Czech Republic Moldavite Jewelry - A Jewel from Another Galaxy

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  • Updated On Apr 18, 2023
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Czech Republic Moldavite Jewelry - A Jewel from Another Galaxy

A Brief Introduction

It is always a wise decision to know and understand your jewelry a bit before actually shopping it! Hence, in case you are looking forward to buy Moldavite jewelry, let us tell you that you have landed at the right place! Now, do you wonder how to recognize an authentic moldavite jewelry piece? If yes, then you need to be familiar with the buying tips of genuine moldavite jewelry. In short, moldavite is a unique structure of natural glass. It is one of the most well-known and sought-after gemstones. This precious evolution of natural glass was structured a long time ago, owing to the influence of a meteorite.
Sourced in Europe, moldavite can be witnessed as spirals of enchanting mossy green color. Being transparent in nature, moldavite is found in different countries, such as The Czech Republic, Germany, and Austria. In addition, it is a costly gemstone due to various reasons. 

The period between the middle and upper Miocene age witnessed the deposits of a crater, which fell and structured moldavite. Since moldavite is found deep in the earth, it is not a widely-available gemstone. Moreover, moldavite gemstones are sourced as small droplets, which made them difficult to carve. It especially goes for bigger gemstones. Do you wonder why the moldavite gemstone is so expensive? Firstly, it is rare to find and secondly, it offers incredible healing properties.

How to buy Genuine Moldavite Jewelry? Some Easy-to-Follow Tips

With various jewelry sites mushrooming all over the internet every now and then, it becomes quintessential to shop precious jewelry through the most reliable means and sources. If you do not want to pay for fake moldavite jewelry, then you must know how to recognize a genuine moldavite gemstone. As a result, you can rest assured about investing in an authentic moldavite jewelry piece. It is time to talk about some easy-to-follow tips to help you make an informed decision regarding your moldavite jewelry purchase. 
 natural green moldavite (genuine czech) fancy 925 silver pendant   natural green moldavite (genuine czech) silver dangle earrings   natural green moldavite (genuine czech) fancy 925 silver pendant

Know about the Origin of the Moldavite Gemstone of the Shortlisted Jewelry:

Note that moldavites are found in only four countries in the world- Austria, Poland, Germany, and The Czech Republic. Nonetheless, the largest source of this rare gemstone is The Czech Republic. In other words, moldavites can only be found in the shops of collectors due to their rarity. 

Nonetheless, some dishonest or fake sellers may try to deceive you by showing you original images of moldavites but selling you fake pieces of jewelry. Hence, you need to be very cautious in this regard and take a wise move. When it comes to buying moldavite rings or moldavite earrings, or any other moldavite jewelry pieces, always buy them from trustworthy and reputed sellers.

Due to the limited availability and unique nature, moldavites are rarely found. And so, it becomes even more crucial to know how to distinguish between an authentic and fake moldavite gemstone. Are you planning to buy wholesale moldavite jewelry

Then, you need to know in advance what moldavite pieces you are going to receive in your jewelry. Do not go for any random collection. Never purchase moldavite pendants or any other moldavite jewelry just by taking a glance at images. Otherwise, you might end up buying fake pieces. Be a conscious buyer and do not let a seller influence you with their persuasive speech. 

Check out the Moldavite Color:

Do you know what is the most popular and easy way to recognize your moldavite gem? It’s the color! Color is an excellent factor to distinguish between a real and fake moldavite gemstone. Note that authentic moldavites are available in various shades of olive green, mossy green, green (translucent to pale), and even white. 

Nonetheless, white thick moldavites can be witnessed as black under the daylight. Did you know gas bubbles are confined in times of the structure of moldavites? And it marks the authenticity of a moldavite gemstone. On the other hand, fake moldavites are also available in various colors, ranging from yellow to glossy green, blue, and red. 

The fake pieces of moldavites are available in shiny color, as these pieces are structured from molten glass. Hence, when it comes to buying a genuine moldavite stone, make sure to verify their source as well as color. 

You can also ensure the authenticity of moldavite by touching and feeling the gemstone. These gemstones emit high-frequency energy. A number of people reported a sensation of tingling or heat after their skin comes in contact with moldavite. Always go for certified moldavite jewelry to ensure the authenticity of the gemstone.
 solitaire natural moldavite (genuine czech) silver ring  solitaire natural moldavite (genuine czech) silver ring  solitaire natural moldavite (genuine czech) silver ring

Make sure of Moldavite Sculpting:

Note that moldavites, which were mined from the deep down of the earth, come with a refined sculpture, as compared to the rest. Nonetheless, a number of authentic moldavite gemstones are also available with sculptured as well as smooth surfaces. 

On the other hand, fake moldavites are mostly available with extremely uniform sculpting along with a smooth as well as glassy appearance. Authentic moldavites come with very unique yet natural abstract sculpting. In addition, you can recognize an authentic moldavite gemstone with ease by its natural appearance. In other words, no artificial traces can be found in an authentic moldavite gemstone. Thus, you can buy real moldavite gemstone jewelry and stay away from potential frauds.

Are you looking to buy rough Moldavite jewelry pieces? Then, opt for only a trustworthy seller, and do not forget to explore the exclusive range they offer before choosing your option. 

Wrapping Up

Remember, good quality comes at good price! So if you are sure about the genuineness and authenticity of a gemstone and jewelry site, it really does not hurt to spend a few more bucks than your planned budget! The most important fact is that you should get high quality, genuine and original Moldavite jewelry in return.  Once you have found an authentic seller or site online, you can choose your favorite design and proceed to place an order for the same! Whether you want to purchase wholesale moldavite jewelry or moldavite pendants, the above tips would certainly help you get authentic moldavite gemstone jewelry every time.

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    Moldavites are popular because it has incredible healing properties.

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