. It particularly more emphasises on the respiratory tract and skin. Fluorite is also believed to heal the ulcers and injuries fast and strengthens the bone tissues. It also alleviates and relieves the wearer from arthritis, rheumatism, and spinal injuries, and improves the discomfort caused by nerve pain, shingles, and cramps.

Emotional Healer

Fluorite intensifies the psychological abilities to think and to wisely judge. It also assists in rapid processing and comforting the mental condition when in the situation of chaos. Fluorite helps the wearer to keep an unbiased opinion to everything, increases the life force, and balances both right and left hemispheres of the brain in accord.

Spiritual Healer

Fluorite is considered to cleanse and stabilize the aura.  It assimilates the negative energies and stress and neutralises it to give the wearer a sense of relaxation and contentment.  An exceptional learning aid, Fluorite amplifies the wearer’s stability of concentration and remembering things. It gives the wearer a sense of self-confidence that allows and helps him in wise decision-making. It keeps the mental and physical tract of a person in balance thereby encouraging positivity, coordination, and harmony.

Fluorite is an extremely defensive and soothing stone, constructive for harmonizing the negative energies.  Fluorite increases instinctive abilities, which connects the human mind with the heavenly spirits and universal truths.

Heals and Balances Chakra

Fluorite takes up negative energies from the atmosphere and is helpful at Chakra and auric cleansing. It is believed to treat the heart, third eye, and throat chakra. Fluorite keeps in equilibrium the heart chakra in coordination with the other chakras of the body. The heart chakra keeps the hormones of the body in balance, and being the central chakra it is also responsible for the maintenance of other chakras.

The throat chakra stimulates clear communication and also keeps away the throat related ailments, like infections, tonsils, and thyroid. Throat chakra also calms emotions.

A purple colored Fluorite is great in healing the third eye chakra, which is believed to have a connection with spiritual and mystical visions. It enhances the intuition and instinct in the wearer.

Fluorite Facts

Some facts about Fluorite

  • Fluorite was named in 1797 by Carlo Antonio Galeani Napione.
  • For over 300 years, Chinese have used this wonderful crystal for carvings and in figurines.
  • In the 18th century, Fluorite was used as a remedy for kidney disease by mixing its powder in water, which can be termed as the elixir of Fluorite.
  • One of the extremely well-known and the oldest deposit of Fluorite is Castleton in Derbyshire, England, where, purple colored Fluorite was mined from several caves under the name of Derbyshire Blue John.
  • In the 19th century, when people became more aware and conscious of the value of this amazing stone, it was used as an ornamental gemstone.
  • Fluorite elements are also used in telescopes also to capture high-resolution images of astronomical and heavenly objects.
  • Fluorite is also known as the “Stone of Genius”.
  • Green Fluorite is the birthstone of the people born in between 20 April to 20 May.

Metaphysical Properties

There will be no second thoughts regarding the fact that Fluorite can be honored as one of "The Most Colorful Minerals in the World". Pure Fluorite is colorless; the color variations that can be seen on Fluorite are caused due to various impurities present in it. Some of the specimens of Fluorite crystals are deeply colored, and they look amazing in large crystals, however, the coloring caused by hydrocarbons can easily be removed with the help of some heat treatments.

Fluorite is an important industrial mineral made up of the mineral form of calcium fluoride. It is formed in the isometric crystal form and has the hardness of 4 on the Moh’s scale, which determines that it is not very hard.

Fluorite at a Glance

Cleavage Perfect, in four directions
Other Names Fluorspar, Rainbow Fluorite
Crystal Habit Well-formed coarse sized crystals; also nodular, botryoidal, rarely columnar or fibrous; granular, massive
Streak White
Refractive Index 1.434-1.434
Diaphaneity Transparent - Translucent
Moh's scale (hardness) 4
Sources China, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Germany, England, Switzerland, Norway, Mexico, Canada & United States
Chemical formula CaF2
Lustre Vitreous
Color Green, Blue, Brown, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Purple, Violet, Parti Colored, Colorless
Chakra Healing Heart chakra, Throat chakra, Third eye chakra
Birthstone May
Zodiac Capricorn

Fluorite Color

Fluorite is a much admired and popular mineral, and it naturally occurs in all colors of the color-band such as violet, pale purple, green, golden yellow, brown, blue, pink, black, reddish-orange, and champagne.

Fluorite Colors

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I am quite impressed with the healing powers and properties of this talisman but there is no such specific Zodiac or birthstone for which it will be prove to be best gemstone. So, suggest me way which may help me in the selection of this charm.
Reply on 27/11/14
we have done more detailed research and found that Fluorite is suitable for Aquarius people..So if you are the one...then should try it out...if not then seek an advice from your astrologer first...
Reply on 13/4/15
Thanks Jewelexi for your reply..I will do concern with my astrologer...he will guide me a perfect way.
Reply on 19/5/15
Fluorite comes in various shades. My astrologer has suggested me to try this gemstone. But i am little confused which one should i try. Can any one suggest me?
Reply on 13/6/15
Hi Andreas, you may seek an advice from your astrologer. He will guide you a perfect way. The astrologers are known for their expertize in this field.
Reply on 26/6/15
Fluorite increases powers of concentration, self-confidence and helps us in decision-making. It encourages positivity, balances the energies, and improves balance and coordination, both physically and mentally.
Reply on 3/7/15
I'm not a good decision maker i hope that this stone will help me in overcoming it
Reply on 5/1/16
Have a nice experience of shopping with you with great prices and support to the customers. Feels happy & get back to you soon.
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Simple and beautiful jewelry!!
Reply on 15/8/19
The healing properties of this stone are awesome!
Reply on 2/10/19
I have several types of stone but I never purchase fluorite stone. You have a nice collection.
Reply on 26/11/19
Your blog about the fluorite helps me a lot in getting knowledge about it. Thanks for sharing.
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