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A microcrystalline quartz and a fine-grained chalcedony, Jasper is an opaque variety of gemstone.

Each Jasper stone is unique in nature due to its appearance, and the appeal of this gemstone lies in the exclusivity of its patterns and formations. The artistry that Jasper has exhibits the nature itself such as the night sky, desert, poppy fields, bright and golden sunshine, surging ocean and deep green forest. Each Jasper stone seems like the masterpiece of the designer- solid and earthy, and bold and primitive. 

Acknowledged as the “supreme nurturer”, Jasper Silver Jewelry is supposed to bring wholeness and peace in life by absorbing all the negativity that the mind and body of a human being holds. It is considered to balance the Yin and Yang.

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Where is Jasper found?

Jasper is found globally, and an extensive variety of Jasper stone is found in the western areas of the United States, Idaho, Oregon, California, Utah, Wyoming and Washington.

Healing Properties

Benefits of Jasper

Jasper is an excellent talisman and is beneficial in many aspects.

  • Act as an emotional healer

Jasper is a great stone that is considered to be a strengthening agent for an emotional body that eases stress, and produces a calm atmosphere. The people who are sensitive to the vibrations of Jasper, it creates a special aura for them and delivers a pleasant sensation throughout the body as it irradiates. It incurs the feeling of humility, patience, generosity, and compassion in the wearer. Jasper is a stone of courage and audacity, and also helps in imparting persistence and strength of mind in all the quest of life.

Jasper encourages the wearer to be honest in every aspect of his life and to always stand for truth. It assists one in overcoming insecurities, guilt, and fear and inspires one in moving forward with self-confidence rather than aggression.

  • Physical Healer

Jasper is considered extremely invigorating for the wear and tear of the tissues of the internal organs and is helpful in treating the disorder of the spleen, kidneys, liver, bladder, and stomach. It may also give support in maintaining equilibrium between mineral content and regulation of the supplies of iron, zinc, sulphur, and manganese elements inside the body. 

The elixir of Jasper is comforting for the digestive system, which can be made by soaking a Jasper stone for a night in demineralised water. Moreover, Jasper is also considered in holding back blood flow, particularly nosebleed.

Jasper also reduces haemorrhoids and soothes gout and epilepsy, and treats the loss of smell.

  • Inculcates spirituality in the wearer

Jasper is regarded as a stone that can strengthen one’s connection with the Earth, and the sacredness and spirituality that exists in nature. It encourages the wearer to rejoice moments of splendour in the good and bad, ordinary and extraordinary both. It lets the wearer find inner peace in him, and with others.

  • Heals and balances Chakra

Place the Jasper stone on the base chakra to uplift and stabilise the base chakra. Laying it one by one over each chakra will boost, cleanse, and aligns the aura and the chakra as well as balancing the emotional, physical, and mental bodies with the etheric realm.

Jasper Facts

Some facts about Jasper

  • Jasper was worn in ancient times as a talisman against witchcraft and phantasms.
  • Sea Sediment Jasper Jewelry has gained widespread popularity.
  • A good luck charm of Jasper was believed to defend its wearer from drowning and was also believed to keep spiders and scorpions away.
  • It was believed in ancient times that if Jasper is being worn by a person since childhood, it safeguards him from ghosts, accidents and also helps in fulfilling all their wishes.
  • In some civilizations, Jasper was inscribed in the breastplate of the high priest.

Types of Jasper

Jasper has been honoured with a number of trade names due to its unique and attractive texture and patterns. Some of them are:

  • Red Jasper

It is a defensive stone used for warding off witchcraft and black magic. Red Jasper is believed to use by females to enhance beauty and grace.

  • Leopard Skin Jasper

Among the various types of gemstones, Leopardskin Jasper is the oldest one. This variant of Jasper has been mentioned in the Bible also a few times. Leopard skin Jasper is regarded as the gemstone, which is used to ease stress and safeguarding the wearer from those things that are not good for them. It is also supposed to bring fortune, wealth and success.

  • Petrified Wood Jasper

Petrified Wood Jasper is that Jasper, which is found in fossilized wood. It holds a therapeutic treatment in relieving problems related to hip and back.

  • Coffee Bean Jasper

Coffee Bean Jasper is somewhat similar to how a Coffee Bean looks like. It is in shades of brown. Coffee Bean Jasper is grounding and protecting the stone.

  • Black Jasper

Black Jasper is also called as Blackstone, which helps the wearer in connecting with the vibrations of the earth. It aids stomach and feet problems.

  • Brecciated  Jasper

Brecciated Jasper assists those who feel besieged.  It can improve the abilities of the organisation whilst developing the creativity of the people.  Brecciated Jasper supports understanding and communication with animals.  It takes up pessimistic energy and promotes health.

  • Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasper, or Orbicular Jasper, supports the wearer in accepting responsibilities and being patient.  It facilitates eliminating toxicities from the body and improving digestion.

  • Dalmatian Jasper

Dalmatian Jasper or Dalmatian Stone facilitates the wearer in knowing his positive and negative aspects of nature clearly. It adds fun to one’s life and helps to be loyal in relationships. It distils the blood and enhances the immune system.

Metaphysical Properties

Jasper is an opaque form of Chalcedony having impure varieties of silica. The most common color that is found in Jasper is the red color, which is due to the presence of iron in it. The mineral breaks down with a smooth surface and is used in ornaments and as a gemstone.

The hardness of Jasper stone weighs in between 6.5 to 7 on the Moh’s scale. Jasper basically means “spotted or speckled stone”, which has been derived from an old French word, “Jasper”. Jasper is considered to be the protective and scared stone since the ancient times.

Jasper is one of the birthstones for the people born under the sun sign of Virgo and is also the traditional birthstone of people who are born in March.

Jasper at a Glance

Cleavage None
Other Names Agate Jasper, Banded Jasper, Basanite, Egyptian Jasper, Hornstone, Nunkirchner Jasper, Scenic Jasper, Silex
Crystal Habit Massive microgranular quartz
Streak White, Yellow, Brown And Red
Refractive Index 1.535-1.539
Diaphaneity opaque
Moh's scale (hardness) 6.5 to 7
Sources United States, Idaho, Oregon, California, Utah, Wyoming and Washington
Chemical formula SiO2
Lustre Vitreous
Color Almost Any Color
Chakra Healing Root or base chakra
Birthstone March
Zodiac Virgo

Jasper Color

Jasper is found in colors, like brown, red, black, yellow, and few more with diverse textures.

Jasper Colors

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I have heard that Jasper is a rare gemstone. Is it so? Actually this question is roaming here and there in my mind since many days. Please reply…
Reply on 6/11/14
Yeah Filli this gemstone is rare but it’s not like that we can’t get it. There many places in this world from where you may get an original piece of this talisman. So, go for it, you will definitely get it.
Reply on 1/12/14
Jasper is a pretty gemstone and comes in various hue...quite lovely...i have read all its properties and wish like should try...what say...help please..
Reply on 21/5/15
Argele Intili
Hey Sara, you may try Jasper gemstone. But before this you should seek an advice from your astrologer as the case of gemstone is taken as much sensitive one. Its healing properties suits accordingly. So. you should ask your astrologer before trying it out.
Reply on 14/6/15
hi Sara, you may wear Jasper gemstone if you find it as per your needs. For this you may first ask to your astrologer. Now a days Jewelexi is gaining fame in this part. The people use to ask free questions on its site on Ask Mittens. Why don't you try it.
Reply on 27/6/15
Jasper supports the circulatory, digestive and sexual organs. It balances the mineral content of the body. It is particularly useful as crystal water because it doesn't overstimulate the body.
Reply on 2/7/15
Jasper is really a fine stone which includes many benefits with it. I like getting knowledge about it and your content helps me in that. Thanks.
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Wow!! Its gorgeous collection!!
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Jasper is one of my favorite stone from your collection and its jewelry is simply eye-catching Surf the beautiful jewelry here:
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I love your new collection. Thanks for your fast services and for providing a fine quality of the stone.
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You guys have an adorable piece of stone jewelry. I love them a lot.
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I have several types of stone but I never purchase jasper. You have a nice collection.
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