An angel of compassion, Raphael brings warmth in the spirit

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  • Posted: Thursday, October 8, 2015
An angel of compassion, Raphael brings warmth in the spirit

Since ages, Archangel Raphael has long been looked upon as the angel of compassion whose healing potential will mend the overall body along with the soul. The name Raphael is taken from the Hebrew word Rophe that means “medicine doctor” or Rapach that means “God heals the soul.” Raphael is also believed to be one among the three angels, visited Abraham and Sarah to assist in their conception. Theologians consider Raphael as an archangel, which is appreciated for healing the infirm at the Bethesda pond. He too healed the Jacob’s injuries (a grandson of Abraham); Jacob is the one who gave his magical ring to King Solomon. Further, angel Raphael is known to bring the healing light of the cleric on the earth. He likewise reveals the real soul created by the cleric for helping the troubled spirits of the Earth. Raphael, god’s angel always seems to be ready when asked for the help and heal the overall soul. Green is the color that attracts Raphael as well as denotes his healing potential. The potent energies of this beautiful god’s angel, root out the pain of the physical and emotional torso to encourage on to lead a fruitful life ahead. Tobias, in their age, regard Raphael as the supporter of travelers.


The proficient energies of this angel, a combination of healing as well as travelling powers, help the multitudes to lead a serene life to experience the beauty of life. Archangel Raphael too relieves stress along with the fear from the intellectual and emotional torso and make the overall body healthy. The divine guidance of Archangel Raphael likewise assists in healing the subtle bodies. The guidance too helps to communicate with the inner soul and self-heal the troubled parts of the body including emotional heart and intellect. Furthermore, assist in making the spiritual connections with the powers of the cosmos. The strength and healing power of an angel helps to release expectations along with the past hurtful experiences from the heart and mind to enjoy the liveliness of the gifted life.

The energies of the green gems ranging from light to dark tones help to call and get in touch with the Archangel Raphael to get healed.


A guardian harmonizer gem, Byssolite attracts the attention of an angel Raphael and protects the soul from the troubles of the physical world. It helps to realize the hidden potential or the inner strength to face the situations as well as connects to the spiritual world. The energies of the Byssolite too protects the loved ones along with the personal possessions.



Cyrilovite Kidwellite

A barrier stone, Cyrilovite Kidwellite keeps the soul protected from the unwanted things of the surroundings as well as keep the spirit focused to attain the objectives. The green tints of the Cyrilovite infuse the power of compassion in addition to the respect for others. Furthermore, these green hues help to call the angel Raphael for healing the overall body.

kidwellite on cyrilovite

Green Fluorite

Fluorite is too regarded as a “building block” gemstone that releases the negative energy from the inner and outer soul and attract the positivity to augment the self-healing capability. The green tones of the stone too trigger the heart chakra and influence the fourth chakra to equilibrate the soul with the surrounding. Further, the energies of the stone heal the emotional heart as well as assist to recover from the past emotional traumas. It too helps to seek assistance from the angel Raphael for healing and expressing love.

green fluorite

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Dioptase, an energizing gemstone helps to bring the universal life force and contribute to accept the changes for the betterment of the present situation. It too helps you to become more flexible and physically stronger. The green energies of the stone serve to call upon the angel Raphael for help in self-healing as well as healing of the spirit through the angel’s powers.



Kambaba Jasper

Kambaba Jasper holds two potent characteristics to make life vibrant and lively to live. The energies of this gem nugget help the soul to find its path as well as transform the undesirable state into desirable to attain all the riches of life. It too contributes to finding the new way as well as assist in walking on that path with a new path. A holder of the Earth energies, it is a stone with green hues that magnetize the angel’s assistance for healing.

green kambaba jasper

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Prasiolite Quartz

huge prasiolite quartz bracelet

Seeker and a transformer gem nugget, Prasiolite Quartz are a holder of the Earth powers that too helps to find the new path and proffers the ability to walk on that path with new approaches. The light green energies of the stone too attract new relationship. The potent power of this stone likewise helps to seek the assistance of the angel Raphael for healing the overall body.



A talismanic stone, Helerite/Healerite is known for its ability as a Guardian Bonder that not only shields the soul and the loved ones of the physical world but too from the evil energies of the cosmos. It is too known to release the stress from the emotional and intellectual torso to protect the creative ideas and beliefs.




Jade is a potential gem that not only shields the soul from the evil of the surroundings but too brings love in the life to experience the real meaning of emotions. In Chinese culture, Jade is considered as a symbol of love and protector of love. It too saves the soul from misfortune and accidents.


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A powerful gemstone, Labradorite is a barrier filter that saves the spirit from evil attacks as well as misfortunes. Labradorite allows the soul to go to the places where all awareness and opportunities are held.


A powerful gemstone, Labradorite is a barrier filter that saves the spirit from evil attacks as well as misfortunes. Labradorite allows the soul to go to the places where all awareness and opportunities are held.

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A renowned healing and protective stone, Vesuvianite encourage the soul to lead a life with positive feelings as well as inculcates the guts to change. The eminence of the stone helps in releasing negative thoughts along with attachments that hurts the spirit and create obstacles while moving ahead to lead a tranquil life.


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A stone of love and hope, Emerald holds the potential to protect a person from diseases and nourishes the aura in addition to the emotional field for a serene living. The green energies of this stone attract the angel Raphael for healing.


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A stone of transformation helps to combat depression and stress from the intellect as well as the green energies of the stone triggers the heart chakra. Further, this chakra is considered responsible for connecting the soul with the outside world, the energies of the cosmos for attaining guidance.


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Moldavite is contemplated as a beautiful green talisman that slows down the aging process as well as stimulates the overall health or say the overall body. It too helps the soul to reach the deepest inner self for the spiritual enlightenment.


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Green Onyx helps to release grief to enhance the self-control as well as to take the wise decisions. It too roots out the excessive energy and calms down the nervousness.


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Peridot helps to learn the new things, in addition to skills to stay tuned in present scenario. It too assists in gaining the new knowledge. The green energies of this stone re-balance the lost vitality as well as activate the heart chakra for connecting with the angel Raphael.


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The energies of the Unakite heal the emotional troubles and help to express love. Furthermore, the power of this stone connects with the angel Raphael.


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The green hues of the stone call the angel Raphael for healing as well as help in attaining the highest meditative state.


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A stone of courage, bloodstone create balance in life along with the body to enjoy the riches of life. The dark green energies of the stone attract the angel Raphael for healing.


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Atlantisite is a gem nugget that is used for protecting the well-being of the soul as well as preserving the beliefs to calm down the ups and downs of the life.

green atlantisite

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A potent gemstone, Green Aventurine makes the soul optimistic and helps to achieve the desired meditative state to connect with the angel Raphael for healing.

green aventurine

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