Sodalite - Color, Facts, Power, Mythology, History And Myths

A splendid and royal blue mineral, Sodalite is widely enjoyed as an ornamental gemstone. It is a stone of judgment, rationality, and competence. Sodalite Stone energy may stimulate you to live up to your own ideals and ideas. The strong throbs of this stone will kindle the qualities of idealism and truth. Sodalite is said to awaken the latent creative abilities and help to understand the deeper philosophical principles. By developing intuition, is also an excellent communication skill developer. It is excellent for those who are in the profession of public speaking. It gives birth to clairvoyant abilities in the individual and strengthens intuition. This stone is believed to deal with third eye chakra and throat chakra which helps an individual to better understand the life you are living. It aids self-discipline which in turn will benefit the wearer to enhance his ability to live a more authentic life.

Sodalite develops strong focusing capabilities in an individual and helps him to move deeper into the contemplative state. It activates the pineal gland and facilitates to understand the patterns behind astrology and the tarot reading. Aside from the opening and developing intuitive abilities, it is supposed to be a good gift to make fuller utilization of spiritual information and develop spiritual aptitude.

In order to know about the client needs and their personalities, business individuals are ought to wear this beautiful gemstone. It calms down panic and dismay if feeling; its vibrations will contribute to thinking clearly through the episode and in a more balanced way. If kept in an individual pocket or in a room, then the peaceful ramifications of this stone will soon be noticed as it makes the mind composed and calm.

A light, relatively hard yet fragile mineral, Sodalite is named because of the sodium content present in it. Well known for its bluish color in mineralogy it may be classified as a feldspathoid. Sodalities six directions of poor cleavage can be easily seen as incipient or budding cracks running through the rock. Sodalite is a composed and communicative crystal, which is not much prevalent.  This amazing gemstone can be obtained from a handful of localities. Regardless of this, Sodalite is a moderately reasonably priced and easily available stone. It is very much related to the popular Lapis Lazuli, and may be used its substitute because Lapis is quite a valuable and expensive gemstone.

It was discovered in 1811 in the Ilimaussaq intrusive complex in Greenland. Until that time it did not become significant as an ornamental stone, however in 1891 when huge deposits of fine Sodalite material were founded in Ontario, Canada, it gained its prominence in the world of gems and jewels due to its magnificent color and royalty as a gemstone.

Where is Sodalite found?

Sodalite was first discovered in West Greenland. However, other significant deposits of fine Sodalite materials are found in Ontario and Quebec, in Canada; Maine and Arkansas, in the USA; Brazil and Bolivia, in South America; Russia, Portugal, Burma, Italy, Namibia and Romania.  The largest deposit of Sodalite is in Brazil.

Healing Properties

Sodalite assists the wearer of the gem to access his subconscious and help out to recall dreams and lucid dreaming. By developing the mental powers of a person, it enhances the creativity to be applied in the fields of research and in the profession of writing, teaching as well as in philosophy too.

  • Physical Healer

Sodalite is associated with the thyroid. If  want to lose a few pounds then wear this mesmerising stone. It facilitates in communicating and will give confidence to address and commune more. Physically crystal healing Sodalite is said to be beneficial for the digestive system, the glands, treating lymphatic cancer, diabetes, decreasing calcium deficiency and relieving insomnia. It is likewise used in crystal healing for the quicker relief  of head colds.  It is an excellent stone for bringing mental clarity and encouraging rational thought by allowing new information to be processed and taken in. Sodalite if placed in a room is thought to clear electromagnetic pollution and help those who are susceptible to ‘sick building syndrome (SBS)’. By balancing the metabolism, it will serve to boost the immune system, It is also thought to bring down blood pressure, treat the vocal cords, lynx and soothe sore throats in addition to it also helm to bring down fever.

  • Emotional Healer

Dark blue with white streaks stone, Sodalite gives peace in an individual's heart and provides altruism. Sodalite clears the Third Eye and deepens meditation which makes a person selfless, stable, calm and composed. It promotes deep self-examination and companionship.

For people who frequently use their brains to make life decisions, and have trouble getting in touch with how they genuinely feel, then wear this stone and be happy.

  • Spiritual Healer

Sodalite stimulates endurance and harmonizes the inner being, so-called conscious and subconscious mind. This lovely blue stone is proved to be lucky for writers as it promotes peace and harmony. The strong vibrations of this stone awaken the qualities of idealism and truth and let an individual to live up to his own principles and ideas. It makes the wearer understand the deeper philosophical ideology and  assist in public speaking.

Sodalities aura and powerful energy may aid the wearer in building up his intuition and stimulate psychic visions. Its liveliness helps to calm the individual's emotions. By helping to access the individual’s own subconscious, it helps to see himself spiritually better. This wonderful stone helps to spread out and develop intuitive powers and help to remember dreams and lucid dreaming. It encourages being true to self and safer utilization of spiritual powers. It is a stone of -expression and confidence which help the wearer to stand up for his beliefs.

Sodalite is said to ease anxiety, mental confusion, fears and help to increase self-worth, self-acceptance, and self-esteem. It teaches how to trust in one's own judgment.

  • Heals and Balances Chakra

Sodalite is called a stone of awakening, it stimulates the Pineal Gland and the Third Eye which leads to  growing deeper in meditation. Due to its ability to focus energy on the Third-Eye and Throat Chakras it is is helpful for over-emotional people. Sodalite allows an individual to use as well as apply his logic and intuition more than emotions, as this stone controls Heart chakra in an efficient way. It helps to enhance psychic abilities too in the wearer. As said to be a stone of truth, logic, rationality, and efficiency it is helpful to those working in groups with healing breaches in communication and by provoking thoughts.

Control over the throat chakra, this stone ends the arguments or other discrepancies. As also called as a Poet's Stone, It is especially useful for honesty of emotions and love. It increases intelligence, cognition, and learning, and can combine the logical with the spiritual.

Sodalite Facts

Some facts about Sodalite

  • Sodalite blue color is typical and is likely to be confused with lapis and lazurite, it can be distinguished by blue granules present in the rock may or may not be luminous, but hack manito the pink variety is brightly a brilliant fluorescent and is sensitive to light, changing to white in daylight and retrogressing to pink on exposure to UV light.
  • Sodalite a mineral of alkaline igneous and plutonic rocks, is a member of the feldspathoid which is poor in silica content.
  • Sodalite (carbonate pegmatite) is the only feldspathoid to show a positive chlorine test when liquefied in an HNO2 dilute solution.
  • On heating Sodalite, it loses color and eventually fuses to a white glass with yellow flame coloration.
  • After heating Sodalite, it emits brilliant luminous orange in long-wave ultraviolet and the fused areas fluoresce out the blue color in short-wave UV.


Metaphysical Properties

Some powers of Sodalite:

  • Sodalite is light, somewhat solid yet brittle mineral. It was named after the sodium content that it contains, which may be classed as a feldspathoid in mineralogy.
  • Sodalite is a member of the Sodalite group with tugtupite, hauyne, lazurite and nosean.Although similar to Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite hardly contains Pyrite, which is a basic material in Lapis Lazuli.
  • On Moh’s scale, the stone weighs in the range of 5.5 to 6, however, the stone has a very poor cleavage, which can be seen through the cracks and fragility that the stone holds.
  • It has been stated that the longest distance  you will ever travel is the  journey from your  head to your affectionate heart.
  • Gift if Sodalite to you is it re-establishes inner peace and clear up all mental confusion.
  • Sodalite reinforces the power of mind over body and viaducts the gap between thoughts and feelings.
  • Better than any other stone Sodalite fosters knowledge, eliminates fear and guilt, increases learning proficiency and communication skills. It cultivates consciousness and wisdom too.
  • Sodalite is an excellent gemstone for use in groups providing fellowship and solidarity and a common goal and determination. It is best option for peacemakers.
  • Sodalite is said to be paramount for healing rifts in partnerships and relationships as it helps bring an end to controversies or disagreements.
  • This stone helps us combine the logic with the spirituality while communicating.
  • It  liberates the individual from old behavior patterns that no longer serves him.
  • By balancing both sides of the mind, this is a wonderful stone for creative people as this lets one to come upward with the emotional expression of one thought on papers.
  • Whosoever wear this gemstone feel a rich layer of repose and a profound emotional balance. This is a wonderful stone to guard one from anxiety or panic attacks.

Sodalite In News

Sodalite Color

Sodalite is mainly intense blue in color, almost invariably veined with white Calcite streaks or markings. Basically, it comes in all blooms of blue ranging from light or fades blue to deep royal blue, and from the radiant blue to grayish-blue and violet. Sodalite is an opaque stone though it is slightly translucent on thin edges. It is also seen that different shades of blue will often be present in a single gemstone. But some Sodalite stones contain inclusions in shades of yellow, carmine, and greenish.

Higher vibration variety of Sodalite is Hackmanite and is mostly found in pinkish or lavender purple colors.

  • CleavagePoor on {110}
  • Other Names
  • Crystal HabitMassive; rarely as dodecahedra
  • StreakWhite
  • Refractive Indexn = 1.483 - 1.487
  • DiaphaneityTransparent to translucent
  • Mohs scale (hardness)5.5-6
  • SourcesWest Greenland, Ontario, Quebec, Canada,USA, Brazil, South America, Russia, Portugal, Burma, Italy, Namibia and Romania
  • Chemical formulaNa8(Al6Si6O24)Cl2
  • LustreGreasy, Waxy
  • ColorRich royal blue, green, yellow, violet, white veining common
  • Chakra HealingThird Eye Chakra,Throat Chakra
  • BirthstoneDecember
  • Zodiacsagittarius
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