Where To Buy Real And Authentic Moldavite Jewelry?

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  • Updated On Apr 27, 2023
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Where To Buy Real And Authentic Moldavite Jewelry?

The Moldavite is known for even more than that. It is believed that hot molten material led to the formation of these beautiful crystals in rich green color. Did you know that the Moldavite crystal or the stone is also known for ‘positive transformations’? Well, now that being said, we are sure that many of you must be wondering where to find real or authentic Moldavite jewelry.

Today, the market has many crystals, making it hard to differentiate between real and fake ones. Wearing the fake crystal is of no use, but some of the crystals negatively impact life – which of course, is undesirable. Do not worry, as we are here to help you out. Just glance through our list and find out some of the best places to buy real Moldavite jewelry, Like Moldavite earrings, rings, Moldavite pendants, and other jewelry forms. But before we begin, let us first get a brief idea about Moldavite.

History, Colors, & Symbolism of Moldavite Gemstone

  1. History of Moldavite

Do you know how Moldavite came into existence? Scientists believe that Moldavite gemstones hit the earth around 15 million years ago when Ries & Steinheim craters were found in Germany. This gemstone results from a meteor strike, as charming as it sounds. The radiation caused its formation, and one can still find Moldavite in different parts of Europe. These shards of molten glass crystallized into a gemstone during the meteor fall. Today, Moldavite extraction happens in the Czech Republic, Germany, Radisson, and Austria because traces of this gemstone are all over Europe.

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  1. Color of Moldavite

It is no surprise that the color of Moldavite is the color of mother Earth- Green. If you know a little about colors, you will know that green stands for renewal, rebirth, and rejuvenation. In other words, all things that is nice and good. Moldavite is available in the market in both lighter hues and bold ones. The stones have a slight hint of green and are ideal for people wanting to discover their purpose in life, while the darker ones help achieve growth in different spheres of life. 
  1. The Symbolism of Moldavite

When a gemstone passes the test of time, it is no short of an exquisite procurement. Moldavite is one such gemstone, and humans have used it since the Stone Age. A popular belief also states that Moldavite is the birthstone for people born in spring and works best for their zodiac. Of course, we all know that the stars play an essential role in astrology, but the good thing is, since this stone formed out of constellations, it is an amalgamation of the entirety. 

How to Identify If Moldavite Gemstone Is Real or Fake

Moldavite is a perfect blend of ethereal beauty, cosmic connection, and exquisite healing properties. What's better? You can pair Moldavite with other crystals, especially those with similar energy like Quartz. The only drawback is that it is costly due to its rare availability. After all, "What good is a jewel that isn't still precious?"

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So, if you are thinking of buying a Moldavite or already have one lying in your house and want to check its authenticity, this article is for you. We will help you not get fooled by a fake Moldavite. 
  1. The Appearance of Real Moldavite

Moldavite results from a collision; you will find trapped air bubbles inside it if you look closely. Finding these bubbles is the best way to know that your Moldavite is real. Not that a genuine Moldavite belongs to the green family, but also sometimes has a pale brown color. Look out for the shine and ensure that the gemstone is opaque.
  1. Moldavite in Perfect Shape

A real Moldavite will have flaws like any natural thing and come in various shapes. If you see that the Moldavite is too perfect to be true, the chances are that it is not real.
  1. The Energy of Moldavite Stone

Moldavite has distinct energy, which helps to understand whether the one in your hands is a fake Moldavite or not. If you experience heat or tingling sensations, the gemstone is genuine.
  1. Natural Moldavite Price

A genuine Moldavite will cost you a lot of money. If you are getting a big chunk of Moldavite for a seemingly lower price, run in the opposite direction.
 Original Moldavite Gemstone Jewelry

Benefits of Wearing Moldavite

Moldavite gives excellent benefits to its wearer. It helps to boost your physical, mental & spiritual healing. It also protects from any negative energies & evil eyes. In addition, Moldavite crystal is responsible for balancing chakras, whether its third eye or heart chakra, to maintain the body's psychic abilities and overall fitness health.
  1. Moldavite is a Physical Healer

This beautiful gemstone works wonders for treating lousy eyesight. It also helps cure rheumatism. You must have seen models or actresses wearing authentic Moldavite jewelry, but did you ever wonder why? It is because this gemstone promotes youthful and glowing skin. So, if you suffer from any infections or want to overcome malnutrition, get yourself a Moldavite, and you will treat it in no time.
  1. Moldavite is an Emotional Healer

Moldavite is a gemstone that therapists prescribe to clients who have trouble dealing with emotions. It is a heart stone, making it an ideal fit for positive reinforcement. Whether you lack clarity about your love life or career, this gemstone will help you realize your true calling. It balances all the possibilities and acknowledges what the heart wants. What's more? It enhances your productivity and exposes you to a broader perspective. 
  1. Moldavite is a Spiritual Healer

If you are someone who wants to align your chakras or wishes to experience the world beyond the realms of worldly desires, Moldavite is the gemstone for you. An interesting fact is that one can get even time travel with the help of this talisman.

Key factors that make Gemexi one trusted genuine Moldavite gemstone jewelry manufacturer

Jewelry is one thing that certainly enhances the beauty of any woman instantly. But again, certain types of jewelry improve beauty and get a lot more into the people wearing it. Now, what could they be the question? Well, the answer is 'Moldavite jewelry.'
  1. Why Choose Gemexi?

Here, you get the best Moldavite jewelry, from neckpieces to finger rings. Moreover, you get them all at the best and most affordable price tags. Hence, without any doubt, you can grab the best gemstone jewelry curated with care and caution.
  1. Talented Artisans Work on the Jewelry Pieces

The best thing about Gemexi is that the in-house artisans make the best statement pieces of Moldavite jewelry, like genuine Moldavite rings, pendants, etc. Thus, the exclusive designs by the workers are the favorites of almost everyone. Now getting the benefit of spiritual dimensions of the Moldavite crystal is the criteria, and when it is obtained in style, who doesn't like it?
  1. Wholesale Moldavite jewelry

Not all jewelry suppliers offering wholesale prices are reliable. To help you best shop after checking the reviews and testimonies on the website. However, you can rely on this store as it has established a solid repo delivering the best quality wholesale products all over the globe, including Moldavite jewelry and gemstones.
 natural green moldavite pendant    moldavite (genuine czech) ring   925 silver natural green moldavite campo del cielo fancy pendant
  1. Best Services in the Industry

Gemexi is one name you can be trusted to fulfill all your jewelry and gemstone needs. Be it the unparalleled beauty of the jewels, the excellent quality of gemstones and jewelry, the creative designing skills, the quick delivery, or the perfect jewelry customization.
  1. Easy to Buy & Pay

This store makes exploring and buying silver Moldavite jewelry or wholesale Moldavite silver jewelry easy, efficient, and safe. Your payment procedures remain secure and confidential as the store follows the best and internationally acclaimed payment methods.
 Easy to Buy & Pay
  1. Natural Moldavite Gemstone 

Next on our list is the destination called Natural Moldavite. As its name suggests, you can find raw Moldavite here. You can explore more than 1700 pieces of Loose Moldavite stones and choose the one that best matches your requirements in terms of size and cost. You can check out the site for more info.

Who Can Wear Moldavite

People don't need to consult with astrologers to wear Moldavite crystal. Whatever your zodiac sign, you can wear it without worry because It is not a traditional birthstone. Instead, Moldavite is a healing gemstone that can be worn by anyone who is getting its benefits. In addition, it doesn't contain any side effects.

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