Top 10 Gemstones Which Make Poison Box Jewelry More Attractive

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry
  • Updated On Apr 20, 2022
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Top 10 Gemstones Which Make Poison Box Jewelry More Attractive

Gemstones are something we all adore! However, choosing the correct stones for your designs can be tough when just starting in jewelry making. So we've made it simple for you by sharing some stunning gemstones that may be used to create designs for the poison box jewelry collection. Below you can find the top 10 crystals for poison box jewelry.


  1. Emerald Gemstone

The dark green rich-looking Emeralds are a popular choice when it comes to making poison box jewelry or even other types of jewelry. Belonging to the family of mineral species beryl, emeralds are loved for their beautiful dark shades of green that symbolizes prosperity and opulence. While you enjoy and flaunt a beautiful poison box rings and pendants made of emerald, you will also get to avail the associated benefits like good luck, good health, stimulation of third-eye chakra, affluence, success, and yet other advantages too!

Making jewelry with the emerald gemstone

Emerald gemstone show hardness of around 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs Scale and thus, make for a durable and tough gemstone that can be used in fine handmade silver jewelry forms without worries for prolonged periods of time!


  1. Malachite Gemstone

Malachite is a green copper carbonate mineral that gets its name from the Greek word 'malche,' which means allow,' because the stone resembles a mallow leaf in color. Due to its concentric banding and light to dark green coloration, it is a very unusual stone. The greatest reserves are in Russia, although it is also mined in Australia, Zimbabwe, and Arizona around the world.

Making jewelry with malachite gemstone

Malachite is an excellent stone to use in wholesale poison box pendants because of its bright, vivid color. It would look great in striking pendants. Because malachite is a soft stone, it must be handled with caution while crafting jewelry with it.

natural yellow citrine 925 sterling silver poison box pendant    natural blue labradorite round sterling silver poison box pendant    natural black onyx 925 sterling silver poison box pendant jewelry


  1. Lapis Lazuli Gemstone

Lapis lazuli is an opaque gemstone made up primarily of the royal blue mineral lazurite, with white calcite and glittering gold pyrite particles. The deep indigo/blue coloration of lapis is a favorite gemstone among jewelers, though it can range from light greenish blue to royal blue. It is mined in northeast Afghanistan and Pakistan and is known as "blue stone" in Latin.

Making of jewelry with lapis lazuli

Although lapis lazuli is a popular gemstone, it should be used with caution in jewelry designs because it is a fragile stone that can easily chip or be damaged.


  1. Topaz

Another enchanting gemstone for making poison box jewelry is the beautiful Topaz. Though found in the colorless form naturally, the gemstone gets many alluring shades because of the presence of impurities in it. Some of such shades include golden brown, pink, yellow, and a few more.

Topaz in jewelry making

Topaz is a beautiful rare silicate mineral which is widely known for its utter hardness. It shows the hardness of 8 on the Mohs Scale making it quite a durable and strong gemstone for the purpose of making jewelry. With gorgeous topaz, you may add joy and warmth to your handcrafted poison box creations.


  1. Peridot

Adore the gleaming peridot which fills you with a refreshing feeling and adds much charm to your personality. Be it a pretty oval-shaped Peridot silver pendant in poison box style, or a statement poison box ring with Peridot as the main gem, you will be amazed by the scintillating look of this gemstone.

Peridot in the making of jewelry

Available in faceted form, nuggets, and cabochons, the peridot always looks great in any jewelry form. It is an excellent stone for working on many kinds of poison box silver jewelry collection designs because of its lovely look and endurance.

Unusual box jewelry

  1. Ruby

Known as the Queen of Gemstones, Ruby is indeed one of the most beautiful and highly popular traditional gemstones that always remain in demand and fashion. Use it in making a nice poison box compartment ring, pendant, or other jewelry, it will impress you with its deep and rich red hue.

Making jewelry with Ruby gemstone

With brittle tenacity and significant hardness of 9, Ruby is indeed one of the most popular gemstones for jewelry. The lustrous color and appeal of Ruby is simply incomparable!


  1. Moonstone

Moonstone is a famous gemstone because of its gleaming blue and white shine, which evokes mystical moonlight. It belongs to the Feldspar family and exhibits adularescence, a stunning color play. Moonstone inclusions are known as centipedes because of their appearance under a microscope. Grey, brown, green, pink, and multicolored moonstones are among the many colors available. India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Australia, Madagascar, Tanzania, and Brazil are among the countries that mine the moonstones.

Making jewelry with moonstone

Despite not being a hard stone, moonstone is immensely popular in jewelry designs like poison box silver rings. Moonstone should be used with caution in designs because it is easily destroyed, therefore always keep it in a protective environment.


  1. Amethyst

The rich purple shade of Amethyst is often seen as the representation of luxury and aristocracy. For those who love flaunting ensembles and accessories in a royal purple shade, amethyst comes as a wonderful jewelry gemstone. Its beauty and lure have made it a demanding choice to be used in the poison box jewelry.

Making jewelry with amethyst

Amethyst has the same hardness as that of quartz and is considered suitable for almost all types of jewelry making. With a hardness of 7 on the Mohs Scale, it is considered a good option for making nice and finely created jewels.

natural white pearl 925 sterling silver poison box ring    natural green emerald 925 sterling silver poison box ring    natural blue lapis lazuli 925 silver poison box ring


  1. Onyx

Onyx is a well-liked gemstone for jewelry manufacturing, and it's ideal for huge, aggressive designs. Onyx is a microcrystalline quartz type known as chalcedony, and it is one of the most popular gemstones for jewelry manufacturing. Although most onyx gemstones have a black base and a white top layer, most onyx gemstones are entirely black. It is generated by the deposition of silica in gas cavities in lava and is found all over the world. Onyx is a popular gemstone that may be found in places like Italy, Mexico, the United States, Russia, Brazil, and South Africa.

Working with onyx in jewelry

Onyx is an excellent gemstone for producing dramatic and bold poison box 925 sterling silver jewelry designs. It's appropriate for both men's and women's jewelry, and it complements gold settings beautifully.


  1. Citrine

Love wearing a nice colored gemstone that instantly fills you with cheerfulness and positivity? Try the beautiful Citrine poison box ring or pendant to enhance your look.

Citrine in jewelry making

With no cleavage and a suitable hardness of 7, Citrine is also a fine choice for jewelry-making purposes. However, the gemstone needs proper care in order to stay protected from damage and scratches. The lovely bright yellow shade and toughness of Citrine make it one of the ideals gems for wholesale poison box silver jewelry manufacturing. All the above gemstones when used in crafting Poison Box Jewelry enhance the style and appeal of this jewelry form.

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  • Ivy
    Jul 28, 2022, 5:57:38 AM

    I have a ruby gemstone position box. which Means This box contains my three ruby jewelry 1. ruby pendant 2. bracelets and 3. ring. Ruby is a kind of gemstone, that always remains in demand. I like it because of its rich and deep red color.

  • Jisal
    Nov 28, 2022, 8:49:41 AM

    This kind of ring looks so fascinating. I would love to have one. Where I can find them?

  • Jisal
    Nov 28, 2022, 8:49:41 AM

    This kind of ring looks so fascinating. I would love to have one. Where I can find them?

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