Top 7 High Energy Healing Crystals to Improve Your Workout Section

By Gemexi Team | Featured Gemstone
  • Updated On Dec 26, 2022
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Top 7 High Energy Healing Crystals to Improve Your Workout Section

Crystals are for healing, and this isn’t something only the hippies and gypsies believe. It is finally being accepted worldwide that crystals can be used for energy and motivation. Though there may not be any scientific evidence, as many have experienced, a belief often has more power than science. Crystals can be used not just as jewelry ornaments but also as healing stones. There are crystals for working out and crystals for yoga spirit and for positive energy. If you are feeling low and don’t enjoy your workouts, it is time to let the crystals work their magic in your life.

Wear them, keep them near you or infuse them in your water (if they are not water-soluble) and you will see a drastic change in your fitness journey. There are many best crystals for energy and motivation – stones that are perfect companions in your journey towards good health and wellness.

Today we shall be talking about 7 high energy crystals to help you on your fitness journey. Let’s check them out.

  1. Bloodstone for Energy

A powerful healing stone that has been used for healing since ancient times, Bloodstone Gemstone is one of the common crystals that can help during the workout as it stimulates energy, motivates and gives the courage to continue. The dark-green jasper is flecked with red spots (quite like blood marks), and they were believed to be armors of ancient warriors. If they were considered good for warriors, they are good for you! Bloodstone stimulates the immune system and is thus perfect for you who regularly exercise or practice yoga.
  1. Black Onyx Stone for Physical Strength

When you want to use crystals for athletic performance, Black Onyx Gemstones can help in developing your mental and physical strength. As a powerfully protective stone, Black Onyx helps to remove fear and is an excellent stimulant and motivator. In your journey of physical fitness, if you feel your self-discipline is wavering, you can use Black Onyx to rebuild your inner strength. The stone also works brilliantly to aid you in your weight loss program as it absorbs and transforms negative energies and stimulates stamina. It removes self-doubts and brings clarity to thoughts and actions.

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  1. Tiger's Eye crystal for workout

Among the other effective crystals for workouts, Tiger Eye Gemstone is said to be helpful. It helps you achieve your fitness goal and turns your dreams into reality. Tiger Eye helps release fear and anxiety and promotes stimulating action. It increases motivation and helps overcome lethargy. Just like a tiger focuses before targeting its prey, the stone helps to overcome hurdles passionately and ferociously in your fitness journey.
  1. Ruby Crystal for Fitness

The powerful energy of Ruby Gemstone is believed to be the 4th best crystal for fitness. Wear it as a jewelry piece – as a pendant or ring and you will see its positive energies circulating all around your being. As a crystal for energy and motivation, wearing it especially during yoga and meditation, can be effective. When the powerful energies of the stone run through your veins, you feel encouraged to continue with your physical wellness program.
  1. Sodalite Crystals for Physical Growth and development

Sodalite gemstone is counted among the top crystals for exercise. It is believed to be especially effective for beginners who are just starting their fitness journey. The positive energy within the stone helps dispel all negative thoughts engulfing you. If you are seeking spiritual as well as physical growth through your fitness program, keep Sodalite close by. It increases focus and helps in spiritual growth. The best way to use the stone is to keep it inside your palms and meditate before starting your routine every day. You will see the difference yourself.
  1. Red Jasper Crystals for Exercise

Red Jasper gemstone is called a Life Force. If you believe in crystals for exercise, then you should get Red Jasper to help you with meditation. It gives a perfect start to your morning exercise. As a symbol of Chi, Red Jasper boosts your energy, especially in the morning. Keep it in your hands or infuse it in your water before taking a relaxing bath. You will feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

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  1. Moss Agate crystals for positive energy

If you are looking for crystals for positive energy, we finally recommend the stone of abundance and new beginnings – Moss Agate. It is a perfect companion to kickstart your journey towards physical fitness. Moss Agate gemstone has strong harmonizing energies that keep you grounded to Earth and keep you close to nature. Even in the darkest of days, Moss Agate gives warmth. The best way to improve your workout sessions is to make them interesting. These high-energy healing crystals help to calm the mind, body, and soul. Use them and feel the difference.

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  • Shirley
    Aug 18, 2022, 6:22:33 AM

    My day starts with a workout and a morning walk. I always wear a black onyx ring when I do work out. It gives me positive vibes.

  • Helina
    Nov 28, 2022, 9:20:06 AM

    I have a Tiger eye pendant and I have specially bought it for my workout purpose

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