Crystals for Attracting Money, Prosperity and Luck

By Gemexi Team | Gemology
  • Updated On Mar 19, 2020
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Crystals for Attracting Money, Prosperity and Luck

Who doesn’t want to be successful in life? Being wealthy is not only a sign of security but also stability, prosperity, and luck. While working hard, saving, investments are some of the common ways of becoming wealthy; taking risks, believing in the power of crystal healing are other unconventional paths you can choose. Crystals are known to activate your energy fields and give focus and direction to your deeds. There are many uses of healing crystals and they need not necessarily be worn (like gemstones) but can be placed around a home or office. Keeping them beside your nightstand, close to your bed or near your computer helps you to focus. If you are wondering whether all crystals help in attracting money, prosperity, and luck, you need to know some gemstone uses and how other crystals work in attracting money, prosperity and luck into your life. 


Peridot is one of the perfect crystals that help you while you are seeking wealth. If you have intricate plans on how to get rich, keeping Peridot close will help. The crystal, which resonates with solar plexus and heart chakra, can help you meditate so that you can clear your mind and know how best to use your money. Peridot also helps to dispel jealousy, envy and increase your willpower. 


Aventurine can be called your lucky charm especially if you like to take risks, gamble and make the most of your casino trips. Aventurine helps you become more relaxed about your money and use your wealth in a playful manner. This doesn’t mean you Aventurine makes you reckless about your money. In fact, it is a known money crystal that turns your luck in favor of wealth. It is known to be a stone of opportunity. 


Citrine is called the merchant’s stone of wealth. This crystal can attract both fortune and money. If you are looking for ways to get rich and become successful in your career, keeping a Citrine close by will help. Moreover, it is a good luck crystal that can help you crack business deals. Citrine is quite ideal for Sagittarians as it helps improve their self-confidence and mood. Citrine also shows how you can use your money safely and wisely.  


Pyrite is called the ‘golden nugget of wisdom’ and helps you realize your self-worth. The golden-colored stone is a very popular crystal for money as it helps anyone who is facing financial difficulties. The crystal works as a remedy that helps attract wealth, helps you make wise money-related decisions and builds your confidence. Pyrite is known to usher in wealth both subtly and largely. 


Topaz is another powerful healing crystal that is known to be highly beneficial. The yellow-colored crystal helps to attract wealth. Known as the money ball, topaz improves your willpower to become powerful and wealthy. Topaz is the birthstone of November and June but is also known to help those born under the sun sign Gemini and Scorpio.  


Jade is the crystal that brings fortune. It attracts money making you prosper throughout your life. Jade is especially helpful when you have to take important business or career decisions or invest your money somewhere. The green-colored crystal works wonders for those born in March as it helps them have balance and harmony in their life.  


There come times in our life when everything doesn’t go as planned and we see our hard earned wealth fast slipping from our hands. This is when the beautiful and majestic crystal Sapphire comes as divine help. Holding the crystal while meditating ignites your inner powers and helps you gain your lost wealth. Sapphire is also excellent for those seeking to start a new business and who are attracted by good fortune and success. 


Garnet is another stone that helps you recover from financial loss. Garnet has bright rays which attract wealth while at the same time frees you from the financial burden. If Garnet and Citrine are kept close together, they help you take flawless decisions. 

Crystals have quite extraordinary powers. They heal, calm, bring prosperity, luck and so much more into one’s life. Using crystals the right way can make you healthy, wealthy and happy.   

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