How To Tell If Stone Is Aquamarine or Blue Topaz?

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry
  • Updated On Jan 28, 2023
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How To Tell If Stone Is Aquamarine or Blue Topaz?

Aquamarine and blue topaz stones have striking resemblance and that’s why it is quite difficult to differentiate between the two! If you too want to find out the difference between aquamarine and topaz, let us tell you that there are several ways for doing the same! Continue reading below and discover how to distinguish between blue topaz and aquamarine.

Aquamarine vs Topaz – The difference in color

Let us begin this discussion of the difference between Aquamarine and Topaz through the color factor. Aquamarine is a beautiful gemstone that shows you a slight variation of the bluish-green color band. Many of you must not be aware that finding pale blue colored aquamarine stones is easy but the rare and most valuable ones are those with a rich dark blue hue. On the contrary, the topaz stone is naturally found in a white shade but the presence of chromium/iron adds a different shade to it. The light blue topaz is available naturally; however, it is quite rare to find a light blue topaz. The blue shade in the topaz is extremely pale.

                                     TOPAZ                                                                       AQUAMARINE

Aquamarine vs Topaz – The difference in refraction and price

Aquamarines are definitely much more expensive than blue Topaz because of the factor of rarity. Also, in some cases, the blue topaz is heated. Therefore, the price of aquamarine is higher as it comes in its blue form naturally. There is also a difference in refraction between these two gemstones. You will see two lines of refraction in blue topaz.

Aquamarine vs Topaz – The difference in hardness

On the Mohs scale, the topaz stone measures 8 and it is comparatively harder than the aquamarine stone. The aquamarine stone, on the other hand, is 7.5-8 when measured on the Mohs scale.

Aquamarine vs Blue Topaz – The difference in cleavage

  1.  The topaz stone is more vulnerable to fractures/scratches. The reason behind the same is that this stone contains perfect cleavage. Also, this is the reason why as to why the blue topaz stone should be cleaned with care.
  2. Dipping the stone in lukewarm water and soap and then cleaning it gently with a soft brush is the best-recommended cleaning method for this stone.
  3. On the other hand, the aquamarine stone is less prone to scratches/fractures in comparison to blue topaz stone.
  4. It can also be cleaned using the methods of steam cleaners and ultrasonic processes apart from the basic cleaning method of soap water solution.

                                     TOPAZ                                                                                       AQUAMARINE

Aquamarine vs Blue Topaz - Most authentic way to differentiate between the two

The best way to find the difference between Aquamarine and Topaz is to take the help of an expert. An expert knows the absolutely useful ways to differentiate between the real gemstones and fake stones. However, in case you do not want to take the help of professional experts for identifying the gemstones, you can use the professional loupe that is used by jewelers for a closer look and details for a gemstone. To gain true conclusions in Aquamarine vs Blue Topaz, you can use the professional loupe of jewelers and check for the refractions lines. In case, you observe 2 lines of refraction in the gemstone, it is surely the blue topaz stone and not the aquamarine stone. This method works best when it is about the authenticity of Aquamarine vs Topaz.

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