Crystal - Color, Facts, Power, Mythology, History And Myths

Crystals are known to be one of the most beautiful, mystical and profound energy tool used for centuries throughout all cultures, religions and empires. The crystals are frequently known to possess grounding energies that help its carrier to bear on a firm basis. These grounding energies further provide its carrier a base to give tongue to himself as well as attend to bring awareness to a heightened spiritual level. They have the propensity to surround the whole aura with their healing eminences. They are further believed to clutch the balancing energies in the spell of its carrier’s life which help to know his imbalances along with the curative remedies. They are predisposed to elevate the chakras, which in turn help its carrier to evaluate the life. They often inspire its carrier to find every moment of life a good place to begin. They curb the tendency to hike up the energies of its carrier from time to time also to it; they also help its carrier to obtain through the bad moments of lifetime. They are often used to energize the stagnant life, as it holds the higher vibrations that are used by its carrier sparingly. They are furthermore believed to be a magnificent jewel gem, as they can be resourcefully utilized to mend the disturbed feelings along with the weakness or fatigue. They are often affected as a crystal of love that in their whole spell believes to extend the warmth along with the soft energies. They are believed to attract love as well as help its carrier to love him as well. It allows its carrier to maintain a compassionate kinship moreover a healthy relation with the others. Crystals are further believed to transmit glaring powers, which are magical in nature. These miraculous forces help its carrier to focus on the goals or things which he truly wants to achieve or get. They further allow its carrier to maintain a positive mindset. Its carrier typically uses crystals due to the magnificent meditative healing along with the practices. The meditations eminences of the crystals furthermore permit its carrier to link up with the divine power as well as with the internal self. They are ancient magical stones that in general are considered to be excellent memory keepers. Traditionally, crystals are known to hold the absorbing superiority that in turn helps to retain the important information for future use. The various hues of crystals tend to possess different energies that activate certain related chakras to heal the overall torso of its carrier. They are moreover acknowledged to be the crystals of the earth, which in the spell possesses the earth’s love along with the record keeping quality. They often employed as protective amulets that carry along the energy shield with them. They are predisposed to absorb the negative energies from the surrounding aura as well as from the within of a self. This way it beams out the positivity that makes the environment and mind congenial to live in moreover work. The negative vibes are thrown away by these stunning crystals, for this distinction they are seen as a protective gem to carry along.

Crystal silver jewelry are the healing jewels and often considered as a gift of the Mother Nature to the human race. They are further whispered to be taken out from the essence of the Earth, which in turn is known to support the grounding qualities of the Mother Earth. Each crystal is known to possess different energy field due to its vibrant colors. Crystals are furthermore termed to hold and protrudes out the subtle vibrations that cure the overall torso also to aligning all the triggered chakras.

Where is Crystal found?

Creatively created by the Mother Nature and known to be worked in a mixture of hues is found all across the globe. â€‹

Healing Properties

Each crystal jewel gem is known to emit the constant energy that holds the tendency to radiate out the frequency to heal the disturbances caused to its carrier. The color or hues of these crystals also play a vital role in purifying and healing the whole torso. The radiating light of the colors of these crystals is often known to stimulate a calm potency. Crystals are predisposed to embrace the magical also to the symbiotic properties to resuscitate the torso. People in tradition are believed to utilize each crystal for its unique power to cure the problems. The crystals proved in the chronicle of the world for their angelic connections. Frequently, it is accepted that if any crystal is in its rough state tends to own the greatest amount of healing ability. When assumed in its natural state it transmits the energies that are highly focused on the affected area to heal. These crystals, when fashioned in a jewelry form and refined, polished, cultured, they augment their curative vital energies. The color hues along with the patterns of these jewel crystals are further known to enhance their vitality. They hold the propensity to cater the scrupulous health needs by fabricating the harmonious vibes. They are further believed to provide positivity with the intention to offer fortification, prosperity, fervor, clarity, love, health and its recovery as well as other blessings. They are advised to put on according to the birth sign of the carrier or can be worn according to the zodiac signs that astrologically show their Birthstones. These crystals often appear in nature in various rainbow colors that symbolize their energy related to the ecclesiastic. Color hues are known to linked to the particular chakra to twist them.

Emotional Healing:

Crystals are believed to apply to the act of ways as they are pulled out for all sorts of holistic mending. Beings often whispered that crystal tends to have a strong hold in the areas of emotional repair.  These gem jewels play an imperative role to dole out the negativity from the emotional torso of its carrier. They hold the propensity to drive away the causes of depression, sadness as well as anxiety. They are further known to deal efficiently with the chakras to pull out the reasons of the emotional blockages. People believe that it is the emotions that leave its impact on the physical as well as mental torso either positively or negatively. That’s where these gem jewels are highly renowned, by tenderly liberating the healing energies which moves freely in the subtle chest of its carrier. The vigorous waves of these crystals are branded to instill calm in the mind which in turn promotes self-love. These crystals are too recognized to inspire its carrier to move ahead in life, leaving behind the past setbacks that boost the self-confidence in them.

Crystals are further thought to be a part and parcel of the nature, Mother Earth as well as of its carrier. They are known to encompass those components that play a vital role in the emotional well-being of the torso. These crystals hold higher vibrating frequency and their unique colors act as add-on bonus to their energies. The magnetic vibes of these crystals attract positivity from the aura just to cure the emotional pain. They are further known to offer a light that shows off the path to move on by leaving the past behind.

Physical Healing:

Crystals have been in use since ages for its immense physical property. Each crystal tends to hold a certain eminence that is used to heal its carrier physically. The energies of these crystals are whispered to relieve the pain of its carrier as well as provide the positive liveliness to neutralize the physical pain of the torso. Crystals are known to help out its carrier physically as well as mentally to recover its carrier from the physical also to psychosomatic illnesses. The gem jewel crystals employed for all sort of physical healing removing headaches, boosting as well as improving the blood flow of its carrier. They are too measured effective on skin troubles. Each color of the quartz has the propensity to act on particular sections of the body including all the parts from head to toenail. They are further believed to align the physical torso, by fabricating a balancing, pre-emptive & invigorating force.

Spiritual Healing:

Crystals and spirituality go hand in hand, as they help their carrier to achieve their highest self. They further contribute to open up the gate of cosmos to connect its carrier to the energies of the divine. The energies of the crystal trigger the hidden, inactivated energies of the carrier that in turn leads him to seek inner self. They are believed to be good to attain high meditative state and know the purpose of life. Spirituality often leads to a path that unfolds many unseen facts of life. They are further believed to push the negative energies from the overall torso of its carrier and pull in, the positive one, to fill the life with adore. They are often known to carry the vibration of humbleness that link up the liveliness of the carrier to the spiritual angels. The crystals are known to possess stilling contemplations in prayers as well in meditations that help its carrier to know his hidden qualities. They are also known to kindle the higher intellect to receive its carrier’s spiritual supremacy as a conception of the Divine individual. They further help its carrier to open the self to the wisdom and insight. They were known for their spiritual protection also to their purification qualities that in the spell of life cleanse the negative ways. They are too believed to act as a barrier for lower energies, psychic bother or stress. They create a protective circle of light to clear the unhealthy environments.

Heals and Balances Chakra

Crystals with their active and vivacious colors active the chakras of the human body and opens the gateway to the expanded universe beyond the physical structures. They are known to activate the crown chakra that in turn assists the individual to react to the universe around him and manipulate his emotions and ideas. Being the fountainhead of the beliefs crown chakra is the source of the spirituality. The crown chakra is the origin of universal energy and accuracy by linking the person to the higher planes of existence. The beams of this crystal have the universal life force of illusion, dreams, aspiration, and fate. Ought to provide a correlation with the psyche, they too offer a cosmic doorway to other universes. They render the personal identification with the Infinite, and oneness with God, peace, and wisdom.  Potent in the upper chakra crystals also to crown chakra too activates the Third Eye chakra, etheric chakras as well as the Sacral Chakra.

The Third Eye known as Brow Chakra, which commands the energy stream from the body and holds the ideas and spiritual communications healthy and vivacious. Referred to the subdued color, they touch the carrier with wisdom and assistance to take a proper legal opinion.

The Sacral Chakra also termed as Second Chakra controls the stream of energy at the center of gravity of the physical body. It is the essence of the life force of the torso and organizes the flow of information from the body to the brain and from the brain to the body back. This Chakra believed to be in command of gut feelings, intuition, and other communication. The color energies related to this chakra will keep the individual flexible and in good heart. The color crystals will unblock the energy flow and regenerate the sense of balance, discernment, and appreciation for the carrier’s life.

Crystal Facts

Some facts about Crystals

  • Crystals are the gemstones that originate or extracted out in multiple forms as well as in multiple colors.
  • Their diverse colors reverberate with the torso’s energy system that are tremendously useful for harmonizing the carrier self with the surrounding environment or aura.
  • Crystals with the beauty of colors are believed to provide a symbolic and energetic connection to nature.
  • Crystals are known to be a gem of enlightenment which brings change in its carrier’s life.
  • Treated as a gem of protection for the overall torso.
  • They act as an influential healer that is known to align the whole torso of the being including mental, emotional & physical torso.

Metaphysical Properties

  • Crystals from ages are believed to be a living form, as they have been growing in the crust of the Mother earth.
  • They are considered highly sacred for its healing eminence.
  • In ancient civilizations, they are worn for protection.
  • Used in physical, emotional as well as spiritual healing of the torso.
  • They are proved to be beneficial to attain deep meditative state and know the inner self.

Crystal In News

Crystal Color

Creatively created by the Mother Nature, crystals are pulled out from the earth’s core in different shades of colors.​

Crystal Colors

  • Cleavage{0110} Indistinct
  • Other Names
  • Crystal Habit6-sided prism ending in 6-sided pyramid (typical), drusy, fine-grained to microcrystalline, massive
  • StreakWhite
  • Refractive Indexnω = 1.543–1.545, nε = 1.552–1.554
  • Diaphaneity
  • Mohs scale (hardness)7.5
  • SourcesAll across the globe
  • Chemical formulaNA
  • LustreVitreous
  • ColorAll colors
  • Chakra HealingSacral chakra,Third Eye Chakra,Crown Chakra
  • BirthstoneOctober
  • Zodiacpisces
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