Gemstones Jewelry For Abdominal Pain And Stomach Ache

Ever since ancient times, people have used gemstones and healing crystals for stomach ache. While there are many expert healers who can suggest crystals for abdominal pain, there are also several guides to help you buy gemstones for stomach problems. What stands unchanged is that these gemstones can be very helpful for you, if only you believe in their potential to heal and clean your chakras. There is no scientific research behind how these gemstones and crystals can stimulate organs and heal pains, but those who have experienced the change can vouch for its truth.
For stomach problems and abdominal pain, keeping the healing stones on the solar plexus chakra help most people. In case you feel sick near the belly region or want healing crystals for stomach pain, then holding the crystals near the solar plexus chakra can help stimulate the organs and relieve you from pain. However, always remember to keep these gemstones and crystals as an additional factor to your medicinal plan and always refer to your doctor for any severe illness. Now, let us look at some of the best crystals for stomach problems that most users swear by.
  1. • Amber

Also known as the stone of wealth, amber is the best crystal for stomach pain too. It can also improve bowel health when used during a soaking bath. Its positive energy can enter your stomach walls and eject all the diseased elements from the body. When worn over the solar plexus chakra or sacral chakra, its impact turns almost divine. Amber also works as a healing crystal for stomach pain when worn with a crystal pendulum.
  1. • Garnet

Garnet gemstones are energized by your kundalini energy and can heal your gut from deep within. This healing crystal can also boost body immunity by combining it with the base chakra of the body. If you use it with a pendulum on your sacral chakra, then you can get the best effects. It is because of the sacral chakra that your stomach can be quickly free from ailments and all sorts of pains while regularizing bowel movement.
  1. • Jasper

When powered with the basal chakra of the body, jasper can do wonders for healing heartburns. As one of the most effective crystals for abdominal pain, jasper is very good at healing nausea and heartburn related concerns. Jasper also balances out your meals and should be used after the biggest meal of the day for immediate impact. It gets rid of all the unwanted energy from food that can give you heartburns, thus being one of the most sought after gemstones for stomach problems.
  1. • Fluorite (green)

If you constantly face gastric issues and burps, fluorite can come in handy for you. This is one of the best crystals for stomach problems and can solve all problems related to excretion. Wearing fluorite on the solar plexus will also keep the intestinal worms and infections away from you. The fluorite is also known to effectively keep away stress that causes digestive problems in the first place.
  1. • Fire Agate

Agate is known to be the balancing crystal that opens up the blocked pores and valves of the body, releasing all gases and troubles from the intestine. Those who put their faith in agate, are also safe from cold infection, along with their abdominal troubles. This crystal for stomach ache reduces toxins and also hunger, thus removing any chance of binge eating. This crystal is also the best to soothe all the pains of your mind and body, leading to detoxification.
These are some of our favourite picks as the best crystals for stomach problems. We believe that there is a vast range of other options that you can explore when you set out to buy gemstones for stomach problems. Look through the available options and find the best fit for yourself, from our catalogue available on the website. We deal in premium quality healing gemstones and crystals for abdominal pain and several other woes that you can soon forget!
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