Top 5 Facts to Buy Topaz Gemstone Jewelry

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry
  • Updated On Jul 5, 2022
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Top 5 Facts to Buy Topaz Gemstone Jewelry

Mellow yet magnificent, the Topaz gemstone is one of the most fascinating gemstones that can often be noticed at red-carpet events, grand weddings, and other important occasions. Be it the Hollywood celebs or the Bollywood ones, the Topaz gemstone is equally loved, revered, and admired by everyone worldwide! The topaz jewelry range offers a myriad of choices in form of gripping topaz earring pairs, topaz rings, topaz silver pendants, and topaz necklaces. One can even discover trendy designs in the blue topaz jewelry collection and raw topaz gemstone jewelry range. If you are interested in buying any form of topaz jewelry, it is exciting to know some important facts related to this much-admired gemstone called Topaz!

Let’s take a look at the Top Five Facts related to topaz that everyone must know before buying topaz jewelry!

  1. The beautiful blue color of Topaz is achieved through treatment
Are you impressed and stunned at those sparkling wholesale topaz pendants? Wish to own the unique lemon topaz necklaces or some statement jewelry pieces from the brown topaz jewelry range? Well, while you grab some catchy pieces in yellow topaz, brown topaz, or the most famous one – the blue topaz, you must know the fact about the colors of topaz. The most popular shade of Topaz is blue. However, it is not the naturally occurring shade of the gemstone. It is achieved through the process of irradiation and heating. The natural Topaz gemstones include a colorless variety as well as the ones that have tints of brown or yellow!
  1. Topaz can be bought in several colors
Many of you must be thinking that Topaz jewelry is found only in the blue shade. But that’s not true! The allochromatic (presence of impurities) feature of this gemstone is responsible for several shades of this gemstone. Hence, you can find Topaz in alluring shades like red, pink, violet, and purple. The colorless form of this gemstone is often mistaken for diamonds. Interestingly enough, the various shades of Topaz are considered beautiful inexpensive substitutes for many high-priced gemstones.
  1. London Blue Topaz & Imperial Topaz are the top two most popular topaz gemstones
While you come across many captivating Topaz gemstone jewelry options in different colors, like the lemon topaz necklaces, brown topaz jewelry, and a few more, you must know the fact that the Blue London Topaz is considered one of the most admired and sought-after gemstones for engagement rings. The blue London topaz jewelry portrays stunning designs in form of rings, pendants, and more forms. The incomparable luster and deep blue shade of the London blue topaz gemstone have made numerous people fall in love with this gemstone. It is also interesting to know that the London blue topaz gem is considered a great substitute for sapphire gems. Another most popular Topaz is the Imperial topaz. It is the rarest form of Topaz and is considered the most expensive variety of Topaz gemstones. Due to its heavy price, this gem is also rightly called the Precious Topaz. The gem got its name with its connection with the Tsars of Russia who claimed their sole rights over these gemstones (Imperial Topaz) that show beautiful and unique pinkish-orange shade like that of the evening setting sun.
  1. The best quality Topaz gemstones come from Brazil
Topaz is one of those beautiful gemstones that is mined all over the world. Do you know that the main sources for Topaz around the world include Russia, Burma, Mexico, Nigeria, Ukraine, the USA, and Brazil? The best quality Topaz gemstones come from Brazil.
  1. Topaz is believed to possess many significant healing advantages
Apart from the highly mesmerizing looks, the Topaz gemstone is popular for its healing advantages too. The gemstone is known and used for multiple healing benefits. It helps attain the right balance of chakras. It is also believed to enhance energy levels in its wearers. Those who find it difficult to speak the truth may take help from Topaz as the gem is known for instilling and encouraging truth-speaking habits. The gemstone is also strongly believed to invite good luck and opulence in life. Whether you seek true love, happiness, success, or wealth in life, Topaz will help you in many amazing ways that will make your life better!

How can you avail all the associated healing benefits of Topaz gemstone?

To enjoy the healing benefits at their maximum potential, you must ensure to buy them from the most authentic sources. Whether you wish to shop for topaz earrings, topaz rings, wholesale topaz pendants, topaz silver pendants, lemon topaz necklaces, brown topaz jewelry, or any other type of Topaz jewelry options, you must always endeavor to find the most reliable destinations online. The Blue topaz jewelry collection online will give you a plethora of charming options to choose from. You can even go for the trendy raw topaz gemstone jewelry that looks quite unique and attractive. Shop your topaz gemstone jewelry from the best places and enjoy the beauty as well as healing advantages of this exceptionally beautiful gem!

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  • elvire calone
    Aug 22, 2022, 6:32:43 AM

    I don't know about this gemstone much. I just read about it and loved this gemstone. Thanks, gemexi for giving all facts about buying topaz jewelry. But I have a small query, Is there any wearing method while wearing Topaz gemstone jewelry?

  • Annila
    Nov 16, 2022, 9:02:19 AM

    I really liked the blue color Topaz. Even I have a beautiful pendant of topaz in blue color.

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