Most Popular Gemstones for 2021

By Gemexi Team | Healing Crystals
  • Posted: Thursday, February 11, 2021
Most Popular Gemstones for 2021

Are you deeply curious to know about the most beautiful and popular gemstones of 2021? If yes, you have landed at the right spot! We take you on a short and compelling tour of popular gemstones that are going to be a sure hit in the new year. Take a look below and pick your favorite gemstone!

  1. Shungite – Shungite is a unique gemstone. It portrays a lovely luster and an attractive black color. Own beautiful shungite jewelry as it is going to be one of the popular gemstones for the New Year 2021. The gemstone is lesser-known in comparison to other gemstones but it looks very beautiful when worked into fine jewelry. And yes! When you are all set to flaunt your adorable look with the pretty Shungite jewelry, do remember that the stone comes with its unique healing powers that are admired and respected all over the world!

  2. Emeralds – Emeralds are going to maintain their place in the list of most popular gemstones of 2021. The fine lush green color and the sparkle portrayed by the incredibly beautiful gemstone is quite marvelous. You will also be able to enjoy the significant qualities of an emerald when you wear the charismatic emerald jewelry. Gain wisdom and better brain power by wearing emeralds. Also, it will be a lovely gemstone for people who want to enhance their creativity.

  3. Sapphires – From inviting good luck, fame, and opulence to better health and healing, sapphires will give you many good surprises with their significant properties. Sapphires will remain in the popular gemstones’ list of 2021. Check out the alluring deals on sapphire jewelry and get ready to enjoy all the associated benefits of this enchanting gemstone.

  4. Red Coral – The next in our list of popular gemstones of 2021 is the enticing red coral gemstone. It mesmerizes you with its exceptional looks and gives you the joy of enjoying few associated benefits. You can improve your administrative skills with the help of red coral. The stone is also loved for its ability to strengthen your determination power.

  5. Moss Agate – Be ready to own some nice moss agate gemstones in the year 2021. The fabulous green color of moss agate is candy to your eyes and symbolizes growth. Whether you feel that you are facing stagnancy in your career or personal life, wearing the magnificent moss agate will help you grow. The gemstone is also known to support and help in your spiritual journey.

  6. Topaz – Try to buy the beautiful and timeless yellow topaz for the upcoming new year. The best quality that you will enjoy by wearing the gorgeous topaz rings, pendants, or necklaces would be that you will find protection from any sort of negativity. Topaz is known for keeping anxiousness, negativity, and stress at bay. It is also a lovely gemstone for people who are looking for some inner peace and relaxation. Thus, you can also give it to your loved ones who feel a little or more restless!

  7. Diamonds – Diamonds are always counted on the top when we talk about the most popular stones for jewelry. Diamonds instantly make you fall in love with them with their infinite beauty and sheen. Available in a wide range of cuts, designs, and styles, diamond jewelry is surely going to stay in the jewelry trends of 2021 and undoubtedly, diamonds will make for one of the most popular gemstones in not just 2021, but in the upcoming years too!

  8. Carnelian – Steal the show with the unique and creative carnelian jewelry. The bright orange-red shade of this gemstone will immediately improve your looks and personality. The stone is believed to fill its wearer with immense liveliness and optimism. So why not stay positive and look beautiful with the lovely-looking carnelian gemstone.

  9. Sodalite – If you love wearing blue-colored gemstones then sodalite will be your best companion for the new year! The gemstone will make you feel relaxed and calm from within. You can also use the pretty sodalite jewelry for activating your throat and eye chakra.

  10. Citrine – You can count on citrine when talking about the hit gemstones of the upcoming year. The exceptionally beautiful citrine gemstone comes with the strong power of instilling positivity into its wearer. Wear fine citrine jewelry in the new year and enjoy a positive attitude in life!

Shop for any of the above popular gemstones of 2021 and enjoy the new and fresh year with a lot of happiness, love, prosperity, and good health. Wear these stones in the form of jewelry or own them in their loose form. Either way, they will change your life for god and betterment!


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