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The gem of Virtue, Variscite is avowed as a stone of prosperity. It is too identified as Utahlite, a stone that enhance self-reliance and the raise moral standard of a person. It is often regarded to proffer success along with the calming energy in the surrounding. It is a soothing gem whose vibrational number is 7 and speculated the best stone for the zodiac sign Scorpio, Virgo and Taurus along with Gemini. The color of Variscite ranges from light to dark green that is reckoned to soothe the mind to attain the desired meditative state. Further, it is used to maintain the connection with the energies of the cleric. The powers of the stone too serve the soul to think of the situation with clear perspective as well as enhance the perception. It is a stone that likewise helps to express self and communicate the thoughts clearly. Variscite too holds the propensity to promote hope in addition to the courage to handle the distressing situation of the life. It fuels up the heart chakra and bring the unconditional love in the life. It too bestows the understanding to know the present scenario clearly and work accordingly. Utahlite too assists in exploring the past life along with the memories of the past. The vivacity of this enthralling stone works to heal the physical torso on the astral as well as etheric level. The energies of the stone cure the CNS as well as the DNA structure of the body to maintain the balance within the internal soul and the external environment. The energies of the stone treat the abdominal issues, including abdominal distension as well as matters related to the flow of blood. On the physical plane, it aside from mending the intestinal and blood-related issues, it too provides relief from cramps by reinstituting suppleness of veins and skin. The healing potential of the stone too mends the troubles related to the reproductive system of the male such as impotency. A rare gem nugget Variscite that is also known as Utahlite is extracted from the regions of Utah and Australia along with Nevada and Queensland. The eminent properties of this captivating stone are appraised for yielding soothing vibes all around. It is likewise predisposed to furnish ability to support, balance as well as align betwixt cosmic and physical plane. The green hues of the stone endorse serenity in the surrounding aura by encouraging universal love as well as balance in the life. The stone is assessed as a gem of opulence and prosperity, thus speculated to help the soul to attain financial stability. Moreover, a stone of simplicity contributes to root out the old bad habits that disturb the peaceful living. Variscite charismatic greenish tints release stress from the intellectual and emotional torso to improve the functioning of the brain. The enhanced functioning of the rational mind helps to learn things faster, enhances the logical thinking in addition to the reasoning ability. The vibrant energies of the stone too contribute to finding the self-acceptance and root out fear along with the feeling of anxiety from the mind. A potent stone also releases worry, stress as well as impatience and depression from the emotional heart along with the intellectual mind. It too grants the soul, inner strength in addition to the provoke self-reliance. It keeps the mind still to meditate properly as well as achieve the desired meditative state. Further, the energies of the stone too enhance the psychic and intuitive capabilities to recall the past life. On the physical ground, the eminence of the stone is utilized to strengthen the cell along with the cell tissues. It cures the troubles related to blood, CNS, muscles as well as the kidneys and bones. A stone of affluence, it is believed to hold the energies of the earth that help the spirit and soul to stay grounded and centered. Variscite is a gem nugget that heartens the heart to attract peace and concord in life. Furthermore,  uphold quietness in the life through gaining balance and magnetizing universal love. It likewise aids the soul to understand the significance of peace in life in addition to the love encountered. Variscite, a possessor of the green energies of the color, helps to align the subtle bodies in order to assist the soul to find self-acceptance. The resonant vibes of this magnificent gem nugget appease the intellect and pacify the heart to imbibe the unlearnt to lead a tranquil life ahead.

Where is Variscite found?

Variscite is known to take place in diverse positions around the globe. It usually comes about as a secondary mineral in Brecciated sandstone and hydrothermal deposits. Today, the most significant Variscite deposits come from Utah, USA, which is why Variscite is sometimes cited to as ' utahlite'. Other distinguished Variscite producers include Arkansas and Nevada, a prominent region of the USA. It is too rooted out from the area of Queensland in Australia as well as from Germany, Brazil, Russia and Spain along with Poland, France, and Sweden.

Healing Properties

The reverberating energies of this alluring gem nugget, Utahlite trigger the higher heart and heart chakra along with the Solar Plexus chakra to maintain the balance within and the outside body. Earth and water element holder, Variscite (7) high energy vibrations aligns the subtle bodies and maintain an equilibrium with the surrounding. It is a stone who enhances the personal power and magnetize love in life. Aside from stimulating psychic vision, it evokes the communication skill that helps the soul to come out of the emotional despair and learn to live a life of hope. It calms the intellectual mind, spirit, and soul to free self from the traumas and recall the moments of the past life. It too assists in enhancing the brain power in addition to the learning ability to find financial stability and gain all the riches of life. It endorses the serenity in the present life by promoting universal love as well as balance. Furthermore, the positive vibes of the stone aid in releasing the superfluous or redundant habits. The vivacity of this enthralling gemstone too allow the soul to express self as well as expose self to the world around. It brings the heart to rest and calms down the nervousness, also thwart the soul from becoming too serious by restoring the vitality. Variscite holds the propensity to re-create the situation again in the mind to understand it and get over it. The alluring vibes of this stone enhance the intuitive level along with the psychic perception. It too heartens self-expression along with the communication of ideas that too attracts love in life. It is acknowledged to bring unconditional love in addition to the understanding of all the situations to attain equilibrium. It maintains the physical health by healing the CNS and DNA troubles. It too treats abdominal distension by regulating the flow of blood in a torso. Further, it is predisposed to restore the youthfulness by reviving the elasticity of the skin. It neutralizes the acid in the body as well as treats gout. The healing energies of the stone likewise root out the pain from the body, including the issue of cramps, ulcer, Rheumatism, and Gastritis. Apart from treating male impotency, it too releases depression and anxiety from the emotional heart as well as intellect.

Physical Healing:

Often regarded as Utahlite, Variscite is a gem nugget that magnetizes opulence in life. Further, it is looked upon to attain finances by obliterating the complications. On the physical ground, the energies of the stone heal the physical health by treating the troubles related to CNS and DNA. It is a gem that too keeps the physique intact by mending the concerns of abdominal distension and flow of blood. The vibrant colors of the stone hold the propensity to restore the beauty of the skin by reviving its elasticity. It reduces the effect of the acid present in the body to maintain the health as well as treat disorders like gout and Rheumatism. The mending vibes of this charismatic stone release pain along with the issues of cramps. Moreover, handle the issues of gastritis, male impotency, and ulcer. It too roots out depression and anxiety from the heart and mind to maintain the overall balance of the body. It enhances the functioning of the brain as well as the vibrant energies of the stone help to cure the troubles related to the brain.

Emotional Healing:

The energies of the stone are acknowledged to relieve gratuitous and needless complications as well as emotional obsessions from the emotional heart. Further, the powers of the stone help to come out of the self-destructive habits by rooting out the stress, anxiety and depression from the intellectual and emotional body. It is too noted for its abilities provide relief from fear by proffering peace to the mind and building the inner strength. The eminence of the stone, Variscite is too regarded as a calming gem that aside from catering stillness in the intellect and emotional heart too assists the soul to achieve the desired meditative state. The quietness of the stone likewise aids in peaceful sleep. Habitually, assessed as a stone of love the vibrant energies of this fascinating gem nugget caters love in addition to the understanding of all circumstances of the life span. Moreover, regarded as a stone of Virgo, it helps to recall the past life and boost the memory to augment intuitive and psychic abilities. The pale and soothing green color of this riveting stone helps to soothe the restless mind by alleviating fear, worry, stress, depression as well as anxiety and impatience. The eminence of Variscite made it the best option for attaining the desired meditative state. It too calms down the fickle mind and bring you out of the despairing state. Further, it is acknowledged as “true worry stone” as it by releasing stress brings love in life in addition to courage and inner strength.

Spiritual Healing:

Variscite, a stone holding a combination of two colors blue and green is known to stimulate the knowledge of the emotional heart. Further, it allows the soul to understand the emotions along with the emotional nature to stabilize the emotional heart of the self. It releases the past emotional wounds and make the soul realize that life experiences are based on the karmic basis. A joyous gem nugget, this beautiful stone Variscite encourages the inner soul to be happy and enjoy the moments of the present life. It aids to trigger up clairvoyance and bring the state of clairaudience. Furthermore, it brings the awareness of the cleric, his powers as well as his angels present in the cosmos. It increases the ability to use telepathy and access the past life insights.

Heals and Balances chakra:

A holder of the reverberating vibes, Variscite is speculated to trigger the heart along with the Solar Plexus Chakra. It holds the energies that balance the yin/yang to raise the kundalini energy and release blockages. Moreover, it too arouses the heart chakra to regulate the interaction of the soul to the external world and the cosmos. It likewise helps to control what the heart and mind embraces and what he resist. The charismatic hues of the stone yield the balancing ability and contributes to being and show the real self while handling relationships. On the other hand, the energies of the stone too stabilize the Solar Plexus Chakra that serve to enhance self-confidence in addition to self-esteem, self-worth, and personal power. It is a stone that too obliterates ego from the emotional and intellectual body to lead a life of serenity. It caters creativity and clarity in the thoughts.

Variscite Facts

•    One of the rarest, Variscite is reviewed as a lesser-known gemstone in the market of gemstone collectors.

•    Generally, it looks like a turquoise, but its tone is inclined more towards the green shades.

•    It is too identified as 'variquoise' a merger of two names 'turquoise' and 'variscite.'

•    Variscite is a rare hydrated aluminum phosphate mineral

•    The perfect quality of this gem is hard to find, as its quality deposits in addition to occurrences are significantly limited.

•    The polish of Variscite is better than turquoise due to its mineral presence and cuts.

•    It is cut and polished into leveled slabs as well as in halved nodules.

•    It was first discovered in 1983.

•    It got its name after 'Variscia' a beautiful district, in Saxony, Germany.

•    Variscite has a density of 2.42 to 2.58 and is slightly softer than turquoise.

Metaphysical Properties

•    A stone of simplicity, Variscite helps to root out the old bad habits that disturb the peaceful living.

•    Variscite charismatic greenish tints release stress from the intellectual and emotional torso to improve the functioning of the brain. The enhanced functioning of the rational mind helps to learn things faster, enhances the logical thinking in addition to the reasoning ability.

•    The refractive index of this captivating Variscite ranges from 1.563 to 1.594.

•    Variscite is opaque and holds a vitreous or a waxy luster. Some of these stones are slightly around the edges.

•    Variscite is softer than Chrysocolla and is more vitreous. many.


•    Variscite has a density of 2.42 to 2.58 and is slightly softer than turquoise.

Variscite Color

Renowned for its alluring green color, Variscite hues may range from light green to dark green. It may too vary from apple green to turquoise-green. Variscite is multicolored that exhibits splotches as well as black or white veins. The mint color of the stone with a little bit of slight translucency accredited a desirable stone. The presence of Chromium in the stone mineral bestows the green color. Aside from green, it too comes in purple, pink and red along with orange, yellow and brown. If the iron content in the mineral is less than aluminum, then the colors that vary from red to violet will dominate. On the contrary, if iron content is high, then brown tones will lead.

  • Cleavage[010] perfect
  • Other NamesUtahlite, Amatrice, Sabalite, Trainite Or Chol-Utahlite
  • Crystal HabitEncrustations and reniform masses
  • Streakwhite
  • Refractive Index1.56-1.59Â
  • DiaphaneityTranslucent to opaque
  • Mohs scale (hardness)4.5
  • Sources
  • Chemical formulaAl[PO4]•2H2O Hydrous aluminum phosphate
  • LustreVitreous to waxy
  • ColorGreen, blue green, yellow green and rarely red
  • Chakra HealingSolar Plexus Chakra,Heart chakra
  • BirthstoneOctober
  • Zodiacscorpio
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