How Do Healing Crystals Help In Recovery For Drug & Alcohol Addiction?

By Gemexi Team | Healing Crystals
  • Updated On Jul 22, 2021
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How Do Healing Crystals Help In Recovery For Drug & Alcohol Addiction?

Today, the younger generation is warring so many silent battles. From confronting ghastly mental health issues like anxiety and depression to constantly struggling with the 9-5 corporate life - gone are the days when youth used to be carefree. Now, the youth is down in the dumps, desperately seeking ways to feel better. And in this very quest itself, they get engaged in obnoxious idiosyncrasies like alcohol consumption and drug intake. These vicious habits might fugitively shelter them from all the chaos and nuisance, but in the long haul, they take back much more than they give. For this reason, alcohol and drug recovery are two of the most crucial global concerns. And fortunately, crystals for addiction recovery are excellently contributing towards this cause. Want to know the hows and the whats? Check out this blog :

How do healing crystals for addiction help the body in recovery?


Medication is the most

sought after treatment for addiction recovery. But here’s a lesser-known fact - energy has a lot to do too when it comes to any kind of healing. Especially, people suffering from substance abuse or alcoholism can be treated very effectively through the manipulation of energy within them. Crystal therapy is the best way to accomplish this. However, different crystals are used depending on the type and intensity of addiction.


For alcohol addiction

For normal folks like you and me, alcohol withdrawal isn’t even a thing, let alone being something arduous. But ask the alcoholics and you will understand how it takes every ounce of strength in them to resist a craving. Whether it’s the office meetings or a game day at home - saying “no” to an offering isn’t as easy as it sounds. But the practice of crystals for alcohol addiction has made a huge difference in this regard. Amethyst and Celestite are two of the best, most effective healing crystals for recovery from alcoholism. While amethyst imparts a feeling of self-control in the individual, celestite controls stress and wards off the temptation.


For drug addiction

Substance abuse is the worst kind of addiction that seems to have aggressively arrested the youth. Cocaine, heroin, or marijuana - overconsumption of each of these illicit drugs is harmful to health in a number of ways. From causing irrevocable damage to the organs to provoking mental disorders as bad as depression and hallucination - recovering from drug addiction at an early stage is both tough and alarmingly essential. Fortunately, crystals like Lepidolite, Aventurine, and Carnelian can go a huge way in helping with this. These crystals source the energy to do away with these unhealthy habits and allow the person to channel their inner equanimity.

How to use crystals for drug and alcohol addiction recovery

Wear them

If you love wearing beautiful crystals, thank us, for we’re giving you one more reason to flaunt your crystal jewelry. Wearing crystals proves to be amazingly effective for addiction recovery. Stones like amethyst and celestite works wonders as healing crystals for recovering alcoholics' anxiety. All you have to do is put them around your neck or wear them on your wrist!

Meditate with crystals

Another simple way of benefiting from the energies released by crystals! Meditation in itself is one of the best ways of rehabilitation from alcohol or drug abuse. But when combined with the power of healing stones for addiction, its efficacy largely amplifies. Just place the healing crystals near you while meditating. We bet - you’re sure to feel the difference!


Infuse them in water

If you’re thinking chain smokers have no scope of fighting off this habit through the power of crystals, think again! Crystal healing for smoking addiction is quite prevalent, and the best approach in this connotation is by infusing the healing crystals in drinking water. By getting dispersed in your system, the healing energies of the crystals work more adamantly.

Keep them around you

You have no clue how just simply decorating your space with stones for addiction-like amethyst or lepidolite can have a huge impact in leading you on the way to alcohol or drug recovery. These stones diffuse positive and tranquil energies in such high amounts that barely sharing the same room with them turns out to be miraculously healthy and beneficial.

Alcohol and drug abuse are very common, an issue that almost every other young adult battles with at some point in their life. While medication and therapy effectively aid in eradicating these terrible substance abuses, it won’t be hyperbole to say that the power of crystal therapy has been nothing but revolutionary in this regard.

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    Wearing gemstones gives us positive vibes. People Who wear gemstones always feel good vibes.

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