Which Gemstone Jewelry Suits Your Republic Day Outfits

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry
  • Updated On Mar 16, 2020
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Which Gemstone Jewelry Suits Your Republic Day Outfits


Indian Republic Day, 26th January, celebrates the significance of the day when the Indian constitution came into existence. While the whole country celebrates the Republic Day through various programs and plans, one can also celebrate it on a personal level by wearing adorable gorgeous gemstone jewelry that gels well with your republic day attires! In this article, we tell you about the three categories of gemstones that signify the tri-colors of the Indian flag. You can take your pick based on the color of your outfit. 

Saffron Gemstone Jewelry – The saffron color in the Indian flag denotes the power and bravery of the country. You can use the below-given gemstones to signify these two assets.

  • Orange Tourmaline To celebrate the saffron beauty and grace on republic day, use the stunning orange tourmaline gemstone. When viewed from various angles, this orange gemstone provides unbelievable beautiful color glimpses. It is available in different shapes as well as sizes and most importantly, at affordable rates.
  • Orange Citrine Discover the captivating shades of golden yellow in the Orange Citrine gemstone. Full of amazing beauty and attraction, the orange citrine comes in forms of brilliantly crafted pendants, earrings, and more jewelry forms. Brazil is the biggest and most important source of orange citrine. Both the treated as well as natural forms of this gemstone are used in jewelry.
  • Orange Topaz If you are looking for orange-colored jewelry for republic day, you will find jaw-dropping shades of brown, yellow and golden in the Orange Topaz. Also, note that orange topaz is the most precious form of topaz.

White Gemstone Jewelry –Those who are in love with white and silver jewelry for republic day should check out the stunning range of white gemstone jewelry. The white color in the Indian flag signifies truth and peace.

  • Diamonds – Celebrate the significance of truth and peace with the ever attractive white diamonds. Diamonds are known worldwide for their durable structure wherein one atom is linked to four others. Also, this entire structure of the diamond is quite symmetrical. The same results in beautiful light reflection when diamonds are viewed from different angles.
  • White Rainbow Moonstone –Another wonderful way to celebrate republic day is to wear white rainbow moonstone along with attires of green and orange shades. Exhibiting beautiful sheen, the white rainbow moonstone will give you an impeccable look and feel.
  • White Sodalite Gemstone – You may also try the white sodalite gemstone if you are looking for unique republic day jewelry. Displaying a highly captivating sheen which goes glossy on the fracture area and remains clear on the rest of the surface, the white sodalite also contains attractive calcite inclusions.

Green Gemstone Jewelry The green band in the Indian flag symbolizes growth and prosperity. To represent the same, you may wear enchanting green color gemstone jewelry.

  • Emerald – When it is about the most beautiful green gemstones, the first name that comes to our mind is Emerald. It is considered as the most precious gemstone in the category of green gemstones. The best green emeralds can be sourced from Brazil, Zambia, Afghanistan, and Columbia.
  • Green Amazonite – Get an unparalleled look in form of green amazonite jewelry that can be found in striking pendants, bracelets, earrings and more. The irregular distribution of color is the unique property of this gemstone.
  • Chrome Diopside  This gemstone serves as a great substitute for the green emerald. Being affordable and beautiful in appearance, it is loved by many people across the globe.



You can find strikingly beautiful republic day jewelry at Gemexi. Amalgamating creative patterns and natural gemstones, Gemexi embraces an all-inclusive range of gemstone jewelry for those who are avid for gemstones and its jewelry. This reputed online store is also organizing a Republic Day Sale from 24th to 31st Jan 2020. Find vivid and high-quality jewelry for republic day at this sale and celebrate the Republic Day with full fervor! 

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