What Are The Difference Between Yellow Topaz And Yellow Sapphire?

By Gemexi Team | Gemology
  • Updated On Jun 21, 2021
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What Are The Difference Between Yellow Topaz And Yellow Sapphire?

Gemstones are always used to accentuate jewelry pieces, and they are available in vast varieties. Many gemstones bear fundamental similarities, and it can be quite challenging to point out their differences. Yellow topaz and yellow sapphire are two such gemstones that are visibly so similar that it takes a trained eye to distinguish between them.

However, the truth is that both stones have several differences along with distinguishable characteristics. These exotic stones, pumping with yellow energy, are the jewelry lovers' treasure and also give great benefits to those who wear them. Read on to find the common differences between yellow topaz and yellow sapphire.

Yellow Sapphire Gemstone

Firstly, we will discuss the characteristics of the yellow sapphire gemstone. These exotic gemstones belong to the corundum family.

On the Mohs scale, the hardness of the stone is 9.0, making yellow sapphire one of the toughest gemstones amongst all the others. The most premium quality yellow sapphire stones are found in Sri Lanka, Japan, Tasmania, England.

Due to its rare and alluring color, yellow sapphire is greatly popular among people all across the world. It is also one of the most common choices for the gemstone in the engagement ring and necklaces. Apart from its tough physical characteristics, yellow sapphire also has great astrological significance.

As per Indian mythology, the yellow sapphire gemstone is also called Pukhraj and is associated with wealth, luck, fortune, and happiness. It is aligned with the planet Jupiter, and thus the wearer of the gemstone possesses all auspicious qualities adorned by Jupiter.


Yellow Topaz Gemstone

It is very easy to mistake yellow topaz for the yellow sapphire as they have various visible similarities. However, yellow topaz is not as valuable as yellow sapphire. It is also available in a wide range of rich colors like red, pink, and blue.

In its actual origin, a topaz gemstone is colorless. But as it gets contaminated with impurities, it exhibits a change in its colors.

The yellow topaz stone is present on earth in abundance, but yellow sapphire is not that readily available.


Differences Between Yellow Topaz And Yellow Sapphire Gemstones

Now that we understand how to identify yellow topaz and yellow sapphire, it is time for a side-by-side comparison. The most common identifiers and differentiators between yellow topaz vs. yellow sapphire are:
  1. Yellow sapphire has a light yellow tint along with a lot more transparency, but a topaz stone is vividly dark yellow in color and shines with rich brightness.
  2. Topaz is not at all a rare gemstone and can be found in almost every region of the planet. But yellow sapphire is very rare to get.
  3.   Yellow sapphire falls in the category of precious gemstones and is actually one of the best. Topaz is also a fine gemstone but is only a semi-precious stone in comparison to yellow sapphire.
  4.  Yellow sapphire also tends to be denser than yellow topaz.  
  5. Yellow sapphire is more expensive than yellow topaz gemstone jewelry.
  6.  Yellow sapphire also exhibits the quality of higher specific gravity than the topaz stone.
  7.   As already mentioned, the yellow sapphire is also highly acclaimed because of its astrological potential. They have an immense impact on wealth and happiness, as per Indian mythology. However, topaz does not have any such capacity to show for.
  8.  The heat energy is used to get rid of all the negative forces or impurities captured in any gemstone. The topaz gemstone generally requires a much lower temperature in comparison to yellow sapphire. However, the topaz gemstone can be heated at a definite temperature to get rid of all the negativeness absorbed inside the stone.

So, are you well-equipped with all the information that you need to identify the difference between topaz and yellow sapphire jewelry? We are sure that this blog has helped you find your best-suited gemstone between the two. If you are looking for premium quality, best-in-class yellow sapphire, and yellow topaz gemstone jewelry, what can be better than Gemexi? Check out our latest jewelry collection to choose from trending styles!

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