Amber - Color, Facts, Power, Mythology, History And Myths

Amber is formed through the fossilized tree resin. The soft and sticky resin of the tree transmutes into copal. Copal is the immature Amber. As it has sticky resin, mosquitoes, reptiles, and many inclusions are found trapped in it. Surprisingly, Amber is the gemstone which has proven the existence of many creatures trapped inside it for millions of years. Science has a lot of reasons to thanks amber. Burning amber emits sweet scent while plastic imitations do not. Known to be pulled out from the tree, it is believed to be linked to the energies of the nature along with the mother earth. It is acknowledged to hold the strong grounding powers that act as a powerful cleanser to draws out the disease from the holder’s torso. It is too known to revitalize the tissues. As an effective cleanser, it absorbs the negative energies from the surrounding aura and transmutes them into positive forces that stimulate the body to heal itself. By opening the spiritual realm, it links the holder’s self with the higher spiritual reality of the everyday life. It is believed to unfold the intellectual mind of the carrier that in the turn helps to neutralize the depressive emotions. It further helps the wearing individual to express himself creatively. It infuses the ability to take decisions independently. It too makes the person patience to uphold himself in the surrounding aura. It acts as a memory booster to dissolve all the opposition faced in the lifespan. On the emotional front, it is believed to heartens the peacefulness furthermore develops trust. Customarily, it is known to promote altruism and brings wisdom. This charming petrified resin protrudes out the electromagnetic properties which are highly effective for past life work. It’s bright yellow, or orange color hues help to open and trigger the solar plexus chakra, so as to control mood swings along with bringing mental clarity. It too inculcates confidence that contribute to express self in a profound manner. Apart from this, it is too believed to align subtle mental and emotional bodies. On a physical plane, it is thought to cure efficiently stomach and CNS issues. It further amends spine, brain troubles. Often used as a sacred gem to associate with the nature along with the earth. It clears off the emotional blockages and helps to alleviate negative energy from the heart. As a grounding healing gem, it is believed to provide stability to its wearer’s life. Mainly pulls out from the parts of Russia and Poland, it is known to allocate its energies in a manner that wearer’s torso heals own its own. It is likewise believed to transmute the negative energy into positive one. By turning on all the chakras, this gemstone alleged to bring good luck to the life its carrier. It is presumed to be an excellent gem to place in the meditative arena.

Where Is Amber Gemstone Found?

Amber is abundantly found in the regions of Poland, in the beautiful Latvia, Italy along with the regions of Italy, Spain and Mexico. It is too evidently known to be found in the Dominican Republic.


Healing Properties Of Amber

Amber is believed to possess the sun’s energy. It carries the properties of purification and cleansing that is considered to be suitable for stirring the feelings of ecstasy by inspiring light and warmness in the surrounding aura. Known to bring good luck, it is a stone that is considered to provide strength along with the regeneration capabilities. The honey bee color is most coarse to notice in this jewel, but it too may vary as it may appear in blue, green as well as in brown tints. It is a fossilized resin that tends to float on water. It is further believed to attract the cosmic vigour which in turn serves to link up the wearer’s soul with the cleric. The grounding energies of this gem helps the carrier to deepen his meditative roots which further helps the carrier to enjoy the fruit of divine vitality. It assists the holder to experience his intimate self. On a physical plane, it too contributes to defend the body’s weight. Getting rid of the depression and its symptoms, it often leads the wearer to sense light and attuned within the surrounding aura. An Efficient Stone, Amber is further known to increase the creativity as well as assist to accept the changes in life. It helps to hearten the self-confidence in the wearer that in the life’s spell helps to establish a positive outlook towards his abilities. It is known to promote fertility moreover as an amulet it is recognized to be a stone of universal life force which enfolds life.

Physical Healing : As a talismanic stone, it is utilized to absorb and transmute the negative oomph into positive ones. It is further believed to heal the body own its own. The bright fiery radiance of yellow color brings in the soothing vitality which further helps to calm the emotional and mental torso of the holder. By unfolding different chakras of the body, Amber is known to strengthen the chest physically. Amber for its magnificent qualities is used to mend the problems related to goiter and throat. It is furthermore used to cure disorders of the kidney along with the gall bladder. It is believed to cure efficiently stomach and CNS issues. It further mends spine, brain troubles. It is too supposed to align the torso by treating the poor blood circulation that may lead to sluggishness. By curing depression issue, this charm is trusted to raise the mental functions of the brain. It improves concentration along with analytical abilities. It is too acknowledged to help the holder by relieving his gastric issues. It mends emotional uneasiness that may prevent love to enter.

Emotional Healing : It alters the vivacity of physical vitality towards the commencement of unconditional adore. It assists the carrier to choose the right in life as well as accept to be chosen by the people around. It is believed to make the nuptial strong with positive energies in the kinship. It is further considered to bring good charm in the spell of his carrier’s life. It is believed to be a stone to bring emotional clarity in the life along with the power of love. It further serves to interpret the life twists and turns clearly which in the spell make the carrier strong enough to accept the changes and move ahead. By balancing the disturbed emotions, it furthermore helps to look for the realistic answers for the distressed situations. It helps the carrier to take the positive path to move as well as it infuses the inner strength. It is a stone which eradicates the negativity from the lifespan and make it beautiful to live with the kin’s and the people around. It is too believed to provide enthusiasm which attracts like-minded people and relationships.

Spiritual Healing : Amber is popular gem for it is known to provide the mental push to its carrier. The rapid pulsation of the brilliant yellow-orange on the chakra makes the subtle body active with a flow of positive energies. It is a stone which unfolds the gate of higher consciousness for the carrier that in turn allow him to link up with the divine power. It is likewise believed to understand the self that further leads inner growth along with a strong foothold to balance. For its immense grounding qualities, it is open the door of the shamanic journey as well as deep meditations. Further, it is recognized as a stone of compassion with a friendly offer. It helps to wipe out the feelings of jealousy as well as uneasiness. It is further helping to link up the mind with the will power of the self. It traditionally believed to align the self-will with the will of the divine. It activates the traits that associate the carrier with spiritualism, love along with clairvoyance.

Heals and balances chakra : Amber is utilized to open as well as cleanse all the chakras of the torso of the carrier to offer an active path ahead to walk on. It allows the carrier to find the answers to mingle with the universal perfection. It facilitates to convey what is desired by the state of realness. It is further known to perk up the mind of the torso which in turn unfolds the crown chakra. It opens this chakra and allows the carrier to spread out his mental abilities for universal linkage. It is believed to help the carrier to respond sincerely to the world. It balances the spiritual energies that in turn act as a source of the carriers beliefs. By getting rid of the negativity from the surrounding it attracts positivity like a magnet to maintain healthy kinship with the loved ones.

Amber Facts

Some facts about Amber:

  1. It is known to be a gentle gem jewel that helps to draw out the negativities from the torso as well as clean the spiritual mind along with the heart.
  2. Amber is a fossilized sap of the trees that has aged over.
  3. It is considered ideal to treat tooth pain in children at the time of their emerging.
  4. It is a symbol of courage and is known to release stress quickly.
  5. Amber has a chemical combination close to C10H16O that too contains some amount of Hydrogen sulphide.
  6. Ancient Germanic tribes along with Chinese cultured people cherished this stone for its immense beauty and healing powers.
  7. It too holds the electrostatic properties that in turn help to remove negativities as well as provide protection.
  8. It is further believed to carry solar energy along with it.

Metaphysical Properties Of Amber

Amber is natural and the finest gem known in the world. It is fairly known to deal with the negativity of the carriers emotional, mental as well as with the physical torso. It is further known to perks up the vitality in the body by healing the physical issues. It warming energies helps the carrier to attain his highest self. Its electromagnetic rays are believed to protect the carrier from environments harmful radiations, so for this eminence it is believed to cure cancer. It is too believed to heal tooth aches of the infants. 

Amber In News

Amber Color

A fossilized sap is usually known to be found in the shades of golden-yellow, but further is proved to be found in the hues of white or creamy white, red with a glow of orange, green, black furthermore it is known to be found in violet color but it is rare.

Amber Colors


  • CleavageNone
  • Other NamesResinite, Ambrite
  • Crystal HabitAmorphous- No Crystals
  • StreakWhite
  • Refractive Index1.54
  • DiaphaneityTransparent - Opaque
  • Mohs scale (hardness)2.5
  • SourcesPoland, Latvia, Italy, Spain and Mexico, Dominican Republic
  • Chemical formulaC12H2OO fossilized plant resins
  • LustreWaxy
  • ColorLight Yellow To Dark Brown, Orange, Red, White; Occasionally Greenish, Bluish Due To Fluorescence
  • Chakra HealingRoot or base chakra,Solar Plexus Chakra,Sacral chakra,Heart chakra
  • BirthstoneAugust
  • Zodiacleo
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    yes! adel you have asked a right question. This stone will not only heal your emotional issues but can also make you strong and happy from inside. I have experienced these changes in me after wearing amber. It's so beautiful thta anybody can buy it without thinking once. But it helped me alot

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    Amber is a brilliant stone for healing negativity surrounded around it. It helps in adding positive forces to generate positive vibes.. It works like wonder on emotional and sentimental people.

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