Guide To Choose High Quality Topaz Gemstones

By Gemexi Team | Loose Gemstones
  • Updated On Jul 5, 2022
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Guide To Choose High Quality Topaz Gemstones

Chemically Topaz is a mineral of aluminum and fluorine and after going through several deep processes it becomes one of the best gemstones that has ever been made. Though Topaz has been famous worldwide still a lot of people are unaware of this fantastic gemstone. It is one of the rarest gemstones that are compared with premium gemstones like ruby and sapphires however the price of this gemstone is way lesser than theirs making it very affordable with a premium look. Even though it is quite famous and a lot of people know about the benefits of topaz gemstones, still a lot of people don’t know what should be the best way to find a high-quality topaz gemstone. So, here are a few points that one should notice to know before buying topaz gemstone:

The more intense the Topaz, the more premium quality gemstone it is

Glancing through the following facts will help you recognize natural Topaz.

  1. People all around the world have figured out a fact that if the color of the Topaz is slightly on an intense side, it is more likely to be a premium quality gemstone. 
  2. Yellow is the most commonly seen Topaz, however, it is the least expensive as well. 
  3. On the other hand, if the color of Topaz is pink or blue, it will be quite expensive as it is of supreme premium quality.

Don’t go for clarity

It has been seen worldwide that people look for clarity in a gemstone to determine whether it is a good quality stone or not, however, in the case of Topaz, if you want to buy a supreme quality gemstone, the stone will definitely contain few impurities. For example, blue and pink gemstones are not clear as compared to cheaper quality topaz gemstones.

Evaluating the cuts

A lot of people determine the quality of a gemstone from the kind of cuts it has. However, Topaz’s cut depends upon the kind of hue it has. If the hue of the gemstone has brought an amazing cut to it, then you can close your eyes and purchase the gemstone as it is definitely of premium quality.

Original or treated

Sellers all around the world know that people are looking for premium quality topaz silver jewelry due to the huge amount of benefits of topaz gemstones and that is why they try to sell a cheap quality stone at a premium price by putting the stone under extreme conditions to make it's color blue or pink. A novice will never get to know whether it is a topaz of extreme quality or not and the only point they look at is at the color of the gemstone. And sellers, benefit from this fact, put their small money into converting the color of topaz from yellow to pink, and in return, they get a huge amount of money by selling it. So, one should definitely ask whether the topaz you are going to buy is genuine or treated, though most of the sellers wouldn’t tell the truth, still one can try his luck, maybe one can get an honest answer.




Fake or Genuine

People all over the world have started getting quite greedy and that is why they look to earn money in various ways possible. Similarly, people know that due to the topaz gemstone’s healing properties it is quite famous around the world and that is why they have started making look-alikes of the gemstone which cost them way lesser than the original topaz, however, the money at which they sell the fake product is same as one would have sold a topaz at. So, if somebody is an expert, he will definitely get to know whether a gemstone is topaz or not by looking at the cuts and premium quality of the stone. However, if somebody is a novice, he will have to trust the seller, he may or may not be getting a genuine stone.

Why buy a Topaz gemstone

When looking for guidelines to buy a real topaz gemstone, one should know why he is buying it. Actually, the best reason to buy loose topaz gemstone is because of its healing properties of the topaz gemstone. Science and other astrologers have said that Topaz can help in curing a lot of mental and health problems due to which people all around the world started purchasing it. Finding loose topaz gemstone is not at all easy nowadays, however, if someone finds it, it is known to be one of the best qualities of topaz due to the rawness of the stone and due to the raw benefits of it.

So, these were a few guidelines for purchasing a topaz, if you find a loose topaz gemstone, you should consider yourself the luckiest, however lightly treated topaz can also help you to heal lots of problems of yours. You just need to make sure that you buy genuine.

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