5 Reasons You Should Wear Baltic Amber Jewelry

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry
  • Updated On Jul 9, 2022
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5 Reasons You Should Wear Baltic Amber Jewelry

It’s interesting how certain places become famous because they offer impressive things from monuments to food to clothes. Not only do we form a connection with the place but also what it offers. Do you know what's even better? The fact that the place and its offerings complement each other like lovers. Further on, these elements rise in popularity throughout our world. Genuinely, they stay immortalized in our minds, hearts, and words forever. Talking about the world of crystals, one of the most unique and equally pretty gemstones is found in the Baltic region; it is hence called the Baltic Amber. Read the blog to understand anything and everything about Baltic gemstone a charming and skillful gem by the Baltic seas. Let’s go! 

What Is Baltic Amber Gemstone? Where Does It Come From?:

  1. What is Baltic Amber?

Baltic Amber is a family of Amber. But, Is Amber really what we think it is? A Gem? Honestly, no. In contravention to prevalent belief, Amber isn’t a gemstone. It is actually the fossilized tree resin. Due to the overabundance of resins in plants, amber came into origin. Baltic amber is, therefore, resin from the plants around the Baltic Sea region.
  1. Where is Baltic Amber Stone found?

Baltic Amber is found in the Baltic region in Northern Europe. If you’re looking for healing with gemstones, we can’t suggest a better pick than the Baltic region’s Amber. This kind of Amber contributes to about 80-90 percent of the global supply of Amber. From Germany, Poland, Latvia, and Lithuania- the genuine baltic amber gemstone of the regions (to mention a few) promptly satisfy the need of consumers. 
  1. What does Baltic Amber Gemstone Symbolize?

In the prehistoric era, Amber was used in ritualistic offerings to the dead. Various cultures connect Amber to the gemstone of the plant. Amber’s insignia encompasses natural elements. Amber represents the sunshine. It is also believed to signify the spirits of tigers. All in all, Baltic Amber is a magical gemstone. 

5 Healing Benefits Of Wearing Baltic Amber Jewelry:

  1. Anti-inflammatory: Succinic acid is the main component of Baltic Amber resin. Succinic acid contains an anti-inflammatory agent. It not only reduces swelling but also eases pain. Furthermore, the acid also treats redness. All you need to do is wear a Baltic Amber pendant or an earring. As you don a Baltic amber, the amber exudes oil due to the body's heat. The oil travels through the bloodstream after being absorbed through the skin. Thus, Baltic Amber can be used to treat inflammation.
  2. Immunity Booster: Our lifestyle today is a breeding ground for chronic illnesses. In such cases, we not only need medicines to cure our illness but also measures that prevent us from getting sick. After all, Prevention is better than cure. Our immunity plays an important role in preventing us from getting ill. Natural baltic amber acts as a splendid immunity booster and thus it should be an integral part of our lives. 
  3. Treats Insomnia: Another challenge of our ‘hustle culture’ centered life is sleep disorders. Scientist suggests that an adult should sleep for 8 hours on average. But, today's generation is either sleep deprived or oversleeping. This gives rise to many more diseases. To have a balanced and nurturing sleep, simply place a Baltic Amber under your pillow. The healing powers of the gemstone are guaranteed to improve your sleep and treat insomnia. 
  4. Balances thyroid: Thyroid is not a disease that can be cured but a lifestyle issue than can be controlled. We’re sorry if the blog is turning into unhealthy lifestyle rants but it’s necessary! Overactive or underactive thyroids can bring their own set of diseases. Baltic Amber balances the thyroid glands and keeps the thyroid under check. Not only that, the gemstone takes good care of the thyroid gland and prevents disease stemming from the same. 
  5. Stress relief: You know what’s become a significant part of our lives that shouldn’t be a part of our lives at all? No, we aren't talking Exes here. It’s S-T-R-E-S-S. Baltic Amber is effective in reducing stress and anxiety as its calming properties are potent of the same. You might or might not notice the benefits immediately- Consistently wearing Amber is the key. The gemstone also promotes positive thoughts in the minds and destresses the wearer. 

3 Tips To Help You Identify Genuine Baltic Amber Gemstone:

  1. Visual Test: The first and foremost step at identifying if your baltic Amber is real is the Visual test. Start by carefully noticing the gemstone, its color, its pattern, and its imperfections. If the stone is perfectly round, chances are that the stone is fake. Upon holding the gemstone, it should feel warm. 
  2. Saltwater Test: If the visual test doesn’t leave you content, try out the saltwater test. If your amber is genuine, it will float in the saltwater as found around the Baltic seashore too. Take a large mug of water and add 5-7 spoons of salt to it. Immerse the baltic amber in the saltwater solution. Examine whether the stone floats or not and you’ll find if it is fake or real. 
  3. Rubbing Test: If you don’t wanna get your hands wet in the saltwater, try out the rubbing test. All you need to do is rub the gemstone against your palm or a piece of cloth and smell it. If there’s a smell, the gemstone is real. Alternatively, Rub the stone and bring it close to your hair strands, if the stone is genuine it will pull the hair strands towards itself. 
Wearing Baltic Amber is a common fashion trend these days. The multitude of colors of the Baltic Amber elevates one's look. The features of the gemstone also heal different health issues. So, we thought we’ll curate a basic guide to help you with the information relating to the Baltic Amber jewelry. Hope you enjoy reading!

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