A Perfect Guide for Anniversary Gemstones and Jewelry - Part V

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  • Updated On Mar 24, 2020
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A Perfect Guide for Anniversary Gemstones and Jewelry - Part V

Today, we will continue discussing our next part of guide that holds the information about the anniversary gemstones and metals for next special five years of togetherness. So, let’s get started as follows.

21st Anniversary: Iolite

Iolite with its appealing blue to violet blue shade attracts the beings towards it. It is too dominated by other more branded blue gemstone but still, it holds its own significance and powers that affect the life of the beings efficiently. You may order for jewels engraved with iolite gemstone as because of its low demand it is not easily found festooned in contemporary jewelry items.

For her, you may order a solitaire ring and team it up with sparking white gems and for him, a pendant will be a perfect option.

22nd Anniversary: Spinel

Spinel, another charm, which is too waiting for more love and care comes in various hues and is also affordable and durable. For your 22th anniversary it would prove to a perfect choice. You may go with its pink, blue, purple or red shade, all look amazing. The black shade of it reveals it dramatic gape that may too be picked as an ultimate choice.

Other gemstones may also be decorated along with it to enhance the opulent gaze of the jewel.

23rd Anniversary: Imperial Topaz

The title, “imperial topaz” is simply a topaz variety that runs the hues from its yellow shade to the dark golden tint that is usually compared with cognac.

So, for women, you can have it in a piece of jewel but for men perhaps it would be fine to gift them a cognac bottle to show your gratitude on this special occasion.

24th Anniversary: Tanzanite

First originated in the last 1960’s, Tanzanite seems to be a new player when we look back in the recorded history about the gemstones that have been cherished and appreciated all through.

Tanzanite is a dazzling blue gem, usually exhibits its violet or purple tone. It looks fine when grouped with white metal like sterling silver, platinum and white gold. It is available worldwide in varied styles and settings. These gems are given a heating treatment that aids in enhancing their color.

25th Anniversary: Silver

25years of togetherness is given a single term, Silver Jubilee. The sterling silver jewelry items are available much in the world of gems and jewelry.

It’s not like that you should get confined with the sterling silver metal. Just holding the similar hue, you may go for metal watches or platinum or white gold jewelry items that goes with your choice.

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