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The Topaz has a vast history of thousands of years that is connected to it. Some people believe that Topaz got its name from “Topazos”, which is a small island near Red Sea. Ancient Greeks obtained this stone from there, and they started calling the stones as Topaz.

The Topaz is also a famous birthstone in which blue Topaz is great for people born in December and yellow Topaz for the people born in November. Generally, the colors in Topaz are not very hard to find, but the rarest and most sought-after of them all are found in pink and red. Imperial Topaz is considered as the most valuable and high-priced stone. It was named as imperial to honour the Russian royalties and czars because the Ural Mountains which were a leading producer of pink Topaz was owned by them.

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Where is Topaz found?

The largest producer of Topaz is Brail, and other places where Topaz is found are Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, China, Burma, Sri Lanka, Russia, Japan, Ukraine, Nigeria, Madagascar, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Australia, Mexico, and the U.S. (Utah, California, and New Hampshire).

Healing Properties

The benefits of Topaz holds immense importance. This stone has wonderful medicinal and astrological properties.

  • Healing Power

Topaz is considered to stimulate the endocrine system and supports general tissue regeneration. Topaz is regarded as a valuable gemstone in treating hemorrhages. It also fights blood disorders and increases poor appetite.

  • Mystical Power

Topaz is believed to encompass the power that balances emotions and calms desires. It relieves a person from tension and provides feelings of delight and happiness. Topaz is acknowledged majorly as a gemstone that fills a human being with spiritual rejuvenation.

  • Astrological Benefits

Topaz is recognized as a stone that instills intelligence and good looks in a man, and happiness and fertility in a woman.

Topaz Facts

Some facts about Topaz:

  • It is said that Topaz is great in finding true love.
  • Topaz is a birthstone of the people who were born in November.
  • Topaz is the symbol of friendship, loyalty, faithfulness, and constancy.
  • During the middle ages, Topaz was used to prevent death.
  • The Greeks used to believe that Topaz makes the wearer invisible.
  • The most famous Topaz is the 1680 carat "Braganza Diamond", which was mistakenly understood as diamond.
  • Although on Moh’s scale Topaz weighs 8, but it should be protected from hard knocks as it is brittle in nature.

Metaphysical Properties

The chemical classification of Topaz is comprised of Aluminium fluoro-hydroxyl-silicate. Its hardness on Mohs scale weighs to 8. The transparency of Topaz stones is found transparent to opaque. The most striking feature of this amazing stone is its perfect hardness, impeccable basal cleavage, and its prismatic formation of crystals.

Jewelry made by Topaz is also very famous, however, in the world of Topaz Jewelry, Topaz has been made famous by many other names likewise Imperial Topaz. Some of the renowned names are:

  • London Blue Topaz - Deep sky-blue in color.
  • Silver Topaz/ White Topaz -   Colorless or pale form of Topaz.
  • Azotic Topaz -   Orange-pink Topaz with a polychromatic or rainbow effect.
  • Sherry Topaz - Light orange-brown to brownish-pink colored Topaz.
  • Swiss Blue Topaz- Sky- blue colored Topaz.
  • Rutilated Topaz -   Topaz with yellow needle-like insertions of the mineral Limonite.
  • Mystic Topaz - Multicolored Topaz with a rainbow-like effect.

Topaz at a Glance

Cleavage Perfect, in one direction
Other Names Sherry Topaz, Hyacinth Topaz, Imperial Topaz, Precious Topaz, Swiss Blue, London Blue, Mystic Topaz
Crystal Habit Prismatic crystals with faces striated parallel to long dimension; also columnar, compact, massive
Streak White
Refractive Index 1.619-1.627 
Diaphaneity Transparent
Moh's scale (hardness) 8
Sources Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, China, Burma, Sri Lanka, Russia, Japan, Ukraine, Nigeria
Chemical formula Al₂SiO₄(F,OH)₂
Lustre Vitreous
Color Colorless (if no impurities), blue, brown, orange, gray, yellow, green, pink and reddish pink
Chakra Healing Sacral chakra, Solar plexus chakra
Birthstone November
Zodiac Scorpio, Sagittarius

Topaz Color

An array of desirable colors and a perfect hardness, Topaz makes an ideal gemstone. Topaz has excelled over a number of stones due to its affordability, abundance, and wearability. Topaz is a silicate mineral comprising of fluorine and aluminum. On can find Topaz in colors, like yellow, honey-yellow, yellow-brown, brown, flax, green, light blue, blue, red, pink, and sometimes colorless. It generally occurs in a prism shape, and the most common color that is found in Topaz is yellow.

Topaz Colors

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The pink hue of topaz magnetizes my attention and wants to wear a talisman to enhance the growth of my business. Does it reflect such kinds of benefits?

Reply on 31/10/14
Hi Sharon. Here we are with your reply. The pink topaz is used for the same purpose it attracts abundance towards the wearer.
Reply on 3/11/14
Topaz is best suitable for the one who was born in the month of November. I was also born in the same month. Should I go for it? Please suggest as want to get advantage from its powers and properties.
Reply on 10/11/14
Yeah Alice… as you are November born this gemstone will prove to be beneficial for you in every field. You may go for it and enjoy its healing and other powers. Best of Luck
Reply on 21/11/14
topaz is my birthstone but i am little confused with its shades...i don't know which one should i try...can you please help me out?
Reply on 3/4/15
hey Alexa....I have also tuned Topaz but I have its pink doesn't matter which shade you may try any of it...every shade will work in similar try any of it...or you may seek an advice from your astrologer too...
Reply on 2/5/15
yes...Fritz is right...I am also in favor of Topaz as I have also tuned it...I am in love with it...with its appealing is my best buddy...helpful for me in various phases of my life...I will advice you to tune as you wish...thanks..
Reply on 4/5/15
Hi Alexa, If you are in confusion even little bit then you may share your query with Jewelexi on Miss Mittens page where their experts will revert back with an apt reply which will take you out of your confusion.
Reply on 29/5/15
Oh my gosh! Such a stunning piece of jewelry you have.
Reply on 16/7/19
Topaz is so beautiful, the color of this stone is so cheerful. I love it.
Reply on 13/9/19
Topaz helps me alot in balancing my emotions and calms desires..Very helpful gemstone..Thank you gemexi
Reply on 6/11/19
What a beautiful eye-catching gemstone I just in love with this blue color stone..It gives royal look..Thank you gemexi
Reply on 22/12/19

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