7 Color Effects of Baltic Amber in Our Life

By Gemexi Team | Gemstone Healing
  • Updated On May 5, 2022
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7 Color Effects of Baltic Amber in Our Life

Amber is a hardened resin that is popularly used in gemstone jewelry. Though theoretically, Amber isn’t a gemstone because it doesn’t have any crystalline properties, it is called so because of its glow and shine. It is actually nothing but hardened resin that came from ancient trees that fossilized over hundreds of years. Amber is most abundantly found in the Baltic region and that is why it is also known as Baltic Amber. The best quality Amber called Dominican Amber is known for its high quality which it acquired by the preservation of fossil insects on the hardened resins.

7 Colors of Amber 

If you are planning to buy silver Baltic Amber jewelry, one of the main reasons for buying it would be its color. But that’s one of the most debated things about Baltic Amber. As we have already mentioned Amber is formed by the fossilization of natural resin but what we haven’t mentioned yet is that this can come in many colors. According to the evidence recorded till now, there are almost 250 shades of Amber known to mankind! But there are 7 main colors that are largely associated with this gemstone. This means that if you have Baltic Amber earrings in the color orange, you could also get a Baltic Amber ring that is white! Let’s take a look at the seven colors that are commonly associated with Baltic Amber.

Yellow Amber Yellow Baltic Amber is the most common color in Ambers and nearly 70% of all ambers are of this shade. Since it is most widely found in the Baltic region, Ambers are popularly called Baltic Amber. The number of gas bubbles that can be seen in a gemstone determines the shade of yellow. The more the number of gas bubbles the lighter the shade.

Green Amber – Only 2% of all Ambers mined is of the color green. Yet it is one of the most popular and sought-after varieties of Amber. A yellow-green-colored Baltic Amber pendant is cheaper than a deep green-colored gemstone. The crystal structure of the green Amber often resembles sugar coatings thus this type of Amber is also known as Sugar Amber.

Red Amber – Also known as Cherry Amber, this type of Amber is also quite rare. Amber acquires the red color only when it is out in the open for long and has been exposed to the natural oxidation process. Nowadays treated Amber in the color red is very commonly found. 

Blue Amber – This colored Amber is probably the rarest of all the shades known. It is so rare that very few people have actually seen a Blue Amber. Moreover, it is not found in the Baltic region and whatever has been mined has been from the Dominican Republic. This stone gets its color due to the presence of fluorescents.  

Black Amber – If you are looking for a Baltic Amber jewelry collection in all colors, black would be the second most common color after yellow. About 15% of all Ambers mined are black. A unique feature of this type of Amber is that it isn’t made entirely of fossilized resin but tree resin which got mixed with soil (or other inclusions) thus making it black in color. 

White Amber – The type of Amber that is most often distinguished by the variety of texture and also natural ornamentation is usually of the color white. There are about only 2% of all Baltic Ambers which is white in color. Amber got the white color because the intense heat of the sun evaporated the volatile materials of the resin making it foam-like. White amber was extensively used in ancient times for medicinal purposes and was believed to be particularly beneficial in treating heart ailments. 

Transparent Amber – About 10% of Amber is found to be transparent. This happened when resin from the ancient trees flowed in shady areas which resulted in the volatile components of resin evaporating. But evaporation happened so slowly that the amber remained colorless. Though there are shades of transparency that can be found in Baltic Ambers ranging from yellowish to dark red in color. 

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