Moldavite will mesmerise the onlooker in just one glimpse of it. This beautiful green talisman is the epitome of greatness, ethical values, and destiny. Moldavite takes it shape from the violent meteoric impact of it with the mother earth; hence we can say that this amazing piece of stone is star-born.

Moldavite is a form of glass that naturally occurs, and it was found in Czechoslovakia in 1787 along the river Moldau. One can say that among another variety of gems these are also ones, which are claimed to be of extraterrestrial origin. They are actually believed to be the outer surface of the meteorites that melts and fuses while entering into the environment.

Moldavite is quite different in their pattern also. They are generally torpedo-shaped or elongated, and they have a diagnostic pattern having bubble and fern-like structure.

Moldavite is also known as the 'Vltavin' or 'Bouteille Stone' in Czech. This highly valued stone is extensively effective in its metaphysical practices as well.