Coral - Color, Facts, Power, Mythology, History And Myths

Comes out from the garden of the wavy ocean, Coral is known to be a stone of mystic subtlety. A symbol of felicity and delight, it is evoked from an ocean layer in a variety of the colors. Getting into this entrancing treasure helps the holder to enjoy life to its widest. Ancient folks believe that this joyous gem is related to the planet Mars for its fiery red suffuse. As an organic body of natural creatures, it is mineralized and now is utilized as a considerable precious gemstone. Coral silver jewelry helps out to appease the sentiments of a wearing being which helps him to bring amity to within. It is too known to invoke the power of insight, mind's eye and visualisation. It holds a colossal power which helps to expedite the knowledge pass on from with to the world and vice-versa. On physical levels, it answers to reinforce the circulatory system and the bones of the torso.  It inspires tissue revival and nurtures the blood cells. It is further employed to treat the disorders of the torso canals, nervous arrangement, as well as the thalamus.

Coral is accredited to be paramount to protect the wearer from depression and despondency which in turn contributes to the inspiration of the energetic pursuit of pre-set ends. It too works as a phenomenal totem for infants as well as a shielding amulet for its wearers. Traditionally, it is gifted to mothers as it heartens the mother and child bonding. It is too known to be planted in pinkish tone, whitish shades, yellowish along with blackish tints. Historically, it is applied for a purpose of embellishment. It was conceived that this gem to turns away the ill fortune as well as offer fortification from skin disease when worn as a neck jewel piece. It is highly renowned to assist the carrier to recoup from the long illness. It is likewise known to be a good aid for visualization. It is renowned to be pressed out from the off coast of Australia, South Pacific, Japan, and Africa furthermore from the water of the Mediterranean Sea.

Coral signifies life and blood force oomph. Its blood red shades are used for heating and exciting the blood stream. Pink tones of this mesmerizing organic gem help to restore harmony to the heart. It is moreover utilized to cure depression as well as nutrition deficiency. It too cures the troubles related to colic and heartburn as well aids in the discharge of impurities from the muscular system. Some of the coral hues benefit its carrier by helping him to relax and hushed the emotions which in the spell of life help to bring in peace within the self. It is recognized to ease communication with spiritual masters of the universe. It is best suited for speculation.

It further helps the carrier to become more balanced and in concord with nature along with the powers of the Universe. It is highly reckoned as the stone of revival and purification. It is accredited for providing ceaseless augmentation in all areas of life. It is too known to invoke imagination, flexibility, as well as assist the holder with compassion. It is constructive in stimulating holders learning and retention capabilities, it too serves to achieve intellectual control. It is supposed to possess creative energy which on the other hand endows the holder with both intuitive and artistic energies.

Where is Coral found?

Coral reefs 're largely found in Queensland, Australia, however various other sources from where Coral originates are the Midway Islands, Red Sea, the Canary Islands, the coast of Australia, the Taiwan and Malaysian Coast, Italy, (Sardinia), and Hawaii.

Coral is found in shallow and clear sea-water at a depth of about 15ft to 16ft.

Healing Properties

Coral healing properties hold different color vibes. Red is utilized to treat depression whereas white soothes stress. On a physical ground, it is employed to brace the circulatory system of the torso along with the regeneration of the tissues. By curing the calcium deficiencies, it is too employed to mend the spinal canal and nervous system. It is accredited to assimilate the vitamins in the body especially, A and D which further helps to heal the broken bones. It is also known to strengthen the muscles of the carrier’s body. By fuelling the desired goals, it helps to protect the wearer from the feelings of hopelessness. The red radiant’s provokes the feelings of ardour, romance and bliss in the emotional life of the wearing individual. The pink glows as an amulet used to promote contentment and immortality furthermore used to drive away bad luck and illness from the life. It is highly recommended for romantically inclined duo. It is good to wear, if want to explore the adventures in life. Coral signifies the business of steel, agriculture, property, gold, and weapons. As Coral is the stone for people who are guided by Mars, it leads a person to professionals such as dental treatment, defence and police services, surgery, mechanical engineering, and chemical studies.

  • Physical Healing

On a physical ground, it is employed to brace the circulatory system of the torso along with the regeneration of the tissues. By curing the calcium deficiencies, it is too employed to mend the spinal canal and the nervous system. It is accredited to assimilate the vitamins in the body especially, A and D which further helps to heal the broken bones. It is also known to strengthen the muscles of the carrier’s body. On physical levels, it answers to reinforce the circulatory system and the bones of the torso.  It inspires tissue revival and nurtures the blood cells. It is further employed to treat the disorders of the torso canals, nervous arrangement, as well as the thalamus. It likewise deals with the problems of the kidneys, gallbladder as well as of parathyroid gland. It is said that coral indicates the bad health of the wearer by changing its color. It is effective in protecting the wearer against diseases, like smallpox, anemia, headache, jaundice, weakness, fever, piles, blood diseases, typhoid, cough, allergies, bronchitis, wounds, chickenpox, pneumonia, measles, and problems with bile. Coral is believed to contain certain qualities that can recover or protect a person from bone cancer, blood cancer, mouth cancer, and stomach cancer. Furthermore, it can also cure menstrual cramps, delivery pain, operation pain, hernia, gouts, rickets, piles, diabetes, paralysis, appendicitis, etc. Some experts recommend a therapy-related with Coral to improve the eyesight. One should wash his/her eyes every morning with coral water in which coral is soaked overnight, and this should be done regularly to get better results.

  • Emotional Healing

Coral is a stabilizing gem which is perfect to anchor in the present life. It instills wisdom in the lifespan of the carrier, moreover, it endorses stability in the kinship. By alleviating fear, depression from the gloomy sentiments, it beefs up the facility of prudence which ultimately contributes to triumph. Acknowledged to oppose evil spells, it is capable to repair aura which can assist the wearer in a future life. Corals high resonating oomph assist to restore the lost vivacity and drive which further aids to kindle creativity for new interests. It improves the concentration of the holder during meditation. Coral also guards against resentment and heartens a love of life. It is functional for conquering cruelty of any kind as well as helps the carrier to trust himself along with his perceptions. It is too known to ease the feelings of jealousy and overprotectiveness in kinships. It as well serves to maintain vigorous and healthy cooperation. Red coral makes the person active and energetic. It inculcates intelligence, confidence, and strength in a person. Coral is believed to be an effective stone for financial and professional growth. It helps a person in accomplishing the work with the success that he has taken. It is believed to be a great stone for everlasting and successful married life. It safeguards a person against accident, evil spirits, curses, witchcraft, magic, nightmares, and lightning.

  • Spiritual Healing

It is highly recommended to utilize in meditation, as it can connect the spiritual self with the spiritual masters of the universe. By invoking the imaginative and intuitive powers, it helps to communicate with the divine power. It helps the wearer to know his inner self moreover; it unfolds the path of wisdom for him to move. It helps the wearer to be more poised with nature. It too assists the carrier to be in harmony with the universe along with the universal self. By removing darkness from the life, it instills adaptability as well as sensitivity towards life. It is known to stimulate the learning abilities which on the other hand help to retain as well. It too nourishes the self-worth and veracity which aids to articulate the truth into the world.

  • Heals and Balances Chakra

Coral is known to trigger the heart chakra, which further helps the carrier to embrace his qualities to stay tuned with the world around. It is too known to balance as well as maintain the beautiful kinship with the kin along with the people around. By getting rid of the negativity from the hurtful feelings and emotions, it serves to comprehend the life as well as also accept the alterations which he is going through. It also recognized to trigger the Solar Plexus Chakra, which is known as a distribution center of the sentiments to uphold the kinship. It is too well to provoke spiritualism in the bearer which allows him to freely communicate his thoughts with the external universe. It is known to control the emotional state of the carrier.  By turning on the Sacral Chakra, it manipulates the flow of torso’s energy to and fro from the top to the bottom. It is acknowledged as a powerful supporter in curing Base Chakra, as it by cleaning off this chakra will help out the carrier to recover his vital self. It will help to extract out the information which will help to know his life’s purpose on earth. It promotes commitment with the self to know the higher purpose of spiritual growth. Coral, however, relates to the root chakra, but it aligns and balances all the chakras in the body. It mollifies the emotions and helps a person in recognizing himself. It brings a positive outlook in a person.

Coral Facts

Some facts about Coral

  • Out of seven, Coral is one of the assets in Buddhist scriptures.
  • Coral is not used fresh i.e. directly from the ocean. It undergoes chemical treatment, sinking, heating, cutting, and polishing before being presented as the final gemstone.
  • The rarest is the black coral, which when undergoes all the treatments, looks stunning and lustrous of all.
  • Hawaiian black Coral is found 200ft under water, and a colony of Hawaiian black coral takes 50 years to get matured.
  • Ancient Romans used to put coral around the neck of their children to ward off the evil.

Metaphysical Properties

Coral is a gemstone that is associated with planet Mars. Coral can be identified by some of the prominent properties that it holds, like the smoothness, round or oval shape, even surface, deep red color, and dent and perforation-free stone. The remarkable property that Coral holds is its durability and intensity of red color.

 The hardness of Coral weighs in between 3-4 on Moh’s scale.

Coral In News

Coral Color

The color of this spectacular and subtle stone ranges from warm reddish-pink to light pink to crimson or deep red. The other colors in which Coral is found are saffron, scarlet, vermillion, and white.

Coral Colors

  • Cleavage
  • Other Names
  • Crystal Habit
  • Streak
  • Refractive Index1.486-1.658
  • Diaphaneitytranslucent to opaque
  • Mohs scale (hardness)2 - 2.5
  • Sourcesaustralia, Hawaii, taiwan, italy
  • Chemical formulaCaCO3
  • Lustredull
  • Colorsaffron, scarlet, vermillion, and white
  • Chakra HealingRoot or base chakra,Solar Plexus Chakra,Sacral chakra,Heart chakra
  • BirthstoneApril
  • Zodiacaries
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