Tips For Wearing Peridot Jewelry

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry
  • Posted: Sunday, August 11, 2019
Tips For Wearing Peridot Jewelry


Hey! The month of August is here and it's definitely the time to buy silver peridot jewelry. Ranging from yellowish-green to dark lime green shades, peridot has this uniquely vibrant and young feel about it. It is considered as a symbol of strength and earthiness and popularly known as the birthstone for August borns. What! You are not an August-born? It's okay, still, the peridot is going to be equally beneficial and glamorous for you!

Peridot is a beautiful stone whose history dates back to the time of Egyptians. It was found as one of the gemstones in the jewelry box of the Egyptian queen Cleopatra. The royals and clergies especially preferred this stone for adornment. Imagine the beauty of the stone! If you are also thinking of buying silver peridot jewelry, let us tell you a few tips to pair it up correctly.

Peridot is a stunning stone. If you are more of a neutral-toned person, like you love to wear whites, earthy browns, or other soft hues, then peridot can add that vibrancy of color to your look. You can team up your outfits with any of peridot earrings, peridot pendants, peridot necklace or peridot rings. In all the ways your dull clothes will dazzle with some happiness. Also, for those who love to look bold and bewitching, peridot can be paired up with hot pink, navy blue, maroon and purple too. What strictly we not suggest is to wear them up with the same yellow-green tone of clothes. It will just camouflage and the entire beauty of your jewelry item will be lost. 

Peridot is really a great choice for office wear. With white shirt-grey trousers, elegant light-hued wrap dress or blazer and skirt, peridot looks fantastic. Minimalistic designed peridot earrings or peridot pendant can highlight your entire office look. It will not only make you feel confident but will also help you professionally with its color energy. 

Peridot is a stone of buoyancy and splendor. It protects you from negative emotions, heals your chest, stomach and gut issues, and also helps you set free from feelings of irritation, anger, and jealousy. Peridot resonates with solar Plexus which on activation, inculcates creativity, power, and self-esteem. The stone is popularly known for attracting money, prosperity, and luck



Did you know, peridot is also considered to be a 16th wedding anniversary symbol? Yes, owing to its good ranking on the hardness scale, peridot jewelry can be easily gifted for daily purposes. In gold and silver settings, the beautiful green peridot looks classic. Gone are the days when people used to love red, green and blue gemstones. Now they are actually going experimental with their outfits and jewelry. Peridot rings, peridot bands, peridot bracelets, and other such ornaments are in huge demand in the market. 

If you also feel that peridot can help you physically, emotionally or any other ways or can enhance your beauty or style then you must start building your peridot jewelry collection. For creative designs and best prices, you can always visit Gemexi. It is a one-stop solution to all your silver peridot jewelry demands.

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