What Is the Birthstone For August - All About Peridot, Spinel, and Sardonyx

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  • Updated On Jul 31, 2021
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What Is the Birthstone For August - All About Peridot, Spinel, and Sardonyx

Just a quick question - what do you think makes a gemstone different from a birthstone? Is it the unique cut? Does the catch lie in the carat? Absolutely not! The only biggie about a birthstone is the fact that it is meticulously chosen, depending on a person’s month of birth. This means, one special birthstone for every month of the year! But darn, people born in the month of August seem to be exclusively luckier than the rest of us in this regard. Not one or two, but these folks have three super gorgeous birthstones to their month of birth. So, if you’re a lucky lad born in August too, keep your eyes glued to this blog as we unravel some jaw-dropping facts about your birthstones.

But before getting into the details, why not find out a wee bit more about these special birthstones for August? 

What is an August birthstone? 

People born in the month of August are either Leos or Virgos. If you happen to know a thing or two about zodiac signs and astrology, you must be knowing these are the fire and earth signs respectively. And this extraordinary fusion makes the month of August astrologically all the more fascinating, hence the three glorious birthstones. 

But, here’s a lesser-known fact - originally, the only birthstone that August had to itself was Sardonyx. However, as time went by, two more gemstones got added to the list - Peridot, and Spinel. Let’s check out more about these three birthstones august has.

August birthstone: The stunning “Peridot” 

  1. About the birthstone -

The OG birthstone for August, Peridot is a sublime gemstone that was first found in Ancient Egypt. This bright greenish-yellow gemstone displays a staggering resemblance to Emerald - so much so that it is often mistaken for that. But unlike Emeralds, Peridots are quite rare - thanks to just how delicate they are. And, if you’re thinking it is their extreme susceptibility that makes them so pricey - voila, you are absolutely right!
  1. Color -

This gemstone is mainly found in olive green and sunset yellow colors. 
  1. Healing powers -

The Peridot birthstone is a goldmine of restorative powers. A boon for emotional healing, Peridot is the stone you need to eradicate feelings of negativity, anger, hatred, and anguish. In fact, it’s no worse for physical healing either. This gemstone is believed to boost the strength and vitality of its wearer. A complete stunner!

August birthstone: The posh “Spinel” 

  1.   About the birthstone -
If you thought Ruby was the only gemstone that oozed luxury, wait till you behold a Spinel! First spotted in the tombs of Afghanistan and adorned by the royals, this gemstone has rich historical relevance. However, it is pretty underrated given people’s inclination towards similar, more popular gemstones like Ruby. But you know the best part about this stone? Although it’s ravishingly beautiful and incredibly mighty, Spinel is actually inexpensive! Go, get your credit card already!
  1. Color -

With this particular august birthstone, color choices are innumerable. Spinel is available in black, blue, dark green, red, pink, lilac, and colorless, pale white hues.  
  1. Healing powers -

Spinel is a gemstone that is believed to do away with several physical illnesses. It alleviates lethargy, soothes trauma, and heals inflammations. Emotionally, this stone wards off anxiety, stress, and promotes creativity and passion. 

August birthstone: The magnificent “Sardonyx”

  1. About the  -

Another humble gemstone that appeared from the ruins of Egypt! Sardonyx was the first gemstone to be given the title of “birthstone for August”. This lustrous gem is a variant of the classic Onyx - a unique stone popular for its smooth, glossy texture and unparalleled curative properties. 
  1. Color -

This gemstone is found only in a rustic reddish-brown color. 
  1. Healing powers -

Sardonyx comes in handy with tons of healing powers. Essentially, this stone is considered to be a gemstone for strength and protection. It welcomes positivity and stability to one’s life. In connotation of physical healing, Sardonyx proves to be a benediction for those struggling with poor stamina. 

Now that you know what is the birthstone for August, let’s check out why birthstones, in general, have so much relevance? 

What is the relevance of birthstones?


  1. Birthstones are believed to bring good luck -

The top reason why birthstones are so ranked insignificance is because they are believed to bring good luck. They ward off any anticipated misfortune and amp up an individual’s self-confidence. 
  1. They have surreal healing powers -

Just like any gemstone, birthstones are power-packed with surprising healing powers. Whether it’s a diamond or an amethyst - birthstones are mighty and have the capability to turn your life aside, if used rightly. 
  1. They protect the wearer from evil -

Another famous reason why birthstones are so celebrated is because they are considered to guard their owner against all kinds of negative energy. It’s pretty clear - with a birthstone close, it’s only positive vibes all the way! 

We have said this once, we will say this again, and perhaps may even continue saying this till the end of the time - gemstones are extremely powerful precious stones, each serving its own purpose. So in case you wanted to swipe your credit card and buy one, we’re giving you a better option - why not go for a gemstone that is personally curated as per your birthday month?! Especially, this blog right here is a treat for all those birthed in August, hunting for a perfect gemstone for themselves.

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  • mateo
    Aug 30, 2022, 6:48:07 AM

    August has many birthstones. I have liked peridot for its healing benefits, and color. I want to wear a peridot ring, Is this safe and comfortable for me?

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