Sodalite - A Highly Artistic Gemstone

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  • Posted: Sunday, January 6, 2019
Sodalite - A Highly Artistic Gemstone

Sodalite is a dark blue colored gemstone composed mainly of sodium and aluminum silicate. The physical properties of Sodalite indicate that it is a semi-hard stone measuring 5.5 to 6 on the Moh scale. Traces of other colors are also found in this blue-colored stone. For example, you can find Sodalite with tinges of yellow, grey, pink or green. Most of the Sodalite jewelry is pure blue or blue-violet in color. Sodalite is considered to be quite a powerful stone because of its strong metaphysical properties. There are several things that one wearing Sodalite can experience. Sodality has commonly been mistaken for Lapiz Lazuli because of the color similarity. But when examined closely one will find that Sodalite doesn’t have the richness of color seen in Lapis Lazuli. Moreover, in this gemstone small black inclusions are often seen with patches of Calcite on it. However, because of its obvious similarity, it is often nicknamed as ‘ poor man’s Lapis’. 

Many wonder what the meaning of Sodalite is. According to historical evidence, this gemstone was first mined in 1811 in Greenland thought major deposits of Sodalite was found many years later in 1891 from Ontario, Canada in the Princess Sodalite Mine of Bancroft. This is how the stone gets its name. There are other names of the stone such as Blue Stone, Canadian Blue Stone, Glauconite and Canadian Lapis 

Healing Properties of Sodalite

Also called the blue logic stone, Sodalities known for transmitting easy, tranquil energies that help the mind meditate and respond to deeper thoughts. Sodalite helps a wearer become one with nature allowing him to see the world and environment around him in a new light. The gemstones help to open the artistic eye of a wearer such that he can gaze at the night sky and not look at the darkness but instead marvel at the star shining brightly. Wearing silver Sodalite jewelry helps a person to clear his vision and intellectually open the mind to new ideas and thoughts.

It is believed that there are several benefits of Sodalite. Being one of the densest and grounded gemstones known to mankind, Sodalite helps a person meditate better. It helps a person reflect within himself and analyze his strengths, weaknesses, creativity, and wisdom. The stone also helps a person become more conscious and ideal and helps whoever seeks to lead an enlightened life. 

There are several uses of Sodalite. It is an ideal stone for those who are oversensitive, impulsive or prone to stress over little matters. The stone helps a wearer stabilize his mind so that he can take decisions rationally and not just emotionally. This highly artistic gemstone helps to open the Third Eye Chakra which helps one to take better care of himself, even during trying situations. 

Sodalite jewelry is not uncommon though it may not be easily available. The best place to look for jewelry embedded with this gemstone is on online stores such as which not only has a vast collection of Sodalite rings, pendants and earrings but has also other gemstones on display. 

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