Use of Moldavite and Sugilite For Treating Autism

By Gemexi Team | Gemstone Healing
  • Updated On Sep 19, 2022
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Use of Moldavite and Sugilite For Treating Autism


Autism is a condition that is related to brain development that will impact the perception of the person socially as it will cause difficulty in interaction and communication with other people. This condition of the brain may develop before, during, or soon after birth. It is noticed that any damage or injury to the central nervous system during early childhood can also cause Autism. This is also called ASD, i.e., Autism spectrum disorder.

People with this disorder have repetitive, restricted, and stereotypical behavior or interest. According to the CDC, this disorder more often found in boys rather than girls with the ratio of 4:1 in Boys to Girls.

It is actually a blessing, as these children are blessed with some extraordinary powers. These people are different from others; however, they are very bright, honest, patient, as well as a unique perspective, to look at the things.

Symptoms of Autism

  1. Unusual body posture or facial expressions
  2. Odd voice tone
  3. The problem is learning how to speak
  4. Monotonous and flat speech
  5. Major focus on one topic
  6. The problem in understanding social indications
  7. Doesn’t involve in playing games with peers
  8. Difficult to involve in two-way communication.
  9. Continuous repetition of words and phrases.
  10. Sleep disturbance

Causes of Autism

 It is not yet defined the exact reason behind this disorder, but according to the current research, which demonstrates some causes due to which Autism can occur. Some of these suspected causes for Autism include:
  1. Already someone having this disorder in the immediate family.
  2. Genetic changes
  3. A child born to an older parent
  4. Birth weight is low or less
  5. Any history of viral infection
  6. Metabolic Imbalance

Healing Crystals for Autism

There are various crystals available for the people who are blessed with the Autism. Crystals will be beneficial if they are placed under their pillow while sleeping. Autistic people have high vibration than normal people. Crystals will help them to ground their energies and feel more at home on the earth. Basically, Autism is associated with Root, Earth, and Solar Plexus chakras. The two most popular crystals for autistic people are Moldavite and Sugilite. 


This green color crystal is one of the rarest crystals on this planet. It is a great stone for sensitive people who are struggling to be on earth. Autistic people are the most sensitive people. Moldavite helps to ease the brain imbalance, malfunction, and Autism. 

The stone is beneficial to treat emotional distress such as panic, loneliness, or anxiety, which is commonly faced by autistic people. The changes which this crystal brings can be rapid as well as intense, but they are beneficial and valuable to the individual.



It is a great stone which will help deal with the anger and bad temper. It helps people to understand the intense meaning of the struggle in life, which will help further for soul growth. Autistic people face difficulty in connecting with other people and in expressing their feelings or emotions. Crystal will help autistic people in that.  Sugilite is one of the great love stone, and it represents the spiritual love and wisdom. It is used to open all the chakras and allow the love, which brings them into alignment.

Any of the sellers don’t promise to any customer that the crystal will heal the Autism or something like that. As today everyone knows that this is not a disease that will need treatment, but it is a disorder, or some people even call Autism as a blessing with some unique powers. These stones will only help autistic people to live their life with some ease. 

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