Moldavite Jewelry Collection

Why does Moldavite Gemstone Jewelry Looks So Beautiful?

Moldavite silver jewelry is an exceptionally beautiful green color stone that was first discovered in Moldauthein, a town in the Czech Republic. The place of discovery is the reason for this stone’s name. Moldavite is revered and valued as an extraterrestrial gemstone. Though the reasons for the origin and formation of this stone are not so clear yet according to scientists, natural moldavite jewelry is the result of a celestial incident that took place millions of years ago. Therefore, the stone is termed as extraterrestrial. The other popular names for this charming stone include Bouteille Stone or 'Vltavin' in Czech. Moldavite belongs to the Tektite group which is a natural glass rocks family.

Important Facts Related to Moldavite Gemstone

This beautiful moldavite stone is a wonderful option for those who find it difficult to express themselves in terms of emotions. The stone lets the wearer express himself in a better way. When you hold Moldavite in your hands, you can feel the heat in your palms. Moldavite contains very powerful energies. Hence, those using it for the first time can experience somewhat weird effects initially but with time, the wearer starts observing positive effects also. It is an amazing stone for those who wish to enhance their celestial awareness. The stone helps to accentuate the crystal knowledge of its wearer. Authentic moldavite is also said and believed to increase the vibrations in its wearer as well as it increases the vibration levels of Mother Earth. It is also believed to be an amazing stone for those who want to study spiritualism.

Important Sources for Real Moldavite Stone

Moldavite can be sourced from North-Western and Southern Bohemia, Lusatia in Germany, Moravia and Waldviertel in Austria. Also, the small deposits have been found at locations like West Bohemia, Dresden and a few more.

Trendy & Beautiful Moldavite Jewelry Styles

Genuine moldavite pendants, rings, and other real moldavite silver jewelry forms look highly appealing with their refreshing and attractive green color and distinctive cuts. Wholesale moldavite jewelry can be found in dark green shades, olive colors and also in the brown-green shades. Drop patterns, disc shape, elliptical shapes, spiral cuts, and oval shapes are some of the popular forms for this stone. However, the most coveted shape for this stone includes the splatter shape which looks like a spilled liquid.

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