Find The Unusual Box Jewelry-The Poison Box Jewelry

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  • Updated On Mar 17, 2020
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Find The Unusual Box Jewelry-The Poison Box Jewelry

Any jewelry lover should know about this very interesting jewelry called the poison box jewelry. It is really unusual and extraordinary. It comes with a charm that is unique in itself as it carries a lot of mystery with it. If you have been thinking that this a modern form of jewelry, you are wrong! Well, this type of jewelry is in use for centuries. The unique concept of poison box jewelry is prevalent since the very old times and it has become a part of recent jewelry trends, now. Many terrific and astonishing designs can be found in this type of jewelry. So let us know what exactly this jewelry is all about!

What is poison box jewelry?

Just as the name indicates, this form of jewelry is the one that comes with a box or compartment. It can be a necklace, a pendant or a ring that contains a tiny secret box/compartment. This box or compartment remains hidden in such a way that it cannot be found or seen easily by the viewer until the owner of that jewel piece tells so! The poison box jewelry is also known as pillbox jewelry. You can wear this jewelry like any other jewelry but you get the benefit of using the hidden box for your own purpose. You can keep your precious tiny treasures in it! It can be anything like a mini note, a tiny piece of precious crystal or just anything that you want to keep and which fits perfectly into that box. 

The objective of poison box jewelry

The most interesting fact about the poison box jewelry is that it has been used for both negative and positive purposes. Let us take a look at both these purposes before we discuss the recent poison box theme jewelry ideas. 

  • The negative purposes of poison box jewelry – In ancient times, the box of this jewelry was used to store a small amount of poison. The poison could be used to commit suicide when caught by the enemy or it could be used to mix in the enemies’ meals to kill him. 
  • The positive purposes of poison box jewelry – With the growing times, this type of jewelry found some positive purposes too. People started using this box jewelry to store sacred relics like hair, teeth, etc. Today, the poison box jewelry is used as a gift also where people hide precious little treasures in the box of this jewelry for their loved ones.




The poison box theme jewelry

The poison box jewelry is not confined to a few designs and styles. It can be found in various enchanting designs and patterns including beautiful rings, pendants and more. The sterling silver poison box range gives you a wide range of designs to choose from. While exploring this range you can discover the following:

  • Beautifully crafted poison box rings
  • Imaginatively made poison box pendants
  • Engraved classic patterns inspired by nature
  • Enchanting engravings of various figures like animals, angels, etc.
  • Poison box jewelry with specific themes
  • This jewelry can also be found in the form of attractive handmade patterns

The sterling silver poison box jewelry looks very captivating. The brilliant and forever famous charm of silver makes this jewelry a perfect choice to be worn on various important occasions. The poison box jewelry with a particular theme looks quite special and extraordinary. This jewelry is a perfect choice for people who love unique and mysterious items. The hidden tiny box surely creates a sense of mystery and adventure and the one who wears such jewelry can keep any item of his or her choice inside that box. Various types of adornments are added to poison box jewelry for raising its level of beauty. The diamonds, emeralds and another natural, authentic and precious items definitely add up to the attraction of this type of jewelry and if you are looking for other theme-based jewelry then also you can visit Gemexi. One can find an extensive range of this jewelry online also. You will be glad to know that there are certain options that even customize the poison box jewelry and let you enjoy a design that you have been craving for years!

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