Why people love Amber stone jewelry

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry
  • Updated On May 15, 2020
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Why people love Amber stone jewelry

If you are amongst the admirers of the uniqueness in nature, amber jewelry will surely attract your attention. Amber is a beautiful gemstone and used in making fantastic pieces of jewelry. It is famed for pure beauty and golden hue. For any collector of unique jewelry, Amber related pieces of jewelry are a must. Amber is fossilized resins which are extracted from ancient evergreen trees. The oldest amber found on earth is approximately 320 million years old. Amber contains incredibly powerful energies due to its oldness. It is known as an organic gem. 

Amber gemstones used in making various types of pieces of jewelry, which include bracelets, necklaces, brooches, pendants, earrings, cufflinks, and rings. Amber stone, when used in jewelry, can be stunning and eye-catching historically and scientifically. Real amber gemstones exude warmth in touch. The coldness of the gem shows that it is fake. Generally, amber is quite light in weight and can also float easily in saltwater. 

The reason why amber is unique for people is its quality and oldness, which consists of immense power in them. Along with the stone come the earth's accumulated wisdom and also the natural kingdom. In the amber stone, little trapped insects can be seen as it began as a resin tree. This naturally gives magical powers to the amber stone. Popular amber stones are mostly available in warm colors, i.e., a wide variety of orange, sunny brown, and yellow tones. This is the reason behind amber being considered as the stone of the sun. Some amber stones are also available in blue, green, and red colors. On the one hand, amber stones used in jewelry are color-treated, but on the other hand, people may find amazing natural amber jewelry pieces in different colors.

There are mystical properties of amber, as it has a long history of its uses in different cultures. Words like "Soul of the Tiger" were used for representing amber in Asian cultures and were considered as the gemstone of courage. Amber stone pieces were carried in long travel durations for protection and were also used to treat jaundice. Healing, warm, protective, wise, cheerful, etc. are some of the amber stone properties. Apart from this, amber has the following properties:

  • It maintains a balance in the emotions of the wearer.
  • It eliminates fear and enables one to win over their fear.
  • It brings good luck to the lives of the wearers.
  • It provides relief in headache and enables the wearer to maintain the stability of the mind.
  • It helps in clearing the mind.
  • It helps the wearer in eliminating the negative energy and brings positive thoughts in mind.
  • It also develops patience and enables the wearer to make decisions wisely.

Amber is the birthstone of Cancer, the astrological sign, and it depicts the energy of the warmest month of the whole year (in the Northern hemisphere). To gain the benefit of the power and positive effects of an amber gemstone, one can use it as a jewelry piece or keep with them as a small carving.

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