How to Identify If Moldavite Is Real or Fake?

By Gemexi Team | Gemstone Healing
  • Updated On Nov 15, 2022
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How to Identify If Moldavite Is Real or Fake?

Moldavite is a perfect blend of ethereal beauty, cosmic connection, and exquisite healing properties. What’s better? You can pair Moldavite with other crystals, especially those with similar energy like Quartz. The only drawback is that it is extremely expensive due to its rare availability. After all, “What good is a jewel that ain’t still precious?”

So, if you are thinking of buying a Moldavite or already have one lying in your house and want to check its authenticity, this article is for you. We will help you not get fooled by a fake Moldavite. But before we begin, let us first get a brief idea about Moldavite.

All about Moldavite - Its History, Colors, Symbolism, & Metaphysical Properties:

  1. History of Moldavite Stone

Do you know how Moldavite came into existence? Scientists believe this gemstone results from a meteor strike, as charming as it sounds. The radiation caused its formation, and one can still find Moldavite in different parts of Europe. These shards of molten glass crystallized into a gemstone during the meteor fall. Today, Moldavite extraction happens in the Czech Republic, Germany, Radisson, and Austria because traces of this gemstone are all over Europe.
  1. Color of Moldavite Gemstone

It is of no surprise that the color of Moldavite is the color of mother Earth- Green. If you know a little about colors, you will know that green stands for renewal, rebirth, and rejuvenation. In other words, all things that are nice and good. Moldavite is available in the market in both lighter hues and bold ones. The stones have a slight hint of green and are ideal for people wanting to discover their purpose in life, while the darker ones help achieve growth in different spheres of life. 
  1. The Symbolism of Moldavite

When a gemstone passes the test of time, it is no short of an exquisite procurement. Moldavite is one such gemstone, and humans have been using it from the stone age itself. A popular belief also states that Moldavite is the birthstone for people born in spring and works best for their zodiac. We all know that the stars play an important role in astrology, but the good thing is, since this stone forms out of constellations, it is an amalgamation of the entirety. 
  1. Metaphysical Properties of Moldavite

Moldavite belongs to the Tektite group and is a molten stone. Swirling patterns and bubbles are all over its surface, enhancing its mossy texture. The hardness of this stone lies between 5.5 -7, and it is opaque in appearance. The versatility of this gemstone is not just in its color scheme but also in its shape. You will find it in rounds, ovals, spheres, hammer curls, rectangles, and almost every shape. 

Benefits of Wearing Moldavite For Your Body, Mind, and Soul:

If you look at nature and try relating it with a color, more often than not, you will find yourself describing it in hues of green. And why not? Green is the color that reeks of positivity, balance and spiritual awakening. All of it that we seek and receive in our interaction with nature. 
  1. Physical Healing of Moldavite

This beautiful gemstone works wonders for treating bad eyesight. It also helps cure rheumatism. You must have seen models or actresses wearing authentic moldavite jewelry, but did you ever wonder why? It is because this gemstone promotes youthful and glowing skin. If you suffer from any infections, or want to overcome malnutrition; get yourself a Moldavite and you will treat it in no time. 
  1. Emotional Healing of Moldavite

Moldavite is a gemstone that therapists prescribe to clients who have trouble dealing with their emotions. It is a heart stone which makes it an ideal fit for positive reinforcement. Whether you are lacking clarity about your love life or career, this gemstone will help you realize your true calling. It balances all the possibilities and acknowledges what the heart really wants. What’s more? It enhances your productivity and exposes you to a broader perspective. 
  1. Spiritual Healing of Moldavite

If you are someone who wants to align your chakras, or wishes to experience the world beyond the realms of materialistic desires, Moldavite is the gemstone for you. An interesting fact is that one can even time travel with the help of this talisman.

How can you tell the difference between real vs. fake moldavite?

The next time when you are at a store, you are not shelling your money on a fake moldavite because we are here how to tell if moldavite is real or fake.
  1. Appearance - Moldavite results from a collision; you will find trapped air bubbles inside it if you look closely. Finding these bubbles is the best way to know that your Moldavite is real. Not that a genuine Moldavite belongs to the green family, but also sometimes has a pale brown color. Look out for the shine and ensure that the gemstone is opaque. 
  2. Shape and Perfection - A real Moldavite will have its flaws like any natural thing and come in various shapes. If you see that the Moldavite is too perfect to be true, the chances are that it is not real. 
  3. Stone’s Energy - Moldavite has distinct energy, which helps to understand whether the one in your hands is a fake Moldavite or not. If you experience heat or tingling sensations, the gemstone is genuine. 
  4. Price Point - A genuine Moldavite will cost you a lot of money. If you are getting a big chunk of Moldavite for a seemingly lower price, run in the opposite direction. 
Think no more and head to Gemexi. We have the best quality Moldavite jewelry available in the market. You can now look dainty without doing too much. So what’s stopping you?

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  • Oscar
    Jul 28, 2022, 6:14:18 AM

    A real moldavite will contain its blow like any natural thing and grow in various shapes. If a gemstone has a perfect shape it means it is not real. A fake moldavite gemstone has low price than a real; one.

  • Ansvi
    Nov 28, 2022, 8:58:49 AM

    I have a moldavite gemstone ring. Till now I have not checked whether it is real or not as I was not aware of the ways through which I can check. Thank you for the information.

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